Cyber-crime-FIA primary purpose to take action against technology-based
crimes in Pakistan. This institution was established in 2007 for the safety
of technology users. It is the single unit which working in Pakistan and
also assist other law enforced cases.

National response center for Cyber Crime to easy approach their facilities
establish digital franchises, penetration testing, technical testing,
information system security and training centers. In this unit many
officer’s-like police, intelligence and other Govt organizations perform
their duties. This institution conducts many seminars, workshops and
training programs for the awareness of public.  High standers students
also give trainings to work with computer agencies and increase awareness in
their class fellows, teachers and other educated population.

Cyber crime pakistan report

If you face any digital problem like your Facebook account is hacked,
whattsapp I’d hacked, or anyone spread your pictures or videos without your
permission or anyone spread bad news or hatred online about you then you
don’t worry just contact with national response center and file complaint
against cyber-crime.

Reporting against Cyber-Crime is very simple and easy but you must to know
the complete process and purpose, which we will explain below in


Which types of crimes you can report for Cyber-Crimes

  • If someone posted yours pictures or uploading your videos without your
  • Hacked your personal data like Facebook account, whattsapp or Email
  • Make fake Facebook I’d, Instagram or twitter I’d by using your name and
  • Spreading hatred or fake news on social media online about you.
  • Illegal financial frauds like funds transfer from your bank account, easy
    paisa, jazz cash, or any other online funds to other accounts.
  • Hacked your website online.
  • Computer virous like malicious programs that spread from one program to
    other and destroy your device and storage program.
  • Money laundering
  • Electronic terrorism

How to write complain against cyber crime?

  • You can complain simple write your complain on a plain paper in English
    or Urdu in soft form, write all detail about your problem and attach
    some evidence like screen shot from your against I’d or other person
    detail so that your case can be handle easily and in better way and send
    email to National response center of cyber-crime.
  • You can also complain off-line by writing an application in hard form
    with all your detail like name, CNIC, address and complain with all
    printed evidence and send to nearby office.

How to report National response center against Cyber-Crime?

If you face any type of cyber-crime mentioned above you can report National
response center. You can report in many ways which you feel easy given below
gives all procedure.
  • To register report by Email I’d 
  • Write your application with all detail and personal bao data like
    name, CNIC, contact number and address and send your Email on this
    Email address:
  • Register report by hand written application
  • To register complaint through hand written application write your
    application on plain paper English/Urdu with all personal data (like
    Name, CNIC, address, and contact number) and post on this
  • (“Director/National/Response/center/FIA,/National/Police/Foundation/Building/2nd/Floor/Mauve/Area/G-10/4/Islamabad”).
  • To register report by form filling online
  • First open URL and go to website:
    Fill online form given on website and submit your application online
    click on submission option.
  • Register report by physically visiting
  • You can report physically visiting in regional office of national
    response center for cyber-crime by Islamabad regional office or other
    regional offices which address given below.


Note: You can be contacted on all of these above regional offices by
physically visited or post your application in hard form.

cyber crime Contact number Helpline code in Pakistan

This Service available for general public “Cyber Crime Contact Number Helpline 9911″ 24/7 hour available. The Cyber Helpline assists NR3C affiliates in registering cybercrime
cases and complaints. The service provides a one-stop service for
registering cybercrime complaints and providing assistance to the public. If
you have questions or are a victim of cybercrime, please dial 9911 from your
phone / mobile and report your complaint.
Cyber Crime Helpline 24/7 Number
Number Dial 9911

Services of National response center for cyber-crime

National response center-FIA give many services for cyber-crime given
  1. Mobile Forensics
  2. Video Forensics
  3. Network Forensics
  4. Computer Forensics
  5. Technical Training

Where can i report cyber crime in pakistan?

Mostly People’s Serach and find cyber crime numbers and location’s
this post is for you.we are share with you complete details how to report
cyber crime in Pakistan.just Read out full Post.

how do i report cyber crime

You just Read Article and Fill Report .
National response center-FIA is the best institution to complain
cyber-crime digitally. In the starting years this institution not
performing their duties in proper but now a days from 2019 after selection
of Imran Khan as a prime minister this institution working very well. So,
if you register any complain related cyber-crime your problem will be
solved in few days.
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