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Introduction with Database

In today’s article, we will talk about some Database that is the most important issue days. Ever since every servant has a mobile phone, many novices have started using it for wrong purposes. So while there are many advantages, there are also many disadvantages, so this situation is now very common. As everyone receives calls from different unknown numbers and is also intimidated and threatened by various means. The purpose of these people is to extort money directly from ordinary citizens and even make calls in the name of different franchises and ask the customer for their PIN code under the pretext of verifying the SIM or number. So in these situations, different people are deceived by such conspiracy. But since the advent of Android mobiles in the market, this work has become less and less because the biggest reason is that access to specific data of mobile SIM has been given on the Internet.

So if any employee or firm wants to cheat you or harass you by making repeated calls, you can reach through the internet to the person whose name SIM is registered.


SIM is a fully promoted, commercially available database administration network established on a semantic data representation identical to Hammer and McLeod’s SDM SIM has two fundamental modeling objectives. The first is to restrict the void between a stoner’s real-world understanding of data and the ideational belief committed by the database network due to modeling presuppositions or restrictions. The next motive is to encourage, as much as possible, the semantics of data to be analyzed in the schema and make the database system reliable for carrying out its integrity SIM distributes a comfortable set of constructs for organizing manner, constituting those for constraining belief arrangements modeled by authorizing acyclic maps, inter-object relations, and quality restrictions. It also underlines an article, easy-to-use, English-like DML. This article characterizes the main structural details of SIM, the architecture of the web.

So the main problem that we are Mostly facing in our society is we fade up with the incorrect number phoning and Short message service. In particular, the defrauder phones you and asks for personal data. If this is the situation with you then you can certainly notice for an online sim database so you can search him. And there are several strategies to deal with such a tricker or individual who intersperses you. You also have an opportunity that you can immediately use that can utilize the 668 SIM details network to give the elements of the phone number holder. Moreover that, there are limited applications and online searches that are accessible that enable you to discover the fact of an individual. So Don’t bother at all, because this column is all about it, and I am here to assist you with discovering comprehensive information about portable phone users.



Check Online Sim Data Accessibility:



Now we start the actual discussion of this article that at government rules and regulations, and private mobile and sim telecommunication organization can not be available the private data of any individual without any authentic reason.

So Commonly the SIM database is not accessible to civilians because there are so many safety and security motives. Many civilians asserting that they have all the information regarding databases from all the systems which are operating in Pakistan.  They say that the consumer will give exact details respecting the personal phone number and this contains a name, mobile number, residency address, and national identity card number but that’s not authentic entirely. Therefore You should be critical while fetching in sense with uncommon individuals. Several online sites requesting expanded offers for Excess your mobile phone number and information and statement that when you purchase their offers, you will receive the exact facts of any Sim number. There is no fact about it. There is a big possibility that when you join the number of sims on, particularly a website they recoup that number you entered in their Sim database. Later on, they were eligible to obtain a bunch of numbers and also sell out to other customers. The customer’s corporations or society use all of these numbers for transaction objectives.


Another question that is mostly asked by Android mobile phone users is to access the details of mobile Sim data of any person. So the purpose of this question is to access the other’s Sim details that are available only on their respective Sim company.

So the related concern of users is also that they also want to track the number of mobiles Sim card that is operating in the system.

So there is a simple procedure that you should be followed by which you can track any mobile sim number on your Android device.

So today we discuss such application here you must know about that before this but it may possible you not know 

The exact use of this application for tracking someone through its Sim.

Live Tracker is a vastly used application for this purpose and it operates in a good way.

And live tracker will assist you to find and access the Sim number and details. So if want to know about the Sim owner details you should attempt this Application for a better service.

Another great thing about this application is that it is free of cost service for its customers who want to find the location of any individual. And also you can search for further details of someone within a second by just typing the mobile number.

So now we discuss how a live mobile tracker works. So for utilizing the live mobile tracker to access details of any individual the basic things you required are a Smart mobile phone or apple iPhone.Even android phones or any device with a global positioning system or GPS with an enabled working system.

But in some circumstances, you need to initiate your global positioning system even if you use a different device like a computer then you should also use this system too.


SIM Database Online Live Track

Live tracker Application claims that they provide the best mobile number tracking tool to their customers. When you open the application you just enter the ten digits mobile phone number into the given search bar. Then this provides you with the name, direction, region, phone number, and address for any state or province. These application users are also enabled to find the mobile number as well as location by only entering the mobile number in the

application. Moreover, you can also find the location of mobile devices where the calls are made to someone by entering the mobile phone in the search box. This data may assist you to give facts nearly wherefrom rings might have succeeded. However, this equipment says the recent direction of a provided phone number.

And people also use this application for their official purposes and also in some cases for their personal uses because now everyone uses an Android phone so he required this application in different ways.


There are also several ways to acquire this feature in your Android mobile phone other than a live mobile tracker. And some websites are also available for tracking someone’s mobile number with a recent location like Check Sim Data.

As the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority strategy, a mobile phone user

has permission to keep 5 mobile sims in their name. If they want a recent one then they should require to obstruct one sim from their previous sim cards then he will eligible for the new sim card. So for this problem, you require to check the sim database information with ownership facts.

So Pta launched a PMD system for sim details that would help you in finding the details of all networks available in Pakistan like jazz, Ufone, Zong, and Telenor. Their users can check their sim details online without any cost.

So this free service is available on their website you just need to enter the national identity card number for getting their number details. So if you want to access the details of another individual you only require his national identity card number. So this is all about the Check Sim data website for sim details.

Next, we look at other methods by which we can find the details and other required information.


Trace Number With PTA

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority provides mobile phone clients permit to search the number of SIMs on their name and national identity card number. This simple networking system practice when someone enters your or anyone else national identity card number. The network offers you features on enlisted calling and data registered with  SIM.

To search the Pakistan sim database online, you require to fulfill these instructions :

  • Go to any browser like Chrome or Firefox.
  • Then you should need to go to the official website of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority for sim database tracking. The website for sim tracking by PTA is cnic.
  • For tracking the sim data add your national identity card number such as 3630387978089.
  • Then validate the details you have upload to the website by following the robot check box.
  • Then press on the submit option then it exhibits all the details respecting Sims.


Smart Feature Regarding Sim database for Smartphone;

Rather than discovering the database features for any system operator, you can furthermore employ the insolvency android block assistance. By utilizing this you can handily obstruct any number who rings or messaging on your number.

So for this Feature, You should follow these steps, 

  • Go to the phone application and open the recent number file.
  • Then you will find the option of info simply click on this option.
  • Then go down in the index and find the option to block the number of callers.
  • Then click and confirm the number you want to select. He will automatically get a notice that he can not call you furthermore.


Applications for Sim database

Several applications are available on Google which can help you in tracking the sim data and location. Where you use other applications for live tracking of sim data similarly another Google application is available for live tracking of data. For this application, you do not need any kind of specific permission and authorization. You just need an Android phone where you can easily find the mobile data and information by Google Application.


These applications are also valuable for 

Android devices because if their device is snatched by someone they can easily find their mobile phone through some of these applications. You can avail of this opportunity by just putting in your email account and your mobile phone number then you can get the complete details from the store information also.

There are some instructions by following them you can download the applications 

in your Android device.


  • Just open your play store on your Android device.
  • Then find in the search bar Pakistan Latest Sim Database which shows you the latest version of the applications in the index.
  • Then simply install the application on your device and open it.
  • Then put your national identity card number into the given space and add your email account.
  • Then fulfill the details and results will be shown on the device screen.


Fresh Database Google application

There are also some applications for finding Sim data Information like fresh database application which helps In both ways either by entering the mobile number and national identity card number in the specified box of the application. So if you have any mobile phone number about which you want to know the complete details of the number and also wants to know datastore Information then you only enter the mobile number in the search box for founding the data information. And similarly, if you enter the National identity

Card number in the required space of the application then you entered the number so as result your required database information will exhibit on the down page.



Android Vicky Tracker Application

This application is also available on the Google play store by which finds the sim database information and also can track your stolen Android mobile phone which is connected with your Gmail account or email address.

Unfortunately, in this application, some flaws are also recorded so its users can find the older than 2018 numbers issued by Sim card companies because this application has no approach to the latest sim numbers. So you can just find the details of the old number by this application but the process is simple for finding the data and information about any sim number through your number. For this, you need just an email address and your mobile phone number and if you don’t have someone’s phone number

but still, you want to collect data from this application then you just enter the National identity card number into the search box. So as a result you will find the result of your desired database information.



Finally, we discussed the overview of this article in some points gradually. First, we discussed the Sim database information that is misused in the world by different groups of defrauders. How they grab the people in their circle. Sometimes different people calling you from unknown contacts and asking your private data like your personal identity number even your jazz cash wallet and Easypaisa account in terms of verification of your account. So be aware of all these kinds of individuals or groups which misled the public through such kind of the wrong number by wrong ways. Then we briefly discussed the sim database network history how it is evolved in Pakistan and which networks are operating in the system and providing their services to the public. And some applications and official websites are also available for tracking and finding your mobile number details. However, if anyone lost his Android phone anywhere so he locates his device by simple means by just adding the required data in the applications which we discussed above in detail. So today’s article is very important regarding this aspect as we can know the comprehensive information regarding the sim database and Android devices. Like Live Tracker is also a well-known application for Android users to acquire this service into your phone. However, by using the live tracker application you can find the sim database details and store information.

So your requirements can be easily fulfilled by this application. You just need your mobile phone number which you put into the required box of the application and in some cases, if you don’t have a mobile phone number then you enter the

National identity card number for getting your desired results. So if you want to access the details of your sim cards that how many sims are registered on your identity card number. Sim Database application 2021is the best and latest application for finding the exact Sims details on your Android phone. And some other applications are also available for this service but their results are not accurate due to their old version. Anyway, you can use Sim Database 2021 application for finding any kind of information regarding sim and database. Now we hope that readers do not doubt regarding any issue or problem for finding sim database and Android devices also. We are also thankful for our readers that are constantly a part of our channel. if anyone of you nearly uses any of these applications or websites then must leave your comments for this article.

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