What is the meaning of YKYK?

As you know that internet is full of slang terms. There will be no shortage of new entries in the English dictionary.

YKYK is an acronym that stands for “You Know You’re in College When…” The term was first coined by comedian Mitch Hedberg, but has since become a popular saying on college campuses. YKYK can refer to anything from the fact that you have eaten ramen noodles for every meal while living in your dorm room to the realization that your parents are paying more attention to your younger siblings than they are you. If you find yourself thinking or doing any of these things, then it’s safe to say you’re officially in college!

Many people know that YKYK stands for “You Know You’re Kidding” but few know the true meaning behind the acronym. The phrase was coined in 1983 by a group of teenagers from Canada who was playing a game of hangman and someone wrote down “YKYK”. When they asked what it meant, one of them said, “you know you’re kidding.” They liked this answer so much that they adopted it as their own secret code word.


Many people have been asking us lately what the meaning of YKYK is. In this blog post, we will answer that question and more so you can get a better understanding of how it works!

Everyone is famous on TikTok and other entertainment platforms. Many tiktokers use this term IYKYK. This is basically a hashtag. This hashtag is ranked. It has a total of 3.4 billion views on TikTok and snack videos.

IYKYK stands for If you know, you know.

There is secret knowledge that is hidden in this term. This knowledge is showing some experience.
This hashtag become popular two times on the internet. The first time it was popular in 2016 and then popular in 2020.
Basically, it is a term of teenage.
There are different examples of this hashtag. People use this hashtag especially in the quartine days of COVID-19.

Example of the hashtag by Twitter user:

Greek life really prepared me for this quartine


When you are watching a type of racy scene. Your parents are also present there. So tiktokers use this hashtag at that spot.

First people listen to these words. Then they search on the internet about this word. Then start searching and using this word on the internet.
I provide you with a little bit of information about this word in the first two paragraphs.

This word may have different meanings. Some people understand this word as a yoke. Yoke is a broader term and used for pulling a cart.

Example: Farmer use yoke in the field.

  • This word has many meanings and forms. Sometimes it is used as a phrase. Sometimes it is used as a hashtag. But in reality, it is the abbreviation of some words that are mostly used in tags of TikTok videos.
  • You can also drive meaning by spelling this word.
  • This word is also used for a chemical product.
  • Sometimes this word has no meaning. Sometimes people used this word as a yoke. Yoke is just like a metal rod. That rod is used for the harness of animals. Basically, it is just like an instrument.
  • It is the combination of two words. You and Yock. It is a slang term that is widely used on internet. It is also used for informal communications.

Ykyk has different meanings in different fields and domains:

Meaning of YKYK in terms of social capability:

Whenever you are living in society. You have different relations with different people. You use different slang words for different communications. You use different levels with different people.

Meaning of YKYK in terms of financial level:

If you are earning money then it will not give you happiness. Happiness comes when you will do work with your heart. When you have a passion and you will work as a good worker.

Meaning of YKYK in terms of work:

You will feel happy when you are working independently. When you have freedom in your actions and work then you will get pleasure.

Meaning of YKYK in terms of personality analysis of some person:

This word is also used as an analysis of personality. But not all people know about this fact. Very few people know about the exact essence of their name. This word helps in the discovery of the meaning of different names by personality analysis.

Meaning of YKYK in terms of the alphabet:

It has different meanings. Y stands for young. At a young age, people have a strong potential for working. They achieved their goals easily.
K means know. Knowing about everything is meaning knowledge of everything.

These slang words are also used for motivation. This word is also used for expressing feelings.

This word is also used to create a sense of humor. This word is also used in terms of comedy.

You can use this word as a code word. This could help in keeping your secrecy of the company. You can also secure your privacy by using this word in public as a code word.

Different namea start with the word Y that is present in YKYK:

  • Ylagor
  • Ylaja
  • Ylade
  • Ylala
  • Yaleem
  • Ylaem


In this informative article, I gathered information about the word YKYk. I researched a lot on the internet about this word. This word has different meanings and different roles. If you are unable to know about this word then ask questions in the comment box and our team will answer your question in simple language.

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