How To Pay Book Pakistan Railway Ticket Online


The online booking system of Pakistan Railways is very simple and excellent. We will share with you all the details of buying and paying for Pakistan Railways tickets online. Launch of Pakistan Railways Online King System Introduced for the convenience of its passengers, this means that passengers will no longer have to stand in long queues for hours to book train tickets, nor will they need to book an office. Seats can be booked at your home and secured through this system.

Online Train Ticket booking

Pakistan Railways ticket online booking system was introduced by former Federal Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique many years ago because it used to take a lot of time for train passengers to book tickets and after a long time their tickets were booked. And they had to wait a long time but now it won’t happen because they have got a lot of conveniences because of the line system. Now we can easily book our tickets in Pakistan Railways from home or anywhere in Pakistan. And tickets can be booked online anywhere.

Because there are many companies in Pakistan and all over the world that use modern technology to improve their production so that they can improve their offices and institutions and its passengers and customers. They do not face any hassle and they can complete their work easily so they never fail as the companies work on their latest technology and hard work and use the latest technology. Such institutions are always moving towards development. By doing so, many popular institutions as well as many governmental or non-governmental organizations have claimed to be applauded.

Because if we can’t improve our institutions, our institutions will fail, so sometimes we need to modify some things. Pakistan Railways has also become one of the institutions that with its maximum speed. Fast forward to Pakistan Railways is advancing to the pinnacle of prestige to introduce the latest and most advanced technology Pakistan Railways is also working hard to save its time in this era because over time There is no such thing as a precious commodity. 

Every individual strives to save his time at all times so that he can improve his work. Pakistan Railways is also valuing its time by resorting to its technology. Whether it is ordering daily rations or taxes for daily travel or any work to be done, everything is going on in one go and when every industry is revolutionizing technology, Pakistan Railways is also offering online tickets. For the convenience of its customers, people who used to be afraid of standing in long queues to book railway tickets, now need not worry. Instead, Pakistan Railway tickets at any time. And anywhere you just need to use the internet on your mobile or computer, you will need to click something so that you can easily book your online ticket anywhere.


All you have to do is order a ticket and to understand it and pay the money you just need to follow our step by step so that we will pay you all this way in this article because the technical method is Guarantees that now you guys can do everything from your laptop or mobile phone in a few clicks that you can go anywhere now you just have to use their official website and some important ways There are people who want to see you and book tickets online. By following these methods you can go anywhere and anywhere to reach Railway Station by train.

Now you can book tickets online as this system has been introduced due to the online system. Many conveniences have been created in our lives.The railway system has been in operation in Pakistan for a long time, so people had to resort to rail to get from one place to another because real people have only one way to get from one place to another for less money. They used to go to other places but they had to wait for hours and stand in long lines to get their tickets which wasted a lot of their time. Now it will not happen because of modern technology. Because we will book tickets from anywhere with our mobile phones and all we need to do is walk to the train station.

When we go to the railway station, at the time we have booked the ticket, we will receive a message that you will arrive at the railway station at that time, the train will arrive at the station in that time, you will leave in that time. You guys just need to walk away. Now we talk about how you guys can understand this system and how to pay for it. You have to use the Pakistan Railway Station website. You have been updated on the official app play store of Pakistan Railways. You will resort to either of these if you want to use the Pakistan Railways crop website. If not all of you will need to register there and if you resort to the app, you will still have to do the same thing. Whenever you resort to the website, you will be the first to use it. 

Create your account within which you will need to provide your details. This is why you need to provide details. You can easily book tickets for the people and you can easily book the departed tickets from anywhere and anywhere. It is for the convenience of the people that you can create an account within it. Then you get a lot of convenience like when you create an account when you check the website you are told the railway station time and time in front of you and also the name of your place in front of you happens. And by checking your location, the information of the station near you is also provided to you with the help of the owner. 

You have to book and then you will dial your account number to pay your ticket through legitimate cash easy money or bank account and select that amount then you can go to the new website or app. This account is created. You need to enter a password inside it. With the help of this password, you will transfer money to them and your ticket will be booked. This way you will have to pay online and you will have a ticket from your mobile phone sitting at your house then you people have to go to the station and get a ticket by seeing a message and inside the train You have to arrive at the appointed time and then the car will arrive at that time and you have to get inside the car and reach your place which is why this facility has been provided to you. Now you have to go online. It is easy to go anywhere and anytime to book a ticket so there is no need to worry. I am also providing the details and also providing it on its website which will help. You can easily check all their details and get your ticket easily.




Online Payment Procedure For Pakistan Railway

According to Khawaja Saad Rafique, Federal Minister of Pakistan Railways, it is very easy for the people of Pakistan to make their claim by booking tickets online and now they can enjoy this agreement a lot as they can sit at home and open their accounts. I will share the details of payment banks with my people. You can easily do this by checking it because with the help of tax account you can easily pay the instruction to come and book Pakistan Railways ticket. Which is of great benefit to you that everyone enjoys working from home. Because it is a very easy way to use the internet on your mobile and all you have to do is book your mobile set with a few clicks and your tickets are booked in the form of receiving a message.


1. Debit & Credit Card

2. Easy Paisa

3. UBL Omni

4. Jazz Cash


Once the passenger is paid, his seat will be booked and he will receive a confirmation SMS on his phone. When your ticket is booked, he will receive a It is also recommended not to delete SMS as it will be suspected as correct and why you can easily pay people from their own bank account with the help of Jazz Cash at their home. That when you have money in people’s accounts, you will give them a link to their fashion website below and you will pay for it. If you have installed your Pakistan Railways website or Pakistan Railways app in your mobile then you must have created your own account in it. If you have not created your own account then do it as soon as possible. You can create an account and buy tickets online and by dialing your account number in it you just have to enter your account password with the help of which you will pay for your ticket.


Procedure To Pay Pakistan Railway Ticket Online

We will provide you with clear information on how to book tickets online. You can check all the things that we will share with you while booking Pakistan Railway tickets online. Details of registration are available.


Pakistan Railway Website And Register

You will need to register on the fashion website of Pakistan Railways and you will need to follow all the important steps. Just click here for registration and you will provide it on the official website of Pakistan Railways Pakistan Railways. When you open the website, you need to provide a few important things in order to register. They are needed because without which your registration is not complete. When you book a ticket, your name is number. And the e-mail is collected inside the ticket so that your ticket is easily generated, so when you have an account on the website, it is to your advantage.


1. Full name

2. Mobile number

3. Email address

4. CNIC number



After this basic information you need to choose the location of the nearest station in your place then you need to create a password and make sure that you really have your own. When that code is sent to you via e-mail, the code heads up inside the website, which verifies your password. After verifying, you enter your password. You have to choose as we call the last step and you have to accept all their terms and explanations by looking at the small function on the left and then at the end you have to select the password. When you select the pass and select the stroke password When you have the stroke password no one can check your account and only when you get people check your account and In the last step you guys have to listen to the left and check this discount and clear the mother sign on the accept button which submits your application and becomes your account.


Railway Ticket Book online


Verification Code Of Your Online Railway Account

When you create an online railway account for people, you are sent to court. The advantage of this is that you are verified. Your account cannot be created without verification. The number or your e-mail game needs to be entered in it. You are sent a confirmation SMS via e-mail or mobile number through which your people are discounted. When you create this account inside your account, you will have your account verified by keeping your account authenticated. This will create your account.


Book Railway Ticket Online Pakistan

Once you have successfully created your account then you need to book your ticket one then you start booking your ticket then after logging in to your account then you train people You need to select the start and end destination of your journey through the date of departure and you have to read by clicking on their nine button to continue the process of hunger for online train tickets. It happens that when you mention your destination, you have to click on the button of your station where you have to collect the nearest location and where you have to reach, then you have to click on the button. Click the Whose button to start the next procedure.


Book Railway Seat Online

Now you need to be redirected to the page where you see the Pakistan Railway Timetable according to the method you have chosen. You have to look at it. And all the information about it if you choose the most appropriate time and date and class when you need to set the class in which you want to know and choose the time and date.


Pakistan Railway Ticket Prices Online

On this page you need to select train class four accessible seats according to your desire and budget and select the book in the top right corner by clicking on the seat button you can get your pakistan railway ticket through the table You can find out the prices online without any hassle by which you can check your ticket online to see which seats and in which class you want to go for how much money is available on all the steel page. You have to book your ticket by selecting the class according to your choice through which you are selected that you will pay your valuables online here.


Provide Details To The Book Ticket

When you put your details on the site of Pakistan Railways, you need to provide some information in it. Without it, you will not be able to book a ticket, so we will tell you all the terms. Dates and your seat and class and all things like your phone number and ID card and e-mail you need to tell people then you guys are verified you guys are verified then they guess you If this person really wants to go from one place to another then you are told the time. At that time you need to go to the railway station so that you can go from one place to another.


1. Name of visitor

2. Date of the entry

3. Date of the Train Booking

4. Seat type

5. Class type

6. Required number of the seats

7. Contact Number

8. Contact address

9. Confirmations

10. CNIC Number

11. Email Address


Select Payment Method

After completing your online ticketing process you are required to select a seat and train. You will then be required to select payment options from the options provided to you once you have booked a ticket. If you provide all the details then you will get an order video which will be subject only for two hours. If you do not make the payment mentioned before the time frame then your booking will be canceled. You need to make your booking on time and at the place where you want to know how much money is written there. You have to pay them from your account. All the money of your class or set is on the website of selected Pakistan Railways. You have to pay that amount to Pakistan Railways with the help of your account. You are selected through which your payment method is completed.



You Are Done With The Booking Train Ticket Online

After completing all the above steps, you are seen with the online railway booking procedure. Now you receive the Pakistan Railways booking confirmation message on your mobile number. The message you receive is Time and time and the name of the station are written above. You have to reach the railway station at that time. Then you train arrives at the railway station at that time and you arrive at the railway station and take the train. Enter and then you go to your place.



Pakistan Railways has also introduced online booking system in the evening. You can go to their Faisal website and book white. The following official website link is available.




When you book your ticket, then you have to pay in the end. How do you pay your ticket with your bank account or something easy money? This is a very easy way when you have your account. If this is done then you have to dial your bank account Jazz Cash and Easy Pasia account number then you have to put the account password on top of your website. Is deducted from your account then you receive a confirmation message through which your ticket is booked. Thanks.

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