How to delete your Poshmark account?

Introduction to Poshmark:

When the word Poshmark comes to your mind what pops first? So in this article, we will discuss what is Poshmark and most importantly how to delete its account on mobile and laptop. So first what is Poshmark 

“Poshmark is an online market business app where users of different countries and states like the Us, Uk, and India, and many other countries can purchase and sell the latest and fashion clothes, shoes, jewelry, and many other accessories. You can also sell and purchase different kinds of gifts. This is originally an American company. This has a headquarters in Redwood City, California.”

it is an e.commerce industry site. This means it is an e.commerce market site. In short wording, it is an online business and earning place. with a lot of varieties, it is one of the best-selling and purchasing online sites.

Poshmark owns thousands of sellers and dozens of categories. Depending upon your choice it provides many fashion items relating to clothing. It was launched in 2011in Redwood City California, USA. After the site launched to until now many of the updates have been added to the Poshmark. With time, many new features were added to the app and site. The founder of this app is mentioned below.

  • -Mr.Manish Chandra from India
  • -Mrs.Tracy Sun
  • -Mr.Gautam Golwala from India
  • -Mr.Chetan Pungaliya

If you are facing problems relating to the Poshmark account or any other issue you are facing during its use. It could be fixed. And if you want to “delete the Poshmark account”

Due to any reason either privacy reason or because of any personal reason you can delete the account by following these steps.

Before you delete your account you have to keep in your mind that you must first exchange all the points in your account in money or other words you should exchange all the outstanding sale balance from your account in case if you sold any of the products from your closet recently. Posh mark doesn’t operate on deletion if you have any pending amount on your account, so first, finish all these tasks to avoid any loss. This process of deletion is similar or alike for both mobile and laptop or computer. So if you want to delete your account on Poshmark there are few steps to follow. There is a list of steps to follow to vanish accounts.

How to Delete Poshmark Account Guide You Step by Step

There are two types to delete the account 

1.First is to delete it from the app on your mobile and laptop

2. Seconds is to delete this account fully from the website 

So these are two deletion types both are going to explain in the following paragraphs

At first, you have to delete it from your app.

1.Go to your account tab: on the account setting.

3.Click on the manage account stalk.

4.Select delete my account:

These were few steps now I am going to discuss them in detail.

1.Go to your account tab:

In this step first, you have to log in to the Poshmark account on the computer or mobile I proceed with the deletion. After you open the account first go to the “account tab” directly without any further delay. It appears as a circle or box on the top right corner of the font or initials after you click on this icon a menu dropdown. A menu appears on this after that.

2.Click on the account setting:

After that, you have to select or click on the account settings which are present on the down drop menu. This icon named account settings is present on the bottom or at the last of the menu appears like a horizontal box. once you do you would have another down drop menu on the vertical position this menu will be present on the left side of the page. This will appear on your profile so select every menu carefully.

3.Click on the Manage account status:

Now in this step, you should double-check all the settings or instructions and also check that you don’t have any pending redeem money in your account or pending sale or purchase so then delete all the instructions. You have it on your account. There will be a lot of accounts details on the menu named account setting. in this menu, you will have a logo named “Manage your account ” on the left side of the window. Now at the last just click on that menu. “delete my account”:

After you recheck your account and all the details on it then go and deletes your account. Then after that Poshmark will warn and inform you that all your permanent and temporary data will be permanently deleted.

And then you click it you will have a message from Poshmark on a side window. This message tells you to confirm that change in your account.

Then you have a message on your email id with a code used only for one time. It is different from the two-step verification code. Make sure you should type the exact code on the place or copy-paste it exactly. Then at last click verify to make it end and sure.

5.Give an authentic reason to delete the account:

After you click the delete account you will get a pop-up message from Poshmark in which it asks you to tell the reason to leave the account.

It reminds you about all the happenings to account as you will lose all approach to your account, you can’t get any redemption. Like. Many other details will appear.

Now at the last, you will get a list of reasons in the menu to leave this account. Click on the have count menu delete. There will be 3 reasons mentioned to delete the account

– lost someone recently: we are there let us guide you.

-recovering from a loss: learn you need to know

-Planning; remaining calm and change something

These are the few instructions and reasons given by the app. so if you want to delete this app and delete your account you have to follow the given instructions. This is an app to buy and sell products relating to clothing. with a lot of fashion and varieties, you can get whatever you want and on another hand, those who want to earn and make business you can also work there with your account and if you are not satisfied with account and app you can easily delete this about without any difficulty but keep in mind you should finish all your pending tasks and works relating to sale and purchase also keep in mind to redeem all the balance in your account because it will not work after account will delete. So follow the instructions given in the article and delete your account.

2.How to delete deceased love’s one’s Poshmark account from your device:

Now at the final step, you have to delete your account permanently from the website for this you should close the loved’s one’s debit and credit account.  You should inform companies to close their bank accounts because your account is dead. this is all to avoid any fraud and scams like someone is using your account and payment automatically transferred to your account. So take care of this so your client’s account should be suspended to avoid any drama.

You should make several copies  certificate of the death of your account to inform your client

There are two steps to do to delete your client account to avoid any disturbance in this regard:

1.Try to log  into your clients’ account:

2:Talk to Poshmark’s customer services representative:

There are a few steps to follow to do this we are going to explain both of them.

1.Try to log in to your client’s account:

 You can log in to the count and then then you can cancel all the orders of sales. After that, you all follow the instruction mentioned above you can delete this account by mentioned steps. Before logging in to the account of the client you should contact a regional attorney if you have any questions relating to invading an account n any website.

2.Contact Poshmark customer services represented;

You have only one option to contact the attorney just fill the form and then you have any questions just fill it in the form. To submit the question you don’t need any kind of account they will provide you with the options on the dow drop menu. As well as it has an option to attach a file in pdf and file or photo whatever you want. They do. It provides any type of cell or contact number to bit questions and other purposes. So this forming method is the only way to solve problems relating to these questions.

There are also frequently asked questions on this form after you delete your account as mentioned below 

1:what will be the result if I delete my account as a seller?

2.what will be the result if I delete it as a buyer?

3:How much time require it to delete your Poshmark account from the app?


So if I conclude this topic in few words then this would not be wrong to say this was a helping topic for those who are using Poshmark and doing business on this website and those who want to leave or delete an account. In this topic, I mentioned 4to 5 steps of the method to delete the account by app and by the webpage, and at last, I also guide what to do after you finally delete your account on the webpage or app. Just follow those steps and you will find your destination ultimately. This is an e-commerce company launched in California America. If people face problems in running accounts on the Poshmark website then you will find help from this article. Thank you.

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