Lahore Metrobus Route – lahore metro bus route


Lahore is the busiest city of Pakistan. It is the capital of Punjab. Lahore is
developed city. Many development takes place in last few years. There is
mixture of ancient and modern infrastructure. Lahore is very beautiful City in many historical places in lahore.

in this article we will give you information about Lahore metro bus route map.

History of Lahore Metrobus:

As you know that during the era of Shabaz Sharif transportation system of
Lahore was upgraded to international level. Lahore metrobus is first mass
transit project of Pakistan.

Lahore metrobus is controlled by Lahore transport company (LTC). Lahore
transport company is responsible for mechanical errors of the buses. Lahore
metrobus project improve the status of transportation system in Lahore.
Government of Punjab and collaboration of federal government presented gift to
the people of Lahore.

Construction of this project was started in 2012 and completed within 1 year.
About 29 billion Pakistani rupees were used to complete this project. Lahore
metrobus follow the system of metrobus that is running in Istanbul (Turkey).
Lahore metrobus is completed in different phases. Contracts of metrobus was
given to various contractors.

Inauguration of this project was done by CM Punjab Mr. Shabaz Sharif and Mr.
Nawaz Sharif on 10th February 2013.

It’s total route is 27 km long. Its route starts from Shahdara and ends at
Gajju Matta. It also covers the main area of Lahore. It has 27 stations.
Lahore metrobus is giving top quality facilities to the public of Lahore.

Lahore metrobus is equipped with latest technology. Metrobus has automatic
fare collection system. All stations are designed clearly and passenger can
locate route easily.

Bus leaves the station after two minutes. Thousands of passengers are
travelling through metrobus per day. For the convenience of passengers
stations of metrobus have parking area for bikes and cars.

Lahore metrobus has separate route. It is not disturbed by public transport of

Metro Route Map:

It starts from Shahdara and ends at Gajju Matta. Lahore metrobus system has 60
buses. Length of each bus is 18 meters. Route of Lahore metrobus is wonderful
and it covers the main areas of Lahore. These 60 buses run on 27 km track.
Lahore metrobus has 27 stations.


Feeder Bus Network:

Lahore metrobus doesn’t cover the most areas of Lahore. Lahore metrobus has
almost straight track. These feeder buses covers those areas which are not
covered by Lahore metrobus system.

Route of Feeder Buses: – Lahore metro bus route



  • FR-1: Railway Station to Bhatti Chowk
  • FR-2:Bhatti Chowk to Samanabad Morr
  • FR-3:Railway Station to Rana Town
  • FR-4:R.A. Bazar to Chungi Amar Sidhu
  • FR-5:Shadbagh Underpass to Bhatti Chowk
  • FR-6:Babu Sabu to Raj Garh Chowk
  • FR-7:Bagrian to Chungi Amar Sidhu
  • FR-8:Canal Road to Daewoo Terminal
  • FR-9:Railway Station to Sham Nagar
  • FR-10:Multan Chungi to Qartaba Chowk
  • FR-11:Babu Sabu to Gulberg Main Market
  • FR-12:R.A. Bazar to Civil Secretariat
  • FR-13:Bagrian to Kalma Chowk
  • FR-14:R.A. Bazar to Purana Kahna
  • FR-15:R.A. Bazar to Bhatti Chowk
  • FR-16:Canal Road to Thokar Niaz Baig
  • FR-17:Gajju Matah to PKLI


  • Lahore metrobus is operating between 6:15 AM to 10:00 PM.
  • Time Interval between two buses is 2.5 minutes to 3 minutes.
  • Feeder Buses are operating between 6:00 AM to 11 PM.
  • Time Interval between buses is 5 to 15 minutes.



Metro Bus Ticketing System:

Lahore metrobus offers two types of ticketing system.

  • 1-Token System for single ride.
  • 2- Card system for multiple rides.

Card system has discounted price . It is used for multiple rides.  Card
system is also working in Feeder Buses.

How to use Token System?

It is used for only single journey. Price of token is 20 rupees. You can buy
token from ticketing booth. You can also get token by inserting 20 rupees in
ticket vending machine. After getting the token tap on entry point of
metrobus. Don’t lose the token. Passenger can not leave the station without
submitting the token.

How to use Card system?

If you want to travel many times in metrobus then you need card. You don’t
need to stand in long ques for buying token.

If you want to purchase the metrobus card then you need to deposit 150 rupees.
You can also recharge your card at ticket vending machine. You can recharge
your card up to 1000 rupees.

Fare system for card holders:

If you have metrobus card then you can enjoy Metrobus service at discounted
price. Fare for below mentioned trips are different. 

  • Single trip: 15 Rupees
  • Double Trip: 20 Rupees
  • Triple Trip: 25 Rupees

Second Method to Check All Metro Route Map in Pakistan

Another easy way to check all metro bus route maps all over Pakistan. Follow simple steps:
Open Playstore and Search Pakistan Metro Bus Map and Stations Guide after download this app and  open application now you have show all menu you select your city after show all map.This application will enable you to check nearest metro bus station from your current location.


In this informative article I cover the complete information of Lahore
Metrobus. If you are not familiar with Lahore then this article is for you. I
have compiled comprehensive detail about Lahore metrobus.

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