Punjab Mazdoor Card Online Apply 2023

The Punjab Provincial Government has announced a new program called the Punjab Mazdoor Card. This card will provide unemployed Punjab residents with access to government services and training programs that can help them find jobs. If you are unemployed and live in Punjab, be sure to apply for the Mazdoor Card online as soon as possible. The application process is simple, and the card can provide you with a lot of valuable resources. Keep reading for more information about the Punjab Mazdoor Card Program.

What is Punjab Mazdoor Card?

The Punjab Mazdoor Card is a new social security initiative by the provincial government of Pakistan. The card will provide cash assistance to workers in the informal sector, as well as access to health insurance and other social protection benefits. The card will be linked to the individual’s national identity card, and will be valid for five years. Once activated, the cardholder will be able to use it at any of the designated hospitals or clinics in Punjab.

The Punjab Mazdoor Card is a card issued by the government of Punjab in Pakistan to labor (mazdoor) class citizens. It is a means of identity and is used as proof of residence. The card has the applicant’s photograph, name, address, signature, thumb impression, and other relevant details. The back of the card has the employer’s name and address. The front side of the card has a space for the applicant’s photograph. Punjab Mazdoor Card is valid for a period of five years from the date of issuance. After five years, the cardholder needs to renew it. There is no fee for renewing the Mazdoor card.

With the help of this card, workers can get easy access to housing schemes and welfare programs. They also have discounts on behalf products from 150 companies which makes life easier for them in every way possible!

Punjab Mazdoor Card Online Registration

Punjab Labor Department has started a new scheme named Punjab Mazdoor Card. The main objective of this scheme is to provide employment insurance cover to the workers in the unorganized sector in Punjab. This will provide relief to the workers in case of loss of job due to reasons beyond their control and will also give them some financial support during the period of unemployment. To apply for Punjab Mazdoor Card, the applicant must be a resident of Punjab and must be registered with the Punjab Labor Department. The applicant must also have a bank account in any bank operating in Punjab. The Punjab Mazdoor Card will be issued by the Punjab Labor Department and will be valid for a period of one year.

How To Apply For Punjab Mazdoor Card?

The Punjab Mazdoor Card is a revolutionary government initiative that will provide workers in the province with an easy, convenient way of receiving benefits from 11 cash Assistance schemes. The card has data related to its holder and their family members so they can access medical services at hospitals across Punjab without any hassle or delay!

The Punjab Bank has introduced a new card for mazdoor workers which will benefit 1.1 million people and provide access to various amenities with it, such as medical facilities or education loans!

Punjab Mazdoor Card Features

To afford education, many people resort to scholarships and grants. But there is one program in particular that can help you with your marriage expenses: The Punjab government’s “Mazdoor Card.” This card offers death grant funds for those who need it most-ography students without means or financial stability enough until recently when they were able get assistance from this amazing initiative!

  • Death grant
  • Marriage grant
  • Student talent Scholarship

Punjab Mazdoor Card Helpline Number

If you are having any issues with your CM Punjab Mazdoor Card, then contact this number 0800 73774 for help. You can also visit https://www.pessi.gop.pk/ in order to find more information about the social security institutions of Government of Punjab.”


The Punjab Mazdoor Card online registration process is now open, so be sure to apply as soon as possible. This card will provide you with a host of benefits, including discounted prices on essential goods and services. Don’t miss out – apply today!

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