How to Reply to WhatsApp Messages without Appearing Online/reply whatsapp without blue tick

How to Reply to WhatsApp SMS without Appearing Online? WhatsApp ,one of the most popular messaging applications in the world, allows us to be in contact with our family and friends in a fast and comfortable way. Although it also presents a controversial point through notifications that inform us of the connection status of users , such as the ” double check ” of messages or the appearance of the text ” online “. Aspects highly criticized and that most users view with suspicion; For this reason, and after the arrival of this type of notifications, the WhatsApp managers themselvesoffered users the possibility of disabling the last connection moment, the controversial double check or the privacy in the profiles.for those who do not want to share their photo or status with strangers. Of course, for the moment we cannot eliminate an “online” message, an aspect that may cause certain conflicts regarding the privacy of users .

The last time we are online on WhatsApp is usually a delicate and interesting fact for the most gossips. That is why if we want to be left alone, but not miss what the messages we receive say, it is useful to know some tricks to read WhatsApp messages and not appear online.

If we are one of those who do not want the rest of the friends we have on WhatsApp, especially those who require us to answer as soon as we read the messages, leave us alone with “I have seen you online” or “you have not wanted to read my message and reply », etc. etc. We have Android or iPhone we can use a series of settings, in addition to the occasional secret to get rid of the problem.

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5 tricks to read messages on WhatsApp without appearing connected

1.Put that nobody can see your last connection time and deactivate the reading confirmation

By default in WhatsApp it is configured (Settings> Privacy) so that your contacts see your last connection time. If you set this setting to “Nobody”, no one will have access at the last time you connected, and if you also delete the reading confirmation, they will not know if you have read their messages either. You will be a true ghost  the problem is that you will be for everyone.




2.Read and reply to messages from notifications

To not be as radical as in the previous options, a trick that has been available for a couple of years is the possibility of replying to WhatsApp messages from notifications. Just deploy the notification center, or respond to messages on the lock screen, to reply to any contact without appearing online at any time or that this action is recorded within the last hour we have been online. messages on WhatsApp without appearing connected

He who made the law made the trap. We can configure the last connection time only for «My Contacts», so to make a specific contact not see the last time you have connected, you just have to delete it from your calendar after starting the chat with him or her . You will be able to continue sending you messages without problems, but since you are not in your contacts, they will not be able to see that data.
The only “but” of this plan is that in order for me to stop seeing read receipts, you have to disable them completely, so the rest of the people you chat with won’t be able to see if you’ve seen their messages either.

4.The “airplane mode”read messages on WhatsApp without appearing connected

It is the most direct method and without the need to download any extra application. Thus, if we activate Airplane Mode on our mobile device, the system itself will hide whether or not we are online through WhatsApp. Thus, when the internet connection is disabled we will open the WhatsApp application , which will allow us to read the messages offline and without being detected; In addition, we can even answer in Airplane Mode. When we want to send the message, we just have to deactivate the Airplane Mode so that the connection returns; for WhatsApp it will be at that moment when we have entered the app without giving away our previous movements .

5.Private Read – Whatspp No Last seen, blue ticks

Beyond the options available through WhatsApp and notifications from the smartphone itself, there are other possibilities through external applications , third-party apps that we can install to bypass the default WhatsApp system. There are many similar apps such as Unseen , Private Reading of WhatsApp or Invisibles: unseen message , among many others, applications that allow us to read incoming messages without being seen “online”. Of course, these types of applications only allow us to read WhatsApp messages without being seen through their own interface, since we will not be able to write or send messages from them.

2.Whatspp no seen marks Trick


Another recommended one is Unseen , which is also compatible with other apps besides WhatsApp such as Instagram and, in fact, what it does is unify all the messaging trays into one – another interesting function. It allows you to hide the double blue check in WhatsApp and other apps, read the messages invisibly and incognito and, in addition, customize this presence for some apps or others. to reply whatsapp without blue tick?


Finally, there is also Invisibles , which is quite similar to the previous one since it unifies the inboxes of different messaging apps in addition to hiding both our last connection and whether we have read the messages.

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