Sehri And Iftar Today Lahore Ramzan Calender 2023

As a Muslim, on this page, Ramadan Timings of this year are available for you to always help you in finding the Sehri and Iftar time schedule in Lahore Pakistan, if you are want to fasting in Lahore city for this year. You can search the complete authentic time table of Sehri and Iftar Lahore. Along this Ramadan Timings schedule of the Lahore city, you can easily and absolute entrance through the most authentic Lahore city Ramadan Timings of the Sehri and Iftari.

iftar & Sehri time in lahore 2023

If you are finding out the complete calendar of the holy month Ramadan Sharif 2023 with included the Timings of Sehri and Iftar timings then you will be very happy to know that your finding for Ramadan Sharif calendar is now to be ended because we are give you the whole Ramadan Sharif timings of Sehri and Iftar on this web page. The Ramadan Sharif of this year 2023 is hoping to be begin on the date of 4 April 2023.

Basically, the Holy Month of Ramadan Sharif is very greatest month for all of the Muslims and this month of Ramadan Sharif has a very particular priority in the history of Islamic. Actually this holy month of Ramadan Sharif is a lots of blessings from Allah Almighty to all Muslims in all over the world especially for the Ummah Muslims of Our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). This holy month comes with lots of Allah Almighty Blessings and also with the bonus to the all Muslims whether they belong to any kind of sect, With the Hadith Sharif of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), “Ramadan Sharif is the month of Allah Karim and He gives you better reward of this holy month”.

 Hadith: The Hazrat Sohail Bin Saad (R.A) said that “ The total  doors of the heaven is 8 in numbers and in those doors the name of one door is “Ryan” and only those Muslims will pass through this door to get entrance in the heaven who are regularly managed the fast in Ramadan Sharif”. From this hadith you definitely recognize that how Ramadan Sharif is very prominent and how is this month significant and essential for all of the Muslims. Then, now we discuss the Ramadan Sharif complete calendar on this page. Also if you want to download the time table of the Ramadan Sharif then you can easily and simply download it.

In the current time, the complete calendar of Ramadan Sharif 2023 Lahore city is now to be officially entered in the rolled in the below  along the Ramadan 2023 calendar with Lahore time period. The citizens of Lahore can easily view the first Ramadan Sharif 2023 Lahore city and also find the Sehri and Iftar timings in Pakistan. This provided calendar of holy month Ramadan Sharif is useful for the only citizens of Lahore city, currently they can view the Ramadan Sharif Calendar 2023 for Lahore city and also the up to date calendar is also reachable through this web page for the those citizens who are currently living in the Pakistan.

This complete calendar of the Ramadan Sharif Lahore city will definitely assist you in looking for the Sehri and Iftar Timings of Lahore city on every day basis for the whole month of Ramadan Sharif this year. On this web page, you can easily view the sunset and Sunrise Timings schedule of the Lahore city through this Sehri and Iftar Timings of Lahore city.

Ramadan Sharif Time Table 2023 For Lahore

The complete timings of the Ramadan Sharif Sehr O Aftar Sunni Sect is shown in the upper calendar of picture but the whole calendar of Ramadan Sharif 2023 is managed according to the Dawat E Islamic Ramadan Sharif calendar 2023. You can easily and in very simple way gain the 2023 year Ramadan Sharif timings in Lahore city. The timings of Lahore city fast is bring to up to date every day for the sect of Fiqah Jaferia and also for Sunni. All over the world, the all Muslims have lots of happiness for this holy month in their hearts. All of the Muslims in around the whole world are very desperately waiting of this holy month for the all year.

Every Muslim start the preparation of Sehri and Iftar before the one month ago. The every day and night of this holy month is keep up a special importance. Ramadan Sharif is provides you an opportunity to get the many blessings from Allah Almighty. The doors of the heaven is open in this holy month. The Muslims are always try their best in this month that they do not doing any kind of wrong thing which will act on their fast. They always completed keep up the worship of their Allah Karim in the every day and in the night. They all are definitely recognized how many the bonus from the Allah Almighty in this month for the fasting. Every day they get up in the morning for the Sehri time and they begin their fasting of Ramadan Sharif. After keeping the fast, they attempted the Fajar time prayer and also they do the recitation of the holy Quran Sharif after completing their prayer. Then the whole day, they do not eat anything till the Iftar time and in the evening time, they finally open up their fast from the whole day hungry through the Iftar schedule and offer the Maghrib prayer in the mosque after open the fast. After the prayer of Isha, in the night they attempted the Namaz-e-Taraweeh in the mosque with the Jamat. So this all information is described related to the Ramadan Sharif 2023 calendar in Lahore city. If you have any kinds of questions in your mind related to Ramadan Sharif calendar 2023 then you can very easy ask through the given below comment box.

Away form this, the Ramadan Sharif calendar 2023 for the Lahore city along the variant kind of Muslims sect can also be examine respectively to the specialized schedule. You may related to the sect of Fiqa Hanfi Sunni or related to the sect of Fiqa Jafari Shia of the Muslims. You all of have absolutely approach to accurately Sehri and Iftar timings along the Ramadan Sharif time table of Lahore city Pakistan.

This web page gives you along the authentic time table of Ramadan Sharif for at the time of Sehr and the Iftar your fast. You can currently pick up the lots of benefits from the most holy month of Ramadan Sharif. In the complete holy month of Ramadan Sharif, we always give you the very authentic time table of Ramadan Sharif for your assistance. On this website page, you can very easy and in simple way to look the correct  complete timings of Ramadan Sharif, the Beginning of Ramadan Sharif and also the lastly of Ramadan Sharif holy month. The Ramadan Sharif complete calendar of the Pakistan gives you the very authentic details for the beginning time table of Fast included the time which you can Sehri time and also the Iftar time in Lahore city.

With the help of our web page, you can easily and in simply way access to the in depth and in authentic calendar of Ramadan Sharif in Lahore city included the whole time table for this year 2023. In addition, you can also straight forward approach to the complete calendar of  Sehri time and for Iftar time on a routine basis. This web page is also showing their performance in right way to arranging the complete Ramadan Sharif Calendar for the benefit of the people of Lahore city. Now, you can currently very easy and in simple way to approach the Ramadan Sharif Calendar 2023 for the all kinds of sects which are currently the citizens of Pakistan.

To the importance of a religious, the Ramadan Sharif is acknowledged to be surrounded by the five pillars of Islam. It is also the very holy month for the all Muslims in over all the world in which theses Muslims fast for the whole day. Their purpose is to complete their duties to get the pleasure from Allah Almighty and they are always want to dispose make free of all kinds of their sins in their past lives. The month of Ramadan Sharif is also observed like as one of the month very important months included in the Islamic Calendar in which all Muslims can get the Allah Almighty lots of blessings.

We have tested and prove useful from our without any limit of our trying to provide you the few of the most useful and helpful Ramadan Sharif complete timings for the Lahore city to provide you as much assistance in year 2023. But, it is also very important and particular thing that you must keep in your mind that the time unlikeness is also available of only one minute in the timings of Sehri and also for Iftar timings. For the purpose of getting the good and prominent results, you should always keep your eyes on consultation to your nearby mosques for getting the upcoming next notification due to the accurate time table for the destination of time table of Sehri and Iftar fir the Lahore city.

1.Ramadan04:27 AM6:24 PM02 Apr 2022
2.Ramadan04:26 AM6:24 PM03 Apr 2022
3.Ramadan04:24 AM6:25 PM04 Apr 2022
4.Ramadan04:23 AM6:26 PM05 Apr 2022
5.Ramadan04:21 AM6:26 PM06 Apr 2022
6.Ramadan04:20 AM6:27 PM07 Apr 2022
7.Ramadan04:19 AM6:28 PM08 Apr 2022
8.Ramadan04:17 AM6:28 PM09 Apr 2022
9.Ramadan04:16 AM6:29 PM10 Apr 2022
10.Ramadan04:15 AM6:30 PM11 Apr 2022
11.Ramadan04:13 AM6:30 PM12 Apr 2022
12.Ramadan04:12 AM6:31 PM13 Apr 2022
13.Ramadan04:10 AM6:32 PM14 Apr 2022
14.Ramadan04:09 AM6:32 PM15 Apr 2022
15.Ramadan04:08 AM6:33 PM16 Apr 2022
16.Ramadan04:06 AM6:34 PM17 Apr 2022
17.Ramadan04:05 AM6:34 PM18 Apr 2022
18.Ramadan04:04 AM6:35 PM19 Apr 2022
19.Ramadan04:02 AM6:36 PM20 Apr 2022
20.Ramadan04:01 AM6:36 PM21 Apr 2022
21.Ramadan04:00 AM6:37 PM22 Apr 2022
22.Ramadan03:58 AM6:38 PM23 Apr 2022
23.Ramadan03:57 AM6:38 PM24 Apr 2022
24.Ramadan03:56 AM6:39 PM25 Apr 2022
25.Ramadan03:54 AM6:40 PM26 Apr 2022
26.Ramadan03:53 AM6:40 PM27 Apr 2022
27.Ramadan03:52 AM6:41 PM28 Apr 2022
28.Ramadan03:51 AM6:42 PM29 Apr 2022
29.Ramadan03:49 AM6:42 PM30 Apr 2022
30.Ramadan03:48 AM6:43 PM01 May 2022

Ramadan 2023 Prayer time in Lahore

01 Shaʿbān 144305:05 AM06:25 AM12:14 PM03:33 PM06:03 PM07:24 PM
02 Shaʿbān 144305:03 AM06:24 AM12:14 PM03:33 PM06:04 PM07:25 PM
03 Shaʿbān 144305:02 AM06:23 AM12:14 PM03:33 PM06:05 PM07:25 PM
04 Shaʿbān 144305:01 AM06:22 AM12:13 PM03:34 PM06:06 PM07:26 PM
05 Shaʿbān 144305:00 AM06:21 AM12:13 PM03:34 PM06:06 PM07:27 PM
06 Shaʿbān 144304:59 AM06:19 AM12:13 PM03:34 PM06:07 PM07:28 PM
07 Shaʿbān 144304:57 AM06:18 AM12:13 PM03:35 PM06:08 PM07:28 PM
08 Shaʿbān 144304:56 AM06:17 AM12:12 PM03:35 PM06:08 PM07:29 PM
09 Shaʿbān 144304:55 AM06:16 AM12:12 PM03:35 PM06:09 PM07:30 PM
10 Shaʿbān 144304:54 AM06:14 AM12:12 PM03:35 PM06:10 PM07:31 PM
11 Shaʿbān 144304:52 AM06:13 AM12:12 PM03:36 PM06:10 PM07:31 PM
12 Shaʿbān 144304:51 AM06:12 AM12:11 PM03:36 PM06:11 PM07:32 PM
13 Shaʿbān 144304:50 AM06:11 AM12:11 PM03:36 PM06:12 PM07:33 PM
14 Shaʿbān 144304:48 AM06:09 AM12:11 PM03:36 PM06:12 PM07:33 PM
15 Shaʿbān 144304:47 AM06:08 AM12:10 PM03:37 PM06:13 PM07:34 PM
16 Shaʿbān 144304:46 AM06:07 AM12:10 PM03:37 PM06:14 PM07:35 PM
17 Shaʿbān 144304:45 AM06:06 AM12:10 PM03:37 PM06:15 PM07:36 PM
18 Shaʿbān 144304:43 AM06:04 AM12:10 PM03:37 PM06:15 PM07:36 PM
19 Shaʿbān 144304:42 AM06:03 AM12:09 PM03:37 PM06:16 PM07:37 PM
20 Shaʿbān 144304:40 AM06:02 AM12:09 PM03:37 PM06:17 PM07:38 PM
21 Shaʿbān 144304:39 AM06:01 AM12:09 PM03:37 PM06:17 PM07:39 PM
22 Shaʿbān 144304:38 AM05:59 AM12:08 PM03:38 PM06:18 PM07:39 PM
23 Shaʿbān 144304:36 AM05:58 AM12:08 PM03:38 PM06:19 PM07:40 PM
24 Shaʿbān 144304:35 AM05:57 AM12:08 PM03:38 PM06:19 PM07:41 PM
25 Shaʿbān 144304:34 AM05:55 AM12:07 PM03:38 PM06:20 PM07:42 PM
26 Shaʿbān 144304:32 AM05:54 AM12:07 PM03:38 PM06:20 PM07:43 PM
27 Shaʿbān 144304:31 AM05:53 AM12:07 PM03:38 PM06:21 PM07:43 PM
28 Shaʿbān 144304:29 AM05:52 AM12:07 PM03:38 PM06:22 PM07:44 PM
29 Shaʿbān 144304:28 AM05:50 AM12:06 PM03:38 PM06:22 PM07:45 PM
30 Shaʿbān 144304:27 AM05:49 AM12:06 PM03:38 PM06:23 PM07:46 PM


Q1: What is time table of Sehri and Iftari in Lahore city?

Ans: For the assistant of the people of Lahore city, the complete Sehri timings of Ramadan Sharif 2023 is given in the upper section.

Q2: What is the timings of Iftar in Lahore city?

Ans: We provide you the whole month Iftar timings of Ramadan Sharif 2023 in the upper part for your help and you view this complete calendar and got the all desired information from this calendar.

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