As online education has gain popularity around the world so to begin this way of learning many universities in Pakistan have started distance learning education. Many Government and private universities in Pakistan are offering online courses. It includes all courses starting from applied sciences to humanities of both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. No doubt the strength of students for the traditional education system is still higher compared to online degree programs. But the online system is advantageous for those students who are unable to take regular classes because of restrictions in time or travel issues.



It is defined as the mode of getting an education without being physically present in the classroom. It is also called studying remotely. As there is very little interaction of students with the teacher but teacher and student do not compromise if they don’t understand any topic. So this distance learning in Pakistan or any country in the world is largely based on an online mode of education. So these online courses are offered through this. 

  •     Mp3 recordings, CDs, or any other mode like a podcast. This is called Audio technology. 
  •     Interactive online sessions recorded video lectures in mp4 or DVD’s form. This is called video technology. 
  •     Soft documents like PDF or ebooks. This is called computer-delivered material 

The trend of online education in Pakistan is increasing but still, this demands an active internet for getting better learning experiences.




The most important advantage of online distance learning is that students can manage their schedules according to their work hours and other activities. They can modify it according to their responsibilities of houses. We have seen many people who have jobs timing 9 to 6 and couldn’t continue their further studies due to lack of timings for the traditional education system. So online education system is much beneficial for such students. Now they can continue their further studies at any time and anywhere. 


The second benefit of this distance learning is that there are fewer expenses. It means that students not only save their money in fees but also on traveling. They can get their education in comfort by sitting at their homes. 

The third advantage is that students have several options in choosing their subjects and programs depending on their profession. If you wanted to switch your subjects you can simply enroll in a higher degree without having to start from scratch. 

As distance learning has proved beneficial it also has some disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is that the students do not get a chance to interact with their teachers or with other students. They don’t become socialize with their other fellows. Secondly, online courses also depend on your personal preferences and your daily situations. 

Top universities offering Distance learning in Pakistan are

    ●Allama Iqbal open university 

    ●Virtual university 

    ●COMSATS University Islamabad 


    ●University of Peshawar 

Now one by one we will go through the details of each university including :

    ●Courses they offer

    ●Admission procedures 

    ●Teaching methodology 


List of best distance learning universities in Pakistan



    ●Public type

This university was established in May 1974.

It has the honor that it is Asia’s 1st open university and second in the world. Allama Iqbal open university is considered as the Pakistan’s top online university. This university has about a thousand study centers and almost 40 regional campuses offering online education in remote areas of Pakistan. It works on the semester system. It has around 2000 courses in different subjects. This university is providing education to millions of Pakistanis at a normal fee. Every year about 1.2 million students enrolled at AIOU, of which most are female students. They get admissions via the official website of the university. Students of any age can get admission to this university.




    ●Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs 

    ●Masters in Philosophy (Mphil) programs 

    ●Masters degrees

    ●BEd programs 

    ●All Bachelors programs 

    ●Post-graduate diplomas 

    ●Intermediate (higher Secondary School certificate) 

    ●Matric (Secondary school certificate) 


    ●Arabic and Islamic faculty 

    ●Education faculty 

    ●Social sciences and humanity faculty 

    ●Science faculty 




There are many different methods that Allama Iqbal open university uses for educating its students. These methods can be either television and radio broadcasts, computer-delivered material like PDF files, special books which are based on a daily self-studying basis. There are many practical centers as well as the university also conducts different workshops and seminars for increasing student’s experience. In these workshops, students give presentations that help improve their study skills. University has made the learning management system so that all lectures and materials are easily available for students. In addition to this students have also the facility of part-time teachers so that they can ask if they have any queries. Online education allows students to set their schedules, due to which education provided by AIOU is easier. It is easily available for students who have to manage their other activities. 

How many times does university open admissions in a year? 

    ●It is a semester-based university 

Sessions                        months

Spring                  February to March 

Autumn                July to August



If you are keen to seek admission to Allama Iqbal open university then you have to follow the following steps

    1., First of all, you have to select the course in which you want to get admission 

    2.Then check eligibility criteria 

    3.If you are eligible for your desired course then buy a prospectus from your nearest AIOU regional center or office. 

    4.Fill the admission form according to instructions 

    5.For fee submission, you have to deposit it in the bank mentioned in the prospectus 

    6.Keep that fee deposited receipt with you until the university confirms your admission through the admission list.


For further details  regarding the admission process and fee amounts at Allama Iqbal open university visit their WEBSITE

 Or call them on




    ●It is a public type university 

Whenever you think about distance learning universities in Pakistan, the first name came to mind is the Virtual University of Pakistan. This is a not-for-profit university in the public sector. The university has a network of around 190 campuses in different cities of Pakistan. The virtual university is not famous only in Pakistan but also is recognized at the world level. University has designed virtual lectures and classroom set up so that students can interact with teachers by sitting in homes. 


This university was established in 2012 by the Government of Pakistan. The main motto of this university is to provide distance learning education to students at normal rates. This is a great step of Government for students having financial issues. It is also a semester system-based university. The university always follows its motto which is ‘world-class education at your doorstep’. It provides the service of interacting students with each other and their teachers via its online system. 


Students having in search of the university available at affordable prices then Virtual university should be their priority. Because it not only gives quality education but also puts less strain on the wallet. This university is not only for local Pakistanis. Now, overseas Pakistanis also have access to this university and get themselves enrolled.




The curricula for all the programs offered by this university are developed by the higher education commission. Following are the programs offered by virtual university

    ●Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs 

    ●Masters in Philosophy (Mphil) programs 

    ●Masters programs 

    ●Bachelors programs 

    ●Associate degree program (ADP) 

    ●Post Graduate diploma 


The online courses offered by the virtual university in Pakistan has the following faculty

    ●Arts faculty 

    ●Computer science and information technology faculty 

    ●Education faculty 

    ●Management faculty 

    ●Science and technology faculty 



The advanced and latest technology has been used by the virtual university for imparting quality education to its students. University uses all modes for teaching which includes mp3 Audio recordings, mp4 video lectures, computer-delivered material like PDF files and e-books. The university is unique from other universities of Pakistan in the sense that it has developed its system known as VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (VU LMS ). It has also developed TV channels for broadcasting its live video lectures.



Up till now, the university has started its very own 4 channels named VTV1, VTV2, VTV3, and VTV4. Another benefit provided by the university is that these lectures are in access of students at any available time. ‘Time plan’ is also provided to students so that they can easily follow it and can study smartly. In addition to this, the university also allows students to communicate with teachers during online lectures.



Furthermore, this public university has taken the step of providing free internet facilities to the students. This facility is available on all its virtual campuses in nearly 100 different cities. The university has also started an online bookstore. This online bookstore has all available video lectures. Students can buy these lectures at an affordable fee.


How many times does university open admissions in a year?

Two semesters per year are offered by the university in the following months

Sessions                   months

Spring              February to March

Autumn           September to October



For getting admission in any online degree program offered by this university. Just follow the following steps

    1.First of all you have to collect admission form from your nearby virtual university campus 

    2.Then fill that form according to the given instructions

    3.Attach the required documents mentioned in the form 

    4.Then you can submit that form along with all desired documents to that nearby campus OR you can courier it to the head office of the university. 


You can also download the admission form from the university website.

In case of any queries regarding the admission process, you can contact them directly via a call through the following contacts




 Defense road Lahore.



It is a public type university 

COMSATS University Islamabad was established in 1998. COMSATS is the abbreviation of Commission On Science And Technology For Sustainable Development in South, this is an international standard organization which has a motto of removing differences between developed and developing countries through the use of science and technology. This organization is comprised of 21 different countries of three continents. This university is ranked in the top universities of Pakistan. It has about 7 separate physical campuses. It also has some virtual campuses. 


COMSATS UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD was originally known as COMSATS Institute of Information technology (CII). In 2018, the Federal Government of Pakistan has changed its status to the Public sector and is now recognized as a federally chartered University. 


COMSATS university through its Virtual campus has made available of quality education to its students. It is also providing advanced degrees in different subjects of science and technology. All these degree programs can be achieved by simply sitting at home. 



The virtual campus of COMSATS Islamabad is known as VCOMSATS. Following are the programs offered by its virtual campus. The duration of courses may vary according to department and faculty.  

    ●Masters programs 

    ●Masters executive programs 

    ●Bachelor’s programs 


    ●Management sciences faculty

    ●Information and technology faculty 

    ●Science faculty 



Some subjects are difficult to understand like computer sciences and IT subjects comparatively to other subjects or disciplines.


But this problem has been solved by the university through its advanced methods of teaching which is called the Learning management system. CUI learning management system is called VCOMSATS LMS. This LMS has all the material which is required for the desired course. The studying material is in the form of recorded mp4 video lectures, course information, and content, slide shows, assignments, tasks, quizzes, FAQs portion, Summary and Glossary,hand-outs, helping material like different web links related to course. Another feature of LMS is that it also has a discussion portal and online forums where students can put their queries in front of their teachers. This made very interactive sessions among students and the professors.


VCOMSATS has also started its own official YouTube channel. This YouTube channel has almost all course lectures and information about the university. University has also launched its CDs and DVDs which have all the desired lectures and material of the course. Students can buy these CDs and DVDs from the university bookstore. University also has started a Live Video Conferencing system. By this system, students can easily speak and interact with their teachers and head of courses. This system help students to clear their doubts regarding studies.


How many times does university open admissions in a year?

The virtual campus of COMSATS Islamabad is based on the semester system.

Sessions                 Months 

Spring              January to February 

Autumn           June to July 



For seeking admission to one of the best online university, students have to follow the following steps


  •      First of all, you have to open the university’s website 
  •     Then you will click on the admission open bar
  •     Thirdly, you have to fill the desired course form according to the given instructions.
  •     After filling the form you have to submit it by clicking on SUBMIT  button. 



All the forms are available online. You do not need to fill them physically or send them via courier. Everything is done online.

For further details regarding the admission process and the fee amounts you can contact them directly via call on their landline

  •  051-9259406-8
  • Website:

OR you can visit the main campus on the following ADDRESS: Main campus, Park Road, Tarlai Kalan, Islamabad.




University of engineering and technology is one of the top engineering universities in Pakistan. Its main campus is located in Garhi Shaho, Lahore. It also has different campuses in different cities of Pakistan like Taxila, Kala shah Kako, and Faisalabad. 

This university also has started distance learning education in Pakistan. The main focus of this university is to provide quality education to deserving students sitting in remote areas of Pakistan. And provide an online platform for skillful students. This university also aims to provide qualifications in higher education to the people who are job employees and couldn’t continue their further studies due to the tough routine of office hours. All this effort of the university will lead to an increase in the literacy rate of Pakistan. 



UET has started offering online degrees in the following programs 

  •     M.Sc in Applied Chemistry 
  •     M.Sc in Applied physics
  •     M.Sc in Applied Mathematics


How many times does university open admissions in a year?

As this university is based on a semester system so it often opens its admissions only one time a year.




UET comes on top ranking in terms of education. It has started distance learning education in different programs. University has its own Learning Management System. It mostly uploads its mp4 video lectures on its portal. The LMS has also queried portions where students can put their questions in front of their teachers. University also conducts different workshops. It also assesses its students via different Quizzes and assignments. Students can also interact with teachers during online live video lectures.




For getting admission in any online degree program offered by this university. You will have to visit their website and follow the instructions provided by them.


For further details regarding the admission process, you can contact them directly via call on

  • +92 4299029227
  • Their website is





    Public type university 

The University of Peshawar is very famous for its quality education. It is the largest and oldest university in Pakistan. It has started its distance learning education program. The university also provides its best in online education. University has created its portal known as a Learning management system.


  • BS programs in computer education 
  • Post-graduate programs 
  • Business administration programs 

How many times does university open admissions in a year?

This is also a semester-based university. Usually, admissions are open in August and September.




The distance learning education by the University of Peshawar is continued through its online portal system. The faculty and the management upload the studying material such as recorded mp4 video lectures and assignments on the portal. University also tests students’ caliber via different tasks and Quizzes.



Students who are keen to seek admission to the university of Peshawar should download the form according to instructions and send it to the university’s main campus located in Peshawar.

For further details regarding the admission process, you can contact them directly via call on

  • +92 919216701
  • Website:
  • OR you can visit their office at the following address
  • (‘Old Jamrud Road/ Qadir Abad/Peshawar/Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’).




If you are looking for distance learning education then you should check all these universities which we have provided in our article. We hope that all this will help you in a better selection for your career by just sitting at your home. If you have any questions then comment below in the comment section. 

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