How to Pay Customs Duty on Cars in Pakistan?

Located in the south of Pakistan, the Arabian Sea is no less than a blessing, it has also paved the way for Pakistani trade centers to Arab countries and the world market, it has played a huge part in strengthening Pakistan’s economy.  

In today’s article, we will educate you about customs duty and duty tax on commercial goods coming to Pakistan from all over the world, this carriage will provide information about most of the vehicles.



There are some franchises and organizations regarding the import of vehicles of any kind related to sports cars and also relates agricultural equipment for the betterment of environmental issues regarding to farming and resolve the issue of more time consumption , you can consult with these organizations for good advice and guidance.

Many companies are working in Pakistan to make this trade easier for the people and to take steps to improve it, so it is a must for anyone who wants to trade from this forum.  All traditions matters are dealt with under the Customs Act, 1969.

It is necessary for him to be familiar with these institutions and to be fully aware of the rules and regulations made by these establishments. There exist many duties under the Custom department which deals with the following issues regarding this trade.

•Import and export of Legitimate shipment.

•Business facilitation 

•Business Regulator

•Prevention Of Contraband Goods

•Payment Collection

*Terms and Conditions For Import and Export 

•Import of modern automobiles

 Recent autos are imported into Pakistan freely by anyone against the expense 

of limited duties & surcharges under occurring import procedures and requirements

spread down in Import Policy Order and Customs regulation


The Govt of Pakistan has been released a 50% discount policy on hybrid vehicles. This is more beneficial for average people because they can easily afford a luxurious hybrid car from abroad while in other cases the hybrid vehicles price values are much far greater than the simple vehicles. The big reason for this difference is the availability of dual-functioning either you can consume petrol or electric charging.


S.No. Vehicles  Duty and Taxes in US$ or equivalent amount in Pak
01. (Upto 800 cc) (US$ 4,800)
02. (801cc to 1000cc) (US$6,000)
03. (From 1001 cc to 1300cc) (US$13,200)
04. (From 1301cc to 1500cc) (US$18,590)
05. (From 1501cc to 1600cc) (US$22,550)
06. (From 1601cc to 1800cc) (Excluding Jeeps)



Import of automobiles under private baggage. 

The exhausted autos are not importable into Pakistan in the regular procedure of intention. The constitution, yet, empowers an anomaly in this concern and utilized 

cars can be received by overseas Pakistanis under the subsequent three

strategies in tenures of Appendices ix-E of  Import Constitution 2016:The phrases and circumstances favorable for the import of automobiles under the above indicated three strategies are labelled as. There are the following requirements for importing vehicles across the world anyone interested in receiving autos from abroad should be aware of these requirements established by the authorities. Importable just by Pakistani nationwide as distinguished in the Import Policy Order

In short term we can understand this rule said by the authorities regarding import and export of cars vehicles and any automobile motor can not be able to get under the age of eighteen years old.

The car can be introduced on onetime in 2 years (Seven Hundred days computed from the 

time on which autos Dispatch was filed for the last import under the Import policy. There are the following types of vehicles that can be imported. Passenger auto, buses, 

pick-ups comprising 4×4 

trucks, farming tractors, 

Agriculture machines, land developers, 

blended harvesters and 

motorcycles or heavy bikes. There are further requirements for the import and export of vehicles organize by Department. 


Age of cars which can be imported

Automobiles not further than three years ancient (since the time of manufacturing) and different Cars

not extra than 5 years former (since the beginning ).


Official Papers  Required for imported Automobiles. Finishing Declaration

  • Export Clearance Certificate
  • Purchasing  voucher of the 


  • Payment of lading dated no delayed than 120 days from date of entrance in Pakistan of the individual
  • Affirmed photocopies of permit or Pakistan Identity Card.

•Condition of 

expense of 

job and taxes out of 



as per SRO 




published by 

Ministry of Industry 

and Textile, 

Islamabad. Each automobile in a new/utilized situation are to be introduced under transfer of property, personal 

cargo or under gift technique, the duty and fees shall be paid out of distant trade modified by Pakistan residents themselves or regional recipients funded by bank 

in cash voucher indicating the transformation of new remittance to regional money.

  • a) the transmission  of  expenditure of fees and surcharges shall emerge from the statement of Pakistani federal delivering the vehicle from another country: and
  • b) the transmission will either be received in the record of Pakistani federal sending 
  • the car from abroad or, in issue, his account is missing or inactive, in the account of his Family History.


Advantages Allowed By Govt Of Pakistan On Import Of Vehicle.

There are some ranges issued by the federal government for Automotive cars Asian prepare meant for transportation.

  • Like Up to 800cc cars in Pakistan having duty and taxes in 4800US$ or equivalent to Pakistani rupees.
  • As in the case of up to 801 to 1000 cc autos having duty and taxes 6000US$ in Pakistani currency.
  • Automobiles ranges from 1001 to 1300 cc engine duty and tex ratio is 13200US$.
  • From 13001 to 1500cc cars comprising duty and tex 18590US$.
  • From 1501 to 1600cc including their taxations up to 22550US$
  • Cars with 1601 to 1800cc engine without including jeeps comprising duty and taxes 27940US$.
  • It is related to observe that the Federal Government has stabilized the payable duty and fees of  vehicles of Asian prepares meant for the conveyance of passengers as mentioned above
  • irrespective of their material situation. The Customs officials do not have any  
  • power to increase/decrease the duties/fees.


  • Measures for the conclusion of Customs taxes & Assessment of vehicle. Another protocol for the conclusion of Customs Value & Assessing of vehicles is defined to confirm its similar application at all Customs sites over the stat.
  • FOB price of a motor car at the day of its dealings, as insured by the manufacturers or their authorized local dealers shall be approved.
  • In the case of family models, for which the FOB prices are not donated by the factories, the FOB prices insured by the 
  • plants or their authorized vendors in case of export models of 
  • similar cars shall be compressed by 5% on the C&F price. The 
  • The regional dealer’s commission and other incidental payments, if any, shall 
  • be added to the so ascertained FOB value, if not already comprised in the 
  • price certified by the factories or their authorized particular dealers
  • The real percentage of ocean/air shipment as estimated from the government 
  • of the actual industry shall be expended to arrive at the C&F value of the imported vehicle.
  • Landing taxes are 1% of the whole CIF prices will be enhanced to the price to reach the assumption value.
  • The importance of optional/extra appliances shall also be included in 
  • the assessment  value of the car, which shall be subjected to the fee 
  • of duty and prices acceptable to the automobile in which the accomplices are Fitted.
  • Customs responsibilities and fees shall be counted based on designated taxes at the time of filing of the announcement of the interest
  • except for ancient and used automobiles for which a total amount of 
  • all payable fees and surcharges have been informed in the circle.
  • Customs price of ancient and utilized cars Asian prepares meant for 
  • conveyance of individuals up to 1800cc is specified to be determined under 
  • SRO 577(I).2005 published on June 2005.
  • When the integrity of the customs cannot be assumed under SRO published in June 2005, the exact is to be confirmed in 
  • according to the invention Ordering granted in Segment 25A of the Customs Act, 1969, While there is no Ruling and the cost
  • cannot be specified under 577(I).2005 based on June 2005 too, the similar is to be assumed under based on Manufacturing Suggested Retail Price while permitting the acceptable minimization in these three ways.


*Conclusion and Outcomes

a). Minimization in the assessment value, for

the estimation shall be permitted on the import of utilized/2nd hand 

vehicles at the price of 2 per cent/ month for each of the finalized months,(means from January 1st  after the year of dispatched from factory till the date of cargo as per voucher of lading), exposed to an utmost of 50%.

•b). No>with existing anything included in above (a), the devaluation in the assessment value, for estimation on the substance of used automobiles subsiding

by PCT presiding 87.03 will be permitted at the rate of 1percent /month for each finished month (1st January of the year

after the year of industrial dispatch until the date of cargo as per reliable bill ), accountable to a limit of [60% for cars 

and 50% for other automobiles ].

c). Anything included in paragraphs (a) and (b)

describing above, the depreciation in the estimated value, form the basis of inspection on the import of second-hand automobiles i.e.4x4trucks, farming tractors, passenger buses and vans shall be permitted at the ratio of 2% per month for each of the completed months, (1st

January of the year after the industry release to

the date of cargo as per leviable), ultimate to its value.


•Hopefully, after reading this article you will be aware of all the possibilities before importing any kind of small or big vehicles.

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