How to Recover Deleted sms messages on android

Anything happens and happens desperately need to recover deleted SMS. Many believe that they are permanently deleted and it is impossible to restore them. But it turns out there are cases when you can recover deleted SMS. Moreover, there are even several recovery methods. Below you will find the answer to the question of when to restore SMS, and how to recover deleted SMS.

When can I recover deleted SMS on Android phone

It turns out that when you delete SMS, they are not deleted immediately to the end and are still on the phone. You can try to restore them using a special application. The success of the recovery depends on how badly the memory is overwritten, i.e. how many times was the data overwritten in the sector where SMS is stored.

There are two ways to backup data and SMS

    • Local backup – done using special applications that save all data to a memory card. This copy can later be used to recover lost data. For example, you can restore SMS using special applications such as Titanium Backup or SMS Backup .
    • Cloud backup – most manufacturers have added cloud sync to their smartphones. The cloud stores all the important data, such as contacts, messages, application data, etc. Access to the cloud is possible both from the device itself and from the computer.

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How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android ?

  • firstly go to the Google playstore and in the search we write GT SMS Recovery.
  • now you install this app on your phone.

You can Watch video completly guide you how to recover sms on android?

  • After installation, open the application. Click on the Recover SMS option and “Start Scan” button.
  • now you are wait for the application to find all the messages.
  • Now you chose & select the SMS messages to be restored and click “Restore SMS”.
  • Messages are restored, as reported by the application.
  • now recoverd your deleted sms.

2.Best app to recover your SMS on android

The most popular app for backing up messages and call logs is called  SMS Backup & Restore . After analyzing the system, it shows the amount of data that can be added to the backup.
  •  To start saving them, click the “Create backup” button.
  • Now you Choose what to reserve – messages and calls or just SMS. In advanced settings, you can enable MMS saving.
  • Then specify the repository that you have access to. By default, this is Google Drive. But if you have an account on Dropbox or OneDrive, then you can use these services.
  • Choose the frequency of backup: daily, weekly or hourly. Click Archive Now to create a copy of the current state.
  • Now on Google Drive there is a full copy of the messages that were stored on the phone. To read and, click on the “View Details” button. A cloud storage will open, on which there will be a folder with the date the backup was created in the name. Inside it are all saved messages.
  • Thanks to SMS Backup & Restore, your correspondence will be stored on the server, and you can easily return to it at any time.

SMS recovery, through a computer

I know three programs with which you can recover deleted SMS. How to restore SMS using one of them you can see below, and now I will list them:
  • Dr. Fone – This program has a simple and intuitive interface. There is a free trial version. The program can recover not only SMS, but also contacts, photos and other data. To restore certain data, root privileges may be required. You can download the program from this link.
  • Mobkin Doctor is a convenient program for Windows with an intuitive interface. I recommend updating all computer drivers before using the program, in order to avoid problems with the program. It can recover up to 8 types of Android data, including: contacts, SMS, photos, videos, music, documents and n & l & You can download the program from the link.
  • Coolmuster Android SMS – there is only one button in the interface of this application. In the demo version, all recovered messages can only be read, if you need to return them back to your smartphone, you will have to pay for the full version.
  • As you can see, each of these programs has its pros and cons. But with their main task, they do well.
How does Dr. Fone Android Data Recovery. After starting the program, she will ask you to connect the phone to the computer using a cable. Turn on USB debugging on your phone, it’s located in the developer’s mode section and follow the steps below:
  • Click on the Next button in the program .
  • Select what you want to restore.
  • Select a mode : advanced or standard.
  • Run a scan , it may take a long time.
  • Wait until the program finds all deleted SMS.
  • A list of all SMS will appear in the program, the deleted SMS will be highlighted in red .
Now you have to select the SMS you need to restore and click on the Recover button . Recovered SMS will be saved in a text file on the computer. This is very convenient, as this document opens with any text editor. If necessary, you can transfer SMS to the phone.
If you value your data, then I recommend making a backup in the cloud. On Android smartphones, this is convenient to do using Google Drive, you will have access to it from all devices, including from your computer.
Today we learned how to recover deleted SMS on Android phones. This procedure is simple and does not take much time, and most of the applications listed above do an excellent job of this. If this article helped you, I recommend installing SMS Backup & Restore on your phone. Thanks to this small App, you will always be sure that your messages will not be deleted without a trace, because it creates a backup file for each individual message chain. This will give you the opportunity to restore exactly what you want in a few clicks.
It was not possible to restore messages immediately after deletion. Programs showed only the correspondence that was stored on the device. Perhaps on other phones this recovery will work, but the likelihood is low even with root access. If you don’t want to continue to lose important records, set up automatic backups using Android built-in tools or third-party applications. Only this will guarantee the recovery of SMS in case of deletion.

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