How to use, earn and withdraw money from Snack video app in Pakistan 2023


We can earn money from Snack video app by different ways which are very easy and genuine earning source of income, but to tell about how you can earn money from Snack video we will tell you what snack video is, how we can use it and in which ways we can earn money.

In this article, we will tell you what Snack video, its uses and how you can earn money from it. 

Snack Video= Snack video is an app which work like a Tiktok but the difference is to earn money.  By using Snack video app you can earn money but this function is not available on Tiktok videos. On Snack video app videos are made by using background music, film dialogue or any drama scenes. On snack video you can upload short video, watch and downloads. You can earn money from Snack video by different ways which we will discuss in this article with detail.

Now we will tell you

  1. History of Snack video app
  2. How to download and use Snack video app
  3. How to make an account on Snack video app
  4. How to use Hash tag to make video viral on Snack video 
  5. How to make and earn money from snack video
  6. How to withdraw money from snack video app
  7. Apply for Fix Salary On Snack Video App
  8. How apply for Fix Salary from snack video app Official Registration Form
  9. How To Create Snack Family and Earn Money
  10. Conclusion

Now we will discuss the detail of all these points 

History f Snack video app

Snack video app was launched in 2020, but it was famous and working in 2021 in Pakistan basically after the block of Tiktok videos in Pakistan.  This app was made by china country which related to Kwai app. Kwai app was also made by China Company. 

But the private policy of Snack video in Google play store was registered with the name of Joyo technology private limited company. This company was registered in Singapore.  

Snack video was used in many countries but it was blocked in India.

How to download and Use Snack video app

To use Snack video app you need to download it. To download Snack video app follows the steps given below

  • Go to Google chrome,
  • Search Snack video app 
  • Here you see an option of installed snack video app
  • Then click on installed Snack video app
  • After some seconds snack video app will be downloading in your phone.

Now you can watch video but to upload any video on snack app you need to make their own account on snack video which method is given below.

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How to make an account on Snack video app

After downloading snack video app from Google play store you can easily make an account on snack video app. You can make their account on snack video by different ways in which two methods are common and easy which are

1. Log in through Facebook 

2. Log in through Google account.

Through Facebook-To log in through Facebook you need to enter your Facebook Email ID and password

Through Google account-, To log in through Google account you need to just click on Google account. After that your Google account which was uses in your phone will be automatically logged in.

So which method you think easy and suitable you can adopt it.


To upload any video or to earn coins by watching videos, you need to first log in snack video app.


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How to Bind Code

Here we will tell you that how you can bind code successfully. To bind code, follow the steps given below

  • First, you login in Snack video app. (which process given above)
  • After that you will see an option of “Input the invitation code”.
  • Here you need to copy paste the code of such person from which link you
  • join snack video app. to attach code, must copy paste it not type it.
  • Otherwise, it will be wrong.
  • In this way, you will “bind code”.
  • If you don’t bind video then you cannot earn money from watching videos.

Link : The invitation code is 741 162 014.Copy the whole text to the clipboard.2. Tap the link below to open/install Snack. (recommend way)

How to use Hash tag to make video viral on Snack video 

If you want to make their video viral you need to put Hash tag which method is given here.

 When you make a snack video and want to upload it, you will see an option to put Hash tag then you should must put viral Hash tag before uploading their viral video. 

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How to make and earn money from Snack video

The most important think about snack video app that how to make money from snack video, which has many methods which all are given below

1. Sign up reward

2. Daily reward

3. For new users

4. Invite friends 

5. Earn money from sponsorship

6. By product selling

7. From competitors

8.How to Bind Code

9.How to earn money by Invite friends

How you can use these methods, the detail was given below

1.Sign up reward

When you download snack video app you need to sign up it for watch videos, upload, like and comment videos. When you sign up in snack video app, you will receive 200 coins immediately which will be added to your violet account.

2.Daily Reward

The second method to earn money from snack video app is daily reward which means to check their snack video on daily bases and earn money. Daily reward list was given below

  • Day 1=+200 coin
  • Day 2= +400
  • Day 3= +800
  • Day 4= +200
  • Day 5= +400
  • Day 6= +200
  • Day 7=+1599
  • Day 14= +2399
  • Day 21=+2999
  • Day 30=+3999

3.For new user

The next method to earn money through snack video app is new users which has two ways

To like any two videos or to follow any two account you will receive 100 coins on daily bases.

4.Invite friends

The easiest method of earning money from snack video is to invite their friends on Snack video.

There was a referral link which given on the setting of snack video, you need to send this link and code to their friends to join snack video. When your friends register their account from your referral link and code you will be earn money from 140 to 200 Rs on each referral.

The list to earn money on joining friends given below

  • For one friend joining you will get= 190 PKR
  • For three friends= 570 PKR    
  • For four friends= 760 Pkr
  • For six friends= 1140 Pkr
  • For seven friends= 1330 Pkr 
  • For nine friends=1710 Pkr



  • If you want to join us follow the referral link and code given below, you will get 350,000 coins
  • Snack video referral link= 
  • The invitation code is [439 982 208].
  • Copy the whole text to the clipboard.
  • 2. Tap the link below to open/install Snack. (recommend way)
  • Download Application/button
  • Snack video referral code = 439 982 208
  • To earn money your friend must use both things referral link and referral code. If they don’t use referral code you will not receive referral payment.

Important Note: If you bind our referral code 439 982 208 then you will get up to 500 Rs and further coins for watching videos

If you don’t bind code you will don’t get any single rupees for watch videos

5.How to earn money by Invite friends

  • When you invite there any friend and your friend will join Snack video app from your Link and bind code,
  • then you receive 40 Rupees at same day. When your referral friend.
  • watches the videos for another two days, 15 minutes per day.
  • Then you will receive 37.5 PRS.
  • When your friends keep watching videos at continually someday.
  • Then you will receive 112 .5 Pakistani Rupees. If your referral
  • friend follows these three steps then you will receive 190 Pakistani rupees per friend.

6.Share Activity with friends

On Snack video app, here is one option to share activity with your friends.

In this way, you can also earn money by following the steps given below.

  • First you open their Snack video app and go setting by click the symbol of Coin Icon, which will be showing on your screen.
  • Now here see the option share activity with your friends and option of share.
  • Click on this option and share their link.

In this way you can earn 1000 coins on daily bases.


7.Earn money from sponsorship

Now a days, many big companies and institutions are using advertisement methods to advertise their products, applications, websites and many other things.

Then you make a video on the request of any company for advertisement their product, you will receive money in exchange. You can earn a lot of money through this method.

8.Product selling

If you have good follower, then you can sale their products online by using snack video. A lot of population earns money by selling their products T-shirts, bracelet, phones and many other products through snack video app.

9.From competitors

The last method to earn money on snack video is their contest competitions. On snack video there will be held a video contest, any person can participate in this contest and can get many prize which starts from T-shirts to I. Phone. 

How to redeem coins

When you doing any activity given above you earn coins at the same time not rupees. But these coins will be converting in rupees before 8 a.m. In this way, you earned all coins will be redeemed in rupees.

How to with draw money from snack video

To withdraw money from snack video follow the steps given below

  1. Go to profile setting by clicking option given on right corner below
  2. Now click on top right corner icon and go to their snack video app setting
  3. Now you will see phone number option
  4. Here enter your jazz cash or easy paisa account.
  5. After that you will receive a verification account on your number
  6. Then put this code in required space and your number will be registered.
  7. Now click on coins option 
  8. Here you will see their coins and amount in PKR.
  9. Now click on withdraw, then a new page will be open.
  10. Now you will take withdraw amount RS 25 -1200 not more.
  11. You can take withdraw just one time in a day.
  • You have show Coin icon on your screen just click on this.


  • After click on withdrawa option  
  • Now you have show your wallet you can withdarw your money.

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Another Way Fix Salary Snack Video Official Registration

The Snack Video app has launched a registration form link. According to Snack Video Executives, all pro-social media users who have 1000+ followers on any social media app can add their identity (account) link to the Snack Video app form and receive a payment.

Snack Video Pakistan is now hiring YouTube freelancers and creators, has become a government creator and enjoys all the benefits with a regular monthly payment. If any YouTube channel has more than 1000 followers, sign up now!

PS: As a reference, for more benefits, contact us at more YouTube creators, please see the latest policy with your agency. 

Submitting the Snack Video Official Registration Form at one time will guide the user to become a permanent “Snack Video Official Creator” for free. This will give the consumer a fixed monthly income in dollars. The monthly income of the snack video official creator will start from $350 to $1000 monthly. This revenue will vary according to the user’s followers and daily viewing activity. All users who have 1000 followers on any social media app can participate in this form. Before you fill out the form, please create your 10 videos via the Snack Video app and upload them to your social media account to connect the two apps.

How apply for Fix Salary from snack video app Official Registration Form

Here are 8 steps you need to take to begin the process of preparation for free Snack Video. This expert suggests that you enter the correct advice and link so that your account can be synced to the official database server.
  • First of all open any internet browser after Click on apply for fix salary on snack video app.


  • After open New Page official Form  Now you Enter your Real Name .
  • Second Step Enter your SnackVideo ID Open your Snack video app and copy or manually enter your snack id number. Please enter input with the correct information other wise you lose your earning.
  • After Enter your useable Contact gmail id.
  • Now You will need to enter your correct “WhatsApp number” as the authorities may need to contact the user once for identification.
  • The next step is to “copy and paste” your Youtube account (Enter link to the next tab on the YouTube, online snack video official registration form).
  • Next tab you select one option for Registration must have at least 1000 followers.
  • After Select your YouTube Channel Category like tech, comedy education etc.
  • Last Step Enter your Referrer Name(if any) and Referrer Snack Video ID
  • Now Click on Submit button successfully A snack video is official after you fill this form. When you make a video on the snack app, you’ll automatically increase your viewing time and increase your content quickly. 
Second Form for if have any social media Tiktok, Likee, Instagram, YouTube & Facebook page1000 follower then you apply through link in below.
  • Check once before filling in all the details
  • Has more than a thousand followers and faces videos on the app. Please fill out the form.
  • Please check your link once before submitting.
  • Once submitted, it cannot be changed again.

Last Way How To Create Snack Family and Earn Money

First of open your Snack Video Profile Check Show your Create Family Option or not any way not show then we are share with you simple method to create Snack Family just follow steps.
  • In case do not show create family option then you click on settings icon.
  • Now you have show many option you just select help center click on it.
  • Now you click on other Questions.
  • Now again open new page you have show how to create my family option just click on it.
Now you click on unsolved option.
  • after click on feedback/turn to custom option
  • Now to type “I have lot of Audience i want to create my own snack family kindly give me create family option”  after click on plus icon and upload your profile screen shot and enter your email address then click on submit button.
  • Now After Few 2 or 3 hours Snack Give you Family Create Option on your Profile.


In this article, we give you complete detail that what is snack video, how you can use it, different methods to earn money from snack video and how you can withdraw money from snack video app. We give very different and unique methods for earning and taking withdraw money from snack video app. Hope so, this article, will be very beneficial and enjoying for you.

Please share this information with your family, friends and their loved ones through Facebook, Whattsapp, twitter and Instagram so that they can enjoyed and get benefit from this information.  For any query or you need any extra guidance please visit our website, leave a comment in comment box or you can contact us on our Email address given below.

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