How you can get a virtual credit card (VCC) free in Pakistan?


A digital credit card is a type of payment card that can be used to purchase items or services online. It’s not the same as a traditional bank account, but the terms and benefits are similar. A virtual credit card (VCC) is an electronic version of a traditional plastic credit card where your details are stored in the cloud instead of on a physical card. You can use it anywhere you might use regular credit or debit cards including online stores, brick-and-mortar shops, and telephone orders.  This article will teach you how to get your very own VCC free in Pakistan! A virtual credit card may seem like magic from another world but it’s actually quite simple! 

A virtual credit card is a payment card that exists only virtually, on the internet. The issuing bank will issue you with your own individual number and then provide you with an expiry date which you can choose for yourself. You are then able to use this VCC in any way that you see fit, but it does not have any physical form itself. It’s really easy to get one of these cards – simply go online and apply!

This is suitable for online bloggers, sellers, and advertisers. This explanation is useful for online dealers. After online marketing, we need immediate online transactions but we do not have any gateway for proper withdrawal.

Many people prefer the PayPal online system but Pakistan does not support PayPal due to its poor online banking services. We face a number of proxies while making or using a PayPal account.

We need to verify the Paypal account by making a US account or Master card.

But it sometimes works, not 100% efficient. By the use of a virtual credit card, we can verify our Paypal account. A credit card helps you to verify your Paypal account by using credit card information. In this way, you can get an advantage from Facebook marketing.

A few steps are here for getting virtual credit cards free for PayPal and for other kinds of stuff.

1- First of all download and click to sign up.

2- Register yourself.

3- click to start and fill the basic, essential, or required information onto the registration page. Here you have to read Amazon virtual credit card (AVCC) for a solution.

4- click here on the continue button, they will provide you the secure ID. Must write this ID on-page.

5- Now press on the Net+ card button and instantly click to get a virtual card.

6- Put your secure ID here and click on the green play button.



Virtual prepaid debit cards that might be useful for the holiday season:

I want to tell you that many online platforms offer many discounts when you purchase items via virtual/prepaid debit cards. In this peak time, use your virtual debit cards in order to get your desired online shopping items at the best discount. 


What are virtual prepaid debit cards?

You should have at least a bank account, on the basis of this, you can carry your debit/credit card. Here you need to show attention, your wallet might be cursed if you have more than one bank accounts or multiple accounts. 

Do not mention your accounts while using a card online. But this problem has been solved by the approval of virtual prepaid cards. Still, the whole community does not know about the significance of virtual prepaid debit cards. Once the virtual debit card is offered by any bank then immediately this virtual debit card is accepted globally. Must verify yourself upon signing up for this account. This is not a hectic process but is an easy way that you can verify yourself even through the smartphone. 

Like other verification processes, they simply ask you about your biodata. They check that you are a registered citizen and you have valid residency, contact, or your account. 

Once the verification is over you can legally use your virtual debit card anywhere at any time. In this way, the virtual debit card will solve your all issues.


How virtual prepaid debit cards are used?

With the aid of the respective methods of the bank, you can upload your money via virtual prepaid debit cards. These methods involve wire transfer, local bank transfer, and credit/debit card, etc. Here is the to wait for the money to be uploaded into your account. Now you can use your virtual prepaid debit card at any website even you can use it for Facebook marketing.


3 Best Virtual Debit cards in Pakistan

The team has launched the 3 best virtual prepaid debit cards. In which you can get discount in best possible ways. Let’s start discussions on these 3 virtual prepaid debit cards.


1- UBL WIZ virtual cards:

This facility is provided by UBL. This made online payments easier for you by launching WIZ UBL virtual cards. They launched it a few months back. This is similar to an Easypaisa but the Telenor company has rejected it and announced to discontinued it.


How to get UBL VIZ virtual prepaid card:

For this, you should have a UBL bank account just to create a virtual prepaid card. For the creation of virtual prepaid cards you can:

*Log into UBL Netbanking. 

*Dial 111-825-888 and request for WIZ virtual prepaid card. 

When your card is created, soon you will receive an SMS or an email with the card number and CVV along with its expiry date. 

Minimum 300+FED require for creating the virtual prepaid cards. If you are going to make an international transaction then you have to charge 4% of your transaction in USD or PKR. If you are using any other currency then you will not need to charge the fee. Just free reloading the virtual card. 



2- Faysal Bank’s mobit virtual card:

A type of digital card. This allows you to purchase or to meet online payments, in case you do not have any credit or debit card. 

Basically, it is a type of Mastercard and it works as reloadable. The main benefit of this card is that it can use all local and online international visitors, merchants, and website dealers. 


How to get Faysal bank’s mobit virtual prepaid cards:

Follow and log in. According to this website, you can generate your mobit virtual card quickly.  After this, you will shortly receive all details including card verification code, expiry date, and card number based on 16 digits. 

This code will immediately be visible on banking websites. Now you are able for online dealing. For this select your Mastercard and put it on the merchant website and add your virtual card details. 


3- MCB LITE card:

MCB bank demonetized all digital-based payments and make them free. No bank charges will apply. You can enjoy online mobile payments without charge. Only an annual fee is necessary upon getting MCB lite. By using a Wallet or VISA card you can make your payments and conduct transactions without applying charges. 

By using mobile phones or face to face, you can apply for a mobile Wallet and you will soon receive your starter pack. 


How to get MCB Lite, a virtual prepaid card?

Registration is a must. Survey any lite enable branches and solve the application form. Your information will be approved. Finally, deposit your charges at lite Wallet and get a relationship pack. 

Upon getting registered, now it’s time to set the mobile Wallet PIN via the link, this will be sent to you through your mobile number. Your account has been activated, is functional, and is ready for a transaction. 

MCB is basically a Visa card. It enables local and international transactions. No loading or monthly services fee is required. Only an annual fee of 300 PKR on all MCBs is compulsory and I think it is a reasonable amount or price. MCB lite starts from 0 and its annual limit is 200,000. You can deposit and withdraw. 


Virtual card benefits:

1- Instantly get your card. 

2- No need to fill papers and no other bank queries. 

3- Facility to set your own spending limit. 

4- Secure yourself from scams and extra charges. 

5- Spend money on your behalf. 

6- Free and immediate reloads.

7- No need to carry or bring physical plastics. 


JazzCash mobile account  now comes with visa debit card:

On July 20th, 2017 Jazz company had launched a Visa debit card for the ease of its users or mobile account customers. JazzCash Visa debit card links to customers mobile account for the convenience of JazzCash mobile account customers by enabling to purchase more than 49,000 merchants across our country Pakistan, that accepts visa card. 

JazzCash mobile accounts are gaining popularity in Pakistan. 


Final verdict:

You are always at risk when you are working online. This is the most common disadvantage of the internet. The Ride-hailing service is ‘careem’ in Pakistan. About 14 million people are affected by a cyber attack on careem. The careem company warned their customers that their personal data is at risk and you may be compromised by a cyber attack. Even details of credit cards were leaked to many customers. They face such a difficult situation in the form of leaked details. 

The internet has many types of dangers including scam virtual debit card sites. These sites are famous in terms of fraud. Those people who run these sites are involved in different types of fraud. 



The entire article is based on types of debit cards. You learned how can we get these debit cards by banking processes and their facilities. Pakistan companies allowed lots of ways to get the facilities of debit cards just for the ease of their customers. But here we have to be very conscious while online working. I discussed the disadvantages of cyber attacks and it’s consequences on their customers. There are many ways to get the right information but I tried my level best to share this basic knowledge with you. 

I hope you have learned the rules of getting debit cards. If you like this, then must share this article with your colleagues. Thank you very much for visiting our site.

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