Mistakes to Avoid if you have a Website

A very popular and frequently asked question by most of the new website owner is that: What are the Mistakes to Avoid if you have a Website? Well in today’s article, we are going to answer about every mistake that you need to know.


Even if you are running a successful old website, make sure that your website is not the victim of any one of the mistakes that we are mentioning below.

9 Must Avoid Mistakes if you have a Website

  • No SEO optimization
  • Page not mobile-friendly
  • Slow loading speed
  • Not tracking website
  • Not secure website
  • Making backlinks on spammy websites
  • Poor keyword research
  • Only commercial content
  • No contact info or privacy policy page
Let us now dig deep and discuss each one of these mistakes in great detail.

1.No SEO optimization

The biggest mistake that anyone can make while running a website is not making the posts or pages of website SEO friendly. Without SEO, you can not rank any single of your article on page 1 of google unless you have zero competition that is impossible in most cases.

Luckily for us today, there are many SEO plugins that we can use to make our website SEO friendly. In case your website is built on WordPress, then you can use Yoast SEO, rank math, all in one SEO plugin, etc to make your website SEO friendly.


2.Page not mobile-friendly

Google is reportedly penalizing and de-ranking the sites that are not mobile-friendly. Google understands it fully that today most of the searches are made on mobile, hence they are forcing webmasters to develop mobile-friendly websites.
So whenever you start a website, make sure that your website is using a responsive theme and is fully mobile-friendly. Only mobile-friendly website is successful these days.
Neve, Zakra, GeneratePress, Hestia, etc are some of the popular free responsive themes that you can use to make sure that website is mobile friendly.

3.Slow loading speed

This is a popular mistake that even many old websites are still making. Their content takes too long to load. It not only gives a bad signal to google but also many users bounce back if your website does not load quickly that ultimately becomes the reason for the de-ranking of your pages.


You can check the speed of your website on tools like gt-matrix and google page speed insight. To make your website fast, minify HTML, CSS, javascript, optimize your database, and optimize the images on your website. You can use smush or other alike plugins to optimize the images on your site.

4.Not tracking website

Always make sure that whenever you are running a website you are tracking its progress. Use both the google analytics and google search console on your website to track the ups and downs of your site.

5.Not secure website

A not secure website is not trusted by both the google and the users. There are also reports claiming that google has penalized the sites that were not https secure. This claim is further proved by the fact that now google does not give Adsense to new sites that are not secure.
You can use a free package of Cloudflare and Really simple SSL plugin to make your site secure for free. There are different paid packages too to make your site secure.

6.Making backlinks on spammy websites

To rank fast many webmasters make backlinks on spammy websites, this may give you an initial boost in your ranking, but when the google traces your site, it might get penalized due to those spammy backlinks.
So if you are making your backlinks make sure that the site giving you backlinks has a little spam score, is secure, and has a less outbound links percentage.

7.Poor keyword research

Many newbie webmasters target very high competition keywords, and thus, their article never ranks on page 1 of google. When you are starting a website only targets low competition keywords. When your site gets authority, then target high competition keywords.
Use long-tail keywords as a topic for your articles as they have fewer competitions. You can use tools like ahref, moz, semrush, etc to find the level of difficulty of your keywords.

8.Only commercial content

Some affiliate websites are making a big mistake as they are writing only on commercial keywords. Always make sure that your website does have informational articles too.
Informational articles are good for getting backlinks, thus helping in increasing the authority of your website.

9.No contact info or privacy policy page

Whenever you start a website, always make sure that it has all the basic pages, i.e contact page, privacy policy page, disclaimer page, etc.
Also, do check that your contact page is easily accessible on your website so that if someone wants to get in touch with you, they can do it without any difficulty.


As a conclusion, we can say that now you must have learned all the mistakes that you must avoid if you have a website. If your website has any of the above-mentioned mistakes, then go and fix it right now.
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