How to get Salary Slip Online – Government Employee’s Guide

Salary slip is also known as pay slip. As we know that everybody works for the salary. Salary can also be based on daily wages or weekly or monthly basis. Daily wagers often get their salary in a cash form without any salary slip. It’s a fact that when a person gets employed he first of all thinks about the salary and thinks about how will the organization pay to him and how will he get salary from that organization. Salary slip basically includes the information about the employee position and post and his earning according to his grade and allowances he will get from the government. It also includes the deductions based on the government rules. If we dive into the past, we will get a salary slip system which is very strange.  In the past the employees were paid cash on a monthly basis for what the employees had to wait in queues. But now the government made this system digitalize.

Importance of salary slip:

Salary slip is very important for an employee. Salary slip is the proof of employment. When a person gets employed, the organization provides their workers with basic needs of life to compensate the necessary expenses. These facilities are in the form of allowances which are of so many forms. There is also a concept of basic pay scale which is actually based on the pay according to the grade of employee post. 

In some organizations the pay slip is directly provided to the banks where the employees have accounts. When a person gets a job the organization asks him to register a bank account and provide us that information. The person registers an account and after that the organization directly transfers his pay to his bank account.

In some organizations especially in government organizations the employees are provided with pay slips. In that salary slip the organization mentions the details about the facilities which it provides to employees.  So when a person receives his pay slip he should check all the detail and facilities which were mentioned by the institute for the post. The institute transfers the same information to the finance authorities which actually transfers cash to employees bank accounts, so if the there is any mistake in salary slip the finance authorities can reject the pay slip.


Components of salary slip:

Basic salary;

Basic salary is the actual amount the employer pays to the employee according to grade of the post. The basic salary amount can be different for different posts but the percentage of that amount remains the same for all posts. This amount is actually 30% to 40% of the whole salary.


Allowances are basically the benefit for employees. It’s a fact that the government provides more allowances to their employees than the private sector. Allowances are not included in basic salary. Even the allowances may also be different for different posts. Some forms of allowances are here.


(i) TA/DA;

In any form of work a man has to travel from one place to another, and the same case exists for official work also. Mostly the government institutes provide their employees with travel allowance.  Sometimes the employee has to go out of the city, district, province, country for the sake of work and that’s not easy for the employee to manage his/her expenses, so the institute provides them with travel allowance.

(ii) House Rent Allowance (HRA);

Some of the organizations ask their staff to have their own houses on rent because of no facility of quarters. So the organization provides their staff with house rent allowance to meet their rent expenses. This ranges from 40%-50%.

(iii) Medical Allowance;

Most of the institutes also give medical allowance to staff. This medical allowance is for the employee’s family and for his-self. 

(iv) Performance Allowance;

Performance allowance is like a bonus which is provided to the employee for good performance in work. This is actually to encourage the staff for hard work and efficiency.

So, when a person receives his salary slip he should check all these facilities and their details.

What is PIFRA?

Now let’s talk about PIFRA. PIFRA is actually a government initiative for the government employees. PIFRA works under the finance authorities. PIFRA stands for (project improve financial reporting and auditing). PIFRA is actually designed to improve the finance system. It’s a platform where an employee can register his email address can receive his monthly salary slip through email.
The whole system is digitalized and now the people don’t need to wait in queues for the salary. Employees can get his salary slip through email and can receive his salary from the bank. The process of registration is also very easy and secure.
Now look at the registration process.
Following are the components which are to be filled in the application form.
Government code
  • Employee’s personal number
  • CNIC No
  • Date of birth
  • Cell no
  • Email verification
  • The process is very easy and simple as well.
  • First of all you have to visit
  • Then you have to go to the services option and to select the online salary slip option.
  • Then a new windows pops up, in this window the actual form exists.
  • Then you have to select the government code which is also provided in the form for different provinces.
  • Then you have to enter your employee personal number. This number is allotted to every employee by the department.
  • Then you have to enter CNIC No.
  • Then enter the date of birth which is according to the documents.
  • Then enter phone no.
  • After all these steps click on the button which is shown for the verification of the info provided by the applicant above.
  • After verification of info an option for verification of the email appears.
  • Now Enter your email address and then click on the submit button.
All the steps are necessary and after submission of application form a message will appear for monthly salary slip. Now by then you will be able to receive a salary slip every month through email.
This system is to improve financing. It’s a good facility for the employees especially for the government employees. In future a lot of financing will be in digital form. All the employees should take this opportunity to get their monthly salary slip through an email. Every person should take interest in digital financing and digital marketing, because in future everything will just be at the distance of a click. Every person should learn these skills for efficiency in the future world.
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