Initial Problems Of Pakistan?

Pakistan faced a lot of difficulties after coming into existence because after a lot of effort and war in the subcontinent Pakistan came into existence and a lot of people faced difficulties and what difficulties did Pakistan face? You will share the list of things with the people. Pakistan was established on 14th August 1947. Immediately after its establishment, Pakistan faced many problems. Most of the problems of Pakistan were related to India. There was a deep connection. 

Such as the annexation of the Nawabi states and the canal water dispute and the refugee problem and the Kashmir issue and the division of the armed forces. Recovered and later overcame all these difficulties and then he started his new life but when Pakistan came into existence in 1947, people faced many difficulties and hardships till they lost their lives. He also offered sacrifices for the sake of Pakistan.And when on August 14, 1947, the Indian subcontinent was splitting into two, India deliberately tried to force Pakistan to face difficulties so that these people could live their lives in a difficult way. 

Pakistan maintained its independent status. He did his best to keep and make an independent state and finally he made his independent state. When the Pakistani people wanted us to have a separate state and we were separate Hindus, he told General Sir Frank Frank in 1945 that Muslims They are deliberately planning for a separate homeland but the efforts and struggle of Quaid-e-Azam and his comrades did not give up and they kept working together and one day on 14th August 1947 they decided to have a separate homeland. Established And then the British allowed India to be made into two separate countries, one India and the other Pakistan. 

Quaid-e-Azam and his associates faced a lot of difficulties but they did not give up and made the impossible possible and 1947. When Pakistan came into being, then when Pakistan came into existence, Pakistan faced the biggest problem in which it was to form the government and choose the capital and establish the secret treaty. Karachi was chosen as the capital of Pakistan. Quaid-e-Azam Took over as Governor General and appointed Liaquat Ali Khan as Prime Minister and decided to select experienced people to run the cabinet so that the country could be run in a better way.

Initial Problems Of Pakistan Complete Details

A British chairman had set up a Boundary Commission. He misused his powers to hand over the Muslim majority to Gardaspur and and if so he provided a gateway to Kashmir. The tyrant did not understand the incomprehensible and even the arrogant award. He called this man very cruel and unjust to the Muslim states and Quaid-e-Azam called him a very wrong and corrupt man.Because he was very abusive towards the Muslims. When the British entered India, he inflicted a lot of atrocities on the people and increased the hardships of the people. When he decided to separate the state, India became an ally of the British He made many mistakes but Quaid-e-Azam and his associates worked hard to get the Muslims out of these difficulties and finally one day they chose their homeland.

On July 1, 1947, he announced that the Indian Army should also be divided in favor of India in terms of 65 to 35, or that the current sectarianism in the British Indian Army was a scribe received by Pakistan. And they were given nothing but moving weapons, useless weapons, and no car artillery or airplanes.And the factory that puts 16 cannons on Pakistanis and all of them are located in India. Pakistan was given Rs. 60 crore for the factories and part of it. The rupee had put Pakistan in big trouble because Pakistan could not get the amount of money that was selected and Pakistan had to face a lot of difficulties.

At the time of partition, the Bank of India also had a cash balance of Rs. 4 billion, which was thus divided between India and Pakistan in proportion to India, and Pakistan was to receive Rs. After the protest, India gave Rs 200 crore to Pakistan which caused them a lot of problems and they did not give Rs 450 million to Pakistan so that we could invest in it and now it has become a separate state There will be difficulties. As the war between India and Pakistan over Kashmir is still going on and will continue, India withheld the rest of the money and was deliberately reviewing it hoping that Pakistan would go bankrupt and Pakistan would Not to develop more than that so they withheld money and did not give to pakistan pakistan had come into existence and it participated mostly economically and the system of choice was affected which made the areas that become part of pakistan economically In the background, the entire capital was in the hands of the Hindus.

Unfortunately, the banks and other financial institutions were also in the hands of the Hindus. Apart from these factors, India also had the experts to run the industries, but Pakistan did not have the best capital, nor the best reader, nor the best machine. One day came out of all the difficulties because there are difficulties.

The technical experts and laborers, the Hindus, who had lagged far behind in Muslim education and financial capabilities, also started a language dispute between East and West Pakistan after the formation of Pakistan. The members of the Constituent Assembly belonged to Pakistan. The demand was that Bengali should be made the national language of Pakistan instead of Urdu. In March 1948, in Dhaka, Quaid-e-Azam declared that Urdu and Urdu would remain the national language of Pakistan because Urdu is the language that people know. Urdu was made the national language of Pakistan.

He also affected the power system of West Punjab due to the relocation of most of the Muslim areas to India and unfair treatment. If we exist as a nation then we have to face problems with dignity and nation so we have to come out of all these difficulties and by working day and night we have to work on all these things. Kashmir was a natural part of Pakistan because Muslim majority lived in Kashmir and Muslims wanted a separate country but they made Pakistan a separate state but Kashmir is under the control of Hindus.

Because 85% of the total population of Kashmir was Muslim and the Hindu people who lived secretly with the Indian government ruled Kashmir as part of India because they did a lot of tree work in Kashmir mostly beautiful and excellent The area was near Kashmir and it was part of the Muslims. Pakistan was constantly flying and Kashmir should have got its right to Eid itself but due to non-cooperation of India the Kashmir issue could not be resolved till now and even after independence the UN Has not resolved Kashmir issue and Kashmir issue is still going on in UN and no decision has been taken yet.

The situation in India and Pakistan was such that it cut the rivers around the canals which was India’s first benefit and Pakistan had to take advantage of it. Most of the rivers flowing in Pakistan flowed into India and in 1948 India released flood water in Pakistani canals to the detriment of Pakistani agriculture as most of the rivers were occupied by India and only Nehru came to Pakistan and even today Pakistan has the most beautiful and best system in the world. Yes, but some important resources went to India and when they came to Pakistan, they released water in the canals and they also ruined the agricultural system of Pakistan.

However, on September 9, 1960, the Indus Basin Treaty was signed between the two countries so that different rivers were established between the two countries, they were given their rivers and Pakistan was given the river of Pakistan. 1935 became the working of Pakistan in which some of the adopted representatives were elected by the elected representatives of the people, the need for a constitution was independent and necessary for the people, so the task of framing the first Constituent Assembly was given but the Constituent Assembly also lasted eight years Failing to draft a constitution The lack of a future constitution has hampered Pakistan democratic development.

Pakistan faced many difficulties in the beginning and its people sacrificed their lives. Pakistan was devastated and came into existence as a Muslim state. It did not have the resources. It started its administrative machinery. It needs to be done but the Quaid-e-Azam and his associates urged the Supreme Court to deal with this situation so that the Muslims can get out of all these difficulties.

The Quaid-e-Azam and his colleagues worked together to find a solution to Pakistan’s problems and said that faith, unity and discipline make Pakistan a strong and well-developed country and a bright future. He said in his last message to the nation on August 14, 1947 that the foundation of your state has been laid and now it is up to you to make this country better as soon as possible.Quaid-e-Azam was addressing a historic public meeting in Lahore and said that it depends on you people how you work and you people work day and night and work and Only by working can you be successful and you can be successful and come before the world and our only goal is faith, unity and discipline. We have never forgotten that. And show the world.

On August 16, 1947, another country in the world came into existence which was named Pakistan and the method is a testimony to the fact that Pakistan worked hard day and night to face these difficulties and one of the greatest nations after national independence. Pakistan has a long list of initial issues but we will briefly explain to you in this article so that you can know about the initial issues. We want to inform you about the initial issues. Distribution was not the only issue.In fact, it was difficult to form a new government with many borders. In short, after independence, Muslims faced many difficulties, but Pakistan faced difficulties and established its own state. The establishment of Pakistan was a collision and we got the country of Pakistan and after these sacrifices the country of Pakistan was established on 14th August 1947 and came on the map of the world and now we share with you the people who deserve the initial difficulties of Pakistan.

Initial Problems Of Pakistan

What problems did Pakistan face after independence? A small opportunity is shared with you in this article as follows.

Choice Of The Capital & The Establishment Of Government

The biggest problem of Pakistan after independence was that they did not have very good leadership cities from India so the Pakistani leadership had only a few choices of cities as Karachi was chosen as the capital because When Pakistan came into existence there were difficulties so it is difficult for them to choose the location of many such cities but there was only one city in front of them which was to choose because it was a big city so their choice To do this, his colleagues established the capital Karachi and for the staff of the investment capital, officers and officials came to Karachi from Delhi.And there was no shortage of records and offices and furniture. 

All of them were lacking. In this difficult time, some government offices were also set up in military barracks. Later, when these problems were solved, twenty years later, on August 14, 1967, Islam Abad Ayub Khan made the capital Twenty years later Pakistan came in its best condition and overcame all these difficulties then he decided to make Islamabad the capital of Pakistan and established the second capital of Pakistan in Islamabad went.

When Pakistan was formed, the biggest problem and the first problem facing the Muslims was to choose the capital to form the government. Karachi was shifted to the capital of Pakistan and Quaid-e-Azam took over as the Governor General. Liaquat Ali Khan Made him the Prime Minister and his decision to never select experienced people proved to be absolutely right. Arrangements were made to bring in the officials who had chosen Pakistan for Karachi from Delhi and then went to Pakistan. Out of all these problems in the best way, if the systems were failed in the beginning, then Pakistan was in trouble again, but it did not happen. Pakistan faced these difficulties with courage and established the country of Pakistan in the best way.

Division Of The Finance Assets & The Military Assets

The British government had divided the assets between Pakistan and India and it was decided that according to the agreement Pakistan would be given their share of Rs 750 million but India did not do that because Bank of India was in India’s possession all the money And the money was with India. They initially transferred Rs. 200 million to Pakistan. There was a lot of work for Pakistan. They kept all the rest there and besides them other military equipment and records were also to be transferred to Pakistan. The Indian government also gave a lot of money to Pakistan regarding the transfer of military assets, which created many problems.

India did its best to embarrass Pakistan financially and they did a lot of dishonesty in Pakistan’s affairs. The benefit of this was that they got 750 million rupees from Pakistan but they did not keep their promise. But the Indian government refused to give and Pakistan’s only two hundred million rupees, seeing them, you also got better and did not give a fair share of military breath and Pakistan also faced difficulties but to get out of these difficulties He fought hard for it and today Pakistan is doing its job in the best possible way.

The Unfair Boundary Distribution

The Boundary Commission was set up under Sir Sirleaf Cliff, a British chairman. They were abused and all their belongings and their rights were taken over by the Indians and then these people also faced a lot of difficulties.And Quaid-e-Azam called this person a tyrant and incomprehensible and also gave the award of this history that he is a corrupt and wrong man who handed over the Muslim areas to him so Quaid-e-Azam called him an undesirable person some morning Pakistan And a commission was set up for partition in India so most of the British officers were against partition so they did their best to harm Pakistan and leaned towards India. 

This was also due to the fact that the Muslim-majority areas of Pakistan were deprived, including Ferozepur and Gardaspur and parts of Kashmir and Jalandhar, which were mostly inhabited by Pakistani Muslims and were mostly parts of the Punjab. Pakistan would have benefited a lot if these areas were part of Pakistan but the British handed them over to India. They were inclined towards India. They did not want to divorce Pakistan but they were part of Pakistan which was not given to Pakistan.

Massacre Of The Muslim Refugees In The India

When the decision was taken to divide the Punjab, the Muslims living on the Indian side of the Punjab started migrating to the Pakistani Punjab and the Hindus and Sikhs started massacring the Muslims in which they killed and injured men and children. He also raised his hand on the dignity of women and killed countless Muslims and completely killed Muslim trains bound for Pakistan, killing more than half a million people in less than a month.Because even in India, the majority of Muslims were Muslims. You are not Muslims. The majority wanted to go to a separate homeland. When they wanted to come to Punjab, the Hindus abused and killed them so much that many people sacrificed their lives.

Issue Of The Refugees

According to sources, about 65 lac people had migrated to Pakistan, of which 52 lac had migrated to Punjab. So many people, it was very difficult for the government of Pakistan to make arrangements for the future of resettlement because so many people were displaced. Due to the displacement, their livelihood was out of the control of the Pakistani government. Pakistan did not have much resources, but they also faced. Pakistan, despite its limited resources, set up refugee camps for refugees to provide them with food. And health care should be taken and they should be taken out of the difficulties. The people who migrated from Punjab to Pakistan had sacrificed a lot for their dear relatives.

The Canal Water Dispute

Pakistan faced water crisis when on the morning of April 1, 1948, India shut down the headworks of Pakistan’s river Hoon. Pakistan had to suffer a lot of water which caused significant damage to Punjab’s crops. The fruits of the river are beneficial so they shut off the river water of Pakistan because most of the rivers lived in India as well. Pakistan also sought the help of the United Nations for a permanent solution.

And on September 19, 1960, an agreement was signed in Karachi called the Indus War, in which he said that if the rivers were to be given to Pakistan and some were to be taken over by India, he would work on the project using the LBC Express service. He also solved the water problems of Pakistan. If these problems were not solved, then Pakistan would face a lot of problems because of water because when the Hindus stopped the water, Pakistan’s agriculture suffered a lot because Even today Pakistan has the best canal system in the world but Pakistan does not have most of the water because most of the rivers were taken over by India.

Forceful annexation Of The princely states By The India

About 300 km from Karachi, the coastal state had decided to join Pakistan but did not accept the decision of Indian politics and for this reason India was forcibly taken control of this stage of India. It was against which the state could decide that they wanted Pakistanis to join India. Similarly, India said that it started violating the rules for the accession of states at a time when Hyderabad did not join Pakistan and India in the system. India had forcibly taken control of Hyderabad.

Electricity Problem

When India was divided into two parts, most of the power system was also established. The British government had worked the power system in one place but which had disrupted the power system of Pakistan in Punjab. Addressing the people, Azam said, “If we want to be a nation on the outside, we have to face all these problems and we have to solve all these power problems. Competed and finally tried to improve their power system.

Language Problem

After independence more than seventy languages ​​were spoken in Pakistan but according to the 1956 constitution Urdu was given the status of national language so East Pakistan which we also call Bangladesh was hated in the hearts of Bengdesh.  As a result of which many riots took place and in the end the leaders formed by Bangladesh declared the whole situation wrong and there were deaths as a result of the riots. They wanted to make the language the national language but it did not happen. Deciding in the best way, he told Urdu, the national language of Pakistan, that Urdu is the best language and has been around since ancient times, so he decided that Urdu would be the national language of Pakistan. Riots also broke out.

Death Of The Quaid e Azam & The Liaqat Ali Khan

When Pakistan became independent, Quaid-e-Azam died a year later and Liaquat Ali Khan was assassinated in nation Bagh Rawalpindi in 1951 when he was addressing a crowd of more than one lakh people. Due to this Pakistan faced a lack of guidance which went from country to country even more chaos because after the death of Quaid-e-Azam people faced many difficulties and Liaquat Ali Khan was also assassinated But then they needed a better leader.

Kashmir Dispute

The Kashmir issue was also a very important issue. Kashmir was a natural part of Pakistan because there was a Muslim majority. Muslims were living there but it was not made a part of Pakistan. It was made a part of India. Grana became very difficult because the British government had sold a Sikh to Kashmir for Rs. 7.5 million and he ruled over the people living there and did a lot of injustice to them and oppressed them. Eighty-five per cent of the total population was Muslim, he hated Muslims and was bought by the Hindu Dogra Raj for Rs 7.5 million and later handed over to India.But the majority were Muslims there and the Muslims wanted us to live with Pakistan. The decision was made at the United Nations but the United Nations did not respond. The Kashmir issue is still going on in the United Nations.

The Constitutional Problem

The Constituent Assembly has failed to provide a Constituent Assembly for eight years. The lack of a permanent constitution has created the possibility of undue interference in the democratic development of Pakistan. Enacted as amended in the Indian Act.

Defense Of The Boundaries

After independence, Pakistan became aware of defending its borders as problems began to arise on its eastern and western borders, but it refused to divide Afghanistan and Pakistan and joined Pakistan’s membership in the United Nations. Opposing was the only country that was not good because of the lack of modern military equipment Pakistanis also had so defending Pakistan’s borders became a big problem at that time so they improved their border and Pakistan Defended his boundaries and got out of his problems freely.

The Economic Problems

When Pakistan became independent, a lot of Pakistani money was lost in the hands of India. They refused to give that money. They had very little money to invest. The Indians had given 200 million rupees to Pakistan. The total money of Pakistan was 750 million and they took the rest in their possession due to which Pakistan faced a lot of difficulties and Under the Pakistan section, Pakistan had very few areas which were considered to be the best areas, which caused Pakistan to face economic difficulties. It worked hard to get out of all these and Quaid-e-Azam In his last speech, he said that if you want to live your life in a good way, work hard day and night to make Pakistan better and move towards its development.


Pakistan faced a lot of difficulties at the time of independence Pakistan did not have any resources nor did it have any kind of machinery they faced a lot of difficulties at the time of independence because when Pakistan became independent they Pakistan did not have anything. After independence on August 14, 1947, Pakistan introduced all its things in a new way.And the Quaid-e-Azam, while chanting the slogan of faith, unity and organization, said that we will start our completion with the slogan of faith, unity and organization and by working day and night we will make our Pakistan better. In his message, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah while addressing his nation told the people that you have to complete the construction of this country and end the problems of Pakistan day and night.Thanks.

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