How to write WhatsApp blue text? 

Before we start the article I would like to ask you about your day. How was your whole day? Hope for the good and best. So this is the hope that I can do for you. I wish for a good day experience for you. This is what we should do that we should ask others for their life and day first. So here we start the article of today. As we know communication is one of the most important parts of our lives and this is one of the most important things if we know. In the past when there was nothing except the postal system, which was the only way to communicate with friends and relatives that were living far away. So if anyone wants to communicate in an emergency to his friend then the letter was the only way to send and receive his message. 

This was a long and time-consuming procedure after all. You have to wait for the letter to reach that specific friend and other stuff. So, in short, this was not that easy to send the news or message to your friends and family. It took at least 2 to 3 days to reach the nearest location. Because this procedure involves the step-by-step process. Like the first latter, you wrote went to the mailbox and then on its specific date postman came and collect the letter from the mailbox so this is what they do. Then he came and check the letters from the box. Then he approved will the letters completely and fully. So this is what he does to check all the letters. So this is how he does to completes the procedure. Then he took the letter with him to the postal office. 

Whatsapp blue text

Where final check-up was completed so after that approval he took that letter to the vehicle he is using and took it to the specific city or place where it was meant to be. So at the final from that area next postal man take that letter and send this to the address mentioned to the letter. That was the exact procedure most of the postal men followed that day. So, in short, they do this in several days, and in the end, another friend got the message from his friend’s letter. And in the same way, he sent the letter to his friend through the same procedure and this chain Continued until this work was done.

So here we can understand this thing by reading this article. So here it is, this is what happened in the past with your letters. But now this thing has been overcome by the media and the internet. Also, there are other communications ways are also present these days so there are many other ways are present these days that will help you to communicate with all your friends and family with no cast at all. They will charge you only the charges of the internet. So this is it. In the next paragraph, I will tell you about the list of all the latest ways to communicate and call others.

So here we have the other ways or new ways to communicate with your friends as well. Here we go with it.

There are a few methods and ways through which we can see and receive these messages. without any delay just need to get an internet connection to achieve this

WhatsApp :

WhatsApp with many features like emojis, text size, text fonts, most importantly with the ” text colure which is blue as well”

Telegram is another communication app from the middle east with also many other features like voice recording with video and many other things as well.

Messenger is a Facebook app or communication app that works to communicate with strangers and friends as well. I think this is the easiest way to communicate the others like strangers and friends as well. So this is free on many networks like in Pakistan on many communication networks.

Imo is another app to communicate and call so here it is.

 Instagram :

It is social. media app. and a way to communicate with the others you know who are present or not on your list.

Text through mobile ;

So as we know this is old and the most accurate method to communicate the friends and family as well. This is a little bit costly but is an accurate way and this is an old way to communicate now. This is not in usage a lot now. Many have left this way.

So here I am going directly to the topic of my discussion which is WhatsApp. and exactly about the features like 

” How to type in blue text on WhatsApp or how to send message to your friend in the blue text?

How to Write Blue Text in WhatsApp

So this is the topic to discuss the thing we want to discuss. Here it is.

First of all, I would like to tell you about the main thing of this topic which is WhatsApp.


This is a communication app and this is one of the most used apps in the world at this time. It would not be wrong if I say this is now one of the official apps of the play store. This is also on the list of the most downloaded apps on the play store without any confusion. So this is it. We need to read it completely. I short this would not be wrong to say it is one of the. most important apps of all time because it is a good and most using app. This is easy to use. A beginner can easily understand this app and know how to use WhatsApp. So here it is. I am not going to tell you a lie about this. This also has many faults as well so here it is. We can do whatever we need to my using this app.

 I hope for the green in this regard. In short, this world is helpful for you and your friends which might be good in some first we should talk about the way through which WhatsApp works. And also I am going to send you some features about that thing so here are few things which might have helped you in this thing. So step by step I would tell you about this thing which you are finding of. This is exactly what you should do to make this thing better in many ways. so here it is.

Features of WhatsApp:

  • Sending messages to the others :
  • Sending recording of your voice to other friends and users 
  • Sending of WhatsApp snaps and other pictures to other WhatsApp users :
  •  Sending the Documents on WhatsApp.
  •  And many other features 

So here I am going to explain each thing one by one. This can be explained step by step to clear all the concepts and misconceptions we have or simple it will be beneficial for all of us in many ways. You need to understand this thing completely so we can be this thing done. So here we go.

Sending messages: 

As you can understand the concept given in it it would not be wrong to say that what’s all is one of the great ways to send the message and revive it. Because this is pretty simple. You just need to go to the account of the person to which you want to send messages. After you open accounts simply type messages and this would be sent to your friend within one second. So after that, you can get what you want to mean you have the send the message to your friend within a second. In short, it is helpful. After that, you can get a message from the sender. This is the normal procedure that would help you in this way. So here we go to the next.

Sending the voice recording :

Voice recording is another beneficial availability provided by WhatsApp and in fact, this is its invention. Like you can see whatever you want in your voice only by pressing the voice button and after that record the voice and send this to the receiver and he will get this within a second. Like this is also become easy because of WhatsApp.

This is what it is. You need this you can get this with little effort

Sending snaps and pictures :

So as we know this is one of the lost import inventions we have relating to WhatsApp. so this would help you a lot in many ways. So here it is if you mean what is this. So here we can understand that by this thing. This is what you want to know about this After you she this an to the friend he will receive that thing on opening WhatsApp. After the downloads the picture he will be free to see what is in this picture. So this is what you can get.

Sending documents :

So sending documents is another way to fulfill your task and work. This is what will help. you in this regard. So here it is. we can get this by sending this by yourself. After that person will open the app he will get that thing on him and he will get that picture and snap without any delay by downloading it. so this is a helpful tool that can help you in a good way. This is it. You need to read this by yourself and you will that thing. So next, I will tell you about the thing you want to know exactly. So here it is in this way. 

How to convert the text to blue?

Here we have some methods that can help you to build blue-lined and colored text in your WhatsApp and mobile. I hope that it will be helpful for you and your friends as well. This is going in this way like this.

So if you are looking or searching for a way to find how to type. and send messages in blue on WhatsApp then this is a perfect article for you in this regard. This is not difficult as well. You just need to follow me and the steps I wrote on this. so this would be helpful as well. In short, just need to do what you want by doing this. Here are some ways or two ways to follow.

Let’s get this thing done.

There are two ways to write in blue on what app. So here are the further details. Two methods include in this.

# method 1

# method 2

So these methods have some extra methods which will help you to do the right thing. This would be helpful like this way.

Method # 1:

Step no 1

So here is the first step you need to. follow this thing properly and completely. You want to do it then follow this thing here. I hope this would be helpful.

So first you need to do is to download the right app to get the blue text in this regard this app named is the “Blue text keyboard”  app on the Play Store or google play store. This is also available on the iStore on the iPhone. was the first step.

2.  In the second step you need to do. nothing just to open the app as I already mentioned above in the first point and you go and type or paste the text or message you want to send or that you want to convert in Blue color and blue outline 

3.  In the third step you need to do is to  Tap on the I’m named or mentioned as above in the word called the ”  Blue text ” and then a new site or page will open and will appear on the app then you need to tap the word “copy” then you need to paste it to the section you are dealing with. This would help you a lot in this regard and this will be the end of the third step.

4. At the last step you can do what you need to is to send these written words as I mentioned any words you need to send even in Blue Color to your friends or your family members on WhatsApp so this was it. You need to follow that steps and you will get this work done at the end. So this is what you want to have things with you clear so here we can have them exactly. So here is the problem we can deal with. 

So here are the further details and this would help you with this thing. This will be good to know.

Now the second method so here are the further details you want to know about the things like how to write the blue text on WhatsApp. This will be pretty easy.

#Method number 2: 

So here I am going to explain the second method to you at the end so that you can do the exact thing you want to do in the text so here we go.

  • This is the first step to follow if you want to do or you want to type in blue and send the message that you want to end your friendship. So here we can go to do that with the app or with the help. of the application named  “Blue text Keyboard” on WhatsApp so this was the first step you want to do. So this is it. This is helpful for you in many ways So I am going to the next point to explain the remaining thing or steps to follow this.
  •  In the next step or the second step just do. this in the right way like you all need is to Open the icon by opening the application blue text then you all need to do is to tap on the icon which is present as the three horizontal marks or lines and then you need to click on the Keyboard which is the next or second step.
  • Then you need to press the icon named  Setup the Keyboard this is the set point for the keyboard which we are dealing with is the main setting tab which will help you in a lot of ways so here is it. Then you should allow the named the Blue text keyboard. So this would help you in any way. This is what you need to do to complete your desire and this will finish everything in the end so here are the next things you want to do.
  • In the next and last step you all need to do is to straight go to the chat, and you need to convert the Keyboard to Blue Text settings and then you need to start chatting. So this was all you need to do is to turn the settings and it will pay you with your desire in the end. So here is it just go and read it and do it.

Merits and demerits :

So after I wrote this thing or the article I wrote it is not that diff ult to understand by the thing this WhatsApp app has many good features in it. This feature might help you in your life very much, but there is something you need to understand that this has made our lives too easy that we don’t require much of the amount. You just have to have a connection to the internet and then it will help you in many ways so here we need to see this thing through. Now you need not worry. You want to send something to your friends and fellows then do what I ask you to do. You need WhatsApp for the purpose to solve the problem. So you can send many things like pictures, messages, videos, documents, snacks, and many more other things, n short this would help you a lot. Without causing any other problem. So this is what you need to do. Like this, there are also some demerits as well like this is a highly addictive and time-wasting thing. You need to b in control for some reason. It would destroy your daily routine and life. You waste your time watching status, videos, reading messages, so this would be and on this thing. So here we have this thing very clear. so this is bad in many ways and I think this has more disadvantages as compares to its benefits as well. I hope you might like this article and this would help you in a God way. So here is what Eli had and I presented you in this article. I hope for the good for you and your friends. Try to share this with your friends and relatives as well.

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