How to get Fresh cash from State bank of Pakistan (SBP) via SMS
service on Eid


Fresh cash is the fresh currency notes which we can get from State bank of
Pakistan in Eid days or any other days, but it has a some simple process
which we will describe here.  

Fresh currency notes was mostly uses in Eid days and marriage ceremonies.
mostly fresh cash comes in Eid days because children like to take Eidi in
Fresh notes. they feel very happy and excited for Eid and especially for
Eidi and when they get Eidi in new and fresh notes their happiness and
excitement becomes double, so parents take fresh currency notes for their
loving children. In marriage ceremonies Fresh cash was uses in large
quantity. That’s why SBP issues Fresh and new currency notes to fulfill
the needs of general public.   

so, In this article we will explain
how you can get fresh cash or Fresh currency notes from State bank
of Pakistan by SMS service or any other ways in Eid days. hope so this
article will be very beneficial for you and according your

So, we start our topic, you read it and get information.


Limitations of Fresh cash

For issuance of fresh cash government has make some rules and limitations
in which you can get their limited amount of fresh cash which detail is
given below.

  • 3 copies of 10 RS = 10*100=1000*3=3000
  • 2 copies of 20 RS = 20*100= 2000*2=4000
  • 1 Copy of 50 RS= 50*100=5000
  • 1 copy of 100 RS=100*100=10,000

it was the limit for each individuals for issuance of fresh cash. in this
way a person can get 22000 cash currency notes through their


Procedure for applying Fresh cash through a SMS

  • Now we will tell that how you can apply for fresh currency notes which
    detail is given below.
  • Type your CNIC number, requires amount and send 8877.
  • After 1 or 2 days you will receive a conformation message that receive
    your fresh currency notes from mentioned branch and mentioned
  • Now you need to go their mentioned branch and show their original
    ID card, submit one copy of their CNIC and take their fresh
  • you must have same amount of Currency  which you want to get fresh



in conformation message you will receive a bank branch code where you
will get their currency. Sometime you will get bank branch address with
branch code and some times not.


Fresh Notes Bank Codes List 2023

when state Banks issue new currency notes, they code the Banks where the state Banks have not yet declared the code list due to the management of state Banks. Further when it announces the net list, we will share it with you.


Terms and conditions

  • you can apply for fresh cash only one time for one phone number and
    CNIC number. 
  • An individual can take maximum 22000 fresh cash.
  • To get information about branch code, contact with nearby branch or
    contact with SBP helping staff.
  • You cannot take their fresh currency without their original CNIC card
    and copy.
  • You can get fresh cash just in Eid days like Eid-UL-Fitar and Eid-UL-
  • This service is providing more than 142 cities of Pakistan and 1700
    bank branches.
  • For applying Fresh cash SMS charges RS=2 + tax charges will be




in this article we explain complete detail that how you can get fresh
currency notes from state bank of Pakistan (SBP) through SMS. Hope so this
article will be very beneficial for you and according your

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