How to check online assets Complete Details in Pakistan

In today’s article, we will talk about how to locate your assets in Pakistan online.

To help us with this, NADRA and the Federal Board of Revenue have released information on their website.

In simple words, an asset is anything that has some economic value and is owned by an individual or corporation. Assets are added to the business proportion sheet which increases the company value or firm strategies. Possession can be believed of as something that, in the future, can develop cash cycle, decrease payments, or boost sales, however, whether it’s a manufacturing device or an invention. An investment or your asset indicates a financial reserve for a corporation or indicates access that different people or companies don’t t have. An exact or other entry is fairly enforceable, which means that it is an economic reserve that can be employed at an organization’s restraint, and their practice can be prevented or restricted by a proprietor. For an investment to be existing, a firm must retain the liberty to it as of the date of the financial statements. An economic resource is something that is scarce and can produce economic benefit by generating cash inflows or decreasing cash outflows.

*There are some current assets or belongings of a person that can be easily converted into cash or payment in one complete period of the financial reserve. These assets are more beneficial for anyone who want to expense these assets in a daily cycle. 

*And fixed assets are long-term contracts and are not based on current assets these can be tangible which means that include estate agriculture and equipment those having high cost. And other intangible assets which are fixed also include a long-term asset which maybe your firm or business brand names your business licensing papers and other copyright.

There exist some operational and non-operational assets which may be classified as In operational assets include daily required business-related equipment and cash flows in your business. And buildings inventory is also under the influence of operational assets. Because these things are in daily use and can generate revenue on their uses on daily basis. 

 While on the other hand non-operational assets are not used in daily business routines but they can also generate revenue this can be empty land and investment in some businesses. and interest income from fixed payment deposits in your bank accounts also under the influence of non-operational assets.

Classification of assets has great significance because it helps corporations and organizations in estimating their asset’s importance either they are current asset fixed asset operational and non-operational. After all, by this estimation, they can utilize their assets in harmful situations for their business.



Government Services ;

The government provides many services to the public for their assets online record. The Federal board of revenue and national database and registration authority give information about your assets. First, we discussed how the federal board of revenue provides its online services.


Federal Board Revenue(FBR);

It is previously known as a central board of revenue which is operated for the decline in ratio of tax crimes and unlawfully money trading in-country and money laundering is also inspected by the federal inspectors of the revenue board. This federal board also has a prime role in tax collection from all over the country including individual and business owners, and from different organizations. In FBR online services include a large list of services provided by them such as 

IRIS is an online page of the federal board of revenue where you can see your all details regarding this department. if you want to know about your details on fbr first you will log in to your account on fbr the process is simple you just send your national identity number from your registered mobile number to 9966 then they will send a personal code on your number. You put this code on your login box then it will show your complete details and activities regarding your business and tax payments either you are a filer or non-filer. And all details about your assets are also available on this site. Before knowing the details about your assets one should be aware of the income tax basics and its return.

Taxable Income indicates Total Income deducted by subsidies allowing straight for deductions and specific deductible incomes. The entire amount is the total of Income payable to Tax under each general of payment.

In the ordnance of income tax of 2001

all income earnings are distributed into the following heads of income or revenue,


  1. Income from salary;
  2. Earnings from the estate or property;
  3. Revenue from a corporation;
  4. Money profits; and
  5. Revenue from Other means

How to Check Your Asset Details through FBR Portals & NADRA 

  • A person is accessible for a Tax Year if the individuals fall into these categories 
  • It existing in Pakistan for a duration or periods of the total to, one hundred and about eighty-three days or further in the surcharge year and also has been present in Pakistan for one complete year or more than one year.
  • Either this is an employee of the federal or provincial government and appointed abroad in the duty year.
  • An Association of  Individuals is existing for a Tax Year if the supervision and administration of its conspiracies are arranged totally or partially in Pakistan at any period in that year.
  • If we discuss a tax year duration for individuals and companies that are operated in Pakistan. It is denoted as a tax year started from like 1st July 2018 and ending on 30 June 2019. So this is the whole tax year according to the calendar existing for twelve months. And the next financial tax year starts 1st July 2019 and ends on 30 June 2020. So these are the normal days of a financial tax year.
  • Special Tax Year is described as a normal tax year according to the calendar of twelve months as the period from January 1st, 2019 to December 31, 2019, is undergoing a special tax year.



National database and registration authority also provide information regarding your assets in Pakistan and also give us Worldwide recognition. Other than these services nadra also provides a wide range of services in Pakistan. In The major purposes of nadra issuing of National identity card is very important.

A national identity card is the recognition of Pakistani citizens which is issued by the national database and registration authority under the governance of the Federal Government of is a technology-based program that does not doubt its certification and validation. This will give a 13digit unique identification number. With this card, you are allowed to work internationally in the world. If you want to register yourself for further programs you must require this identification number because this is the basic thing that requires in every field. Even it is compulsory for individuals who want to get their license, national tax number, and even for a bank account. If you don’t have a National identity number so you are facilitated by any bank or organization those are operated on a legal basis. It issues identity cards above the age of 18 plus citizens. Then this will be eligible for passport bank accounts and other official purposes. 

Nadra gives identity to the overseas Pakistanis based on their passport number and offers them a national identity card for overseas Pakistanis. It helps those who have dual nationality because they can freely travel into Pakistan without a visa. Like those babies who are born abroad but have dual nationality so they can get a national identity card for overseas Pakistanis.

Now you can easily apply for a national identity card for overseas Pakistanis by following these steps 

First, you just go to the nearest national database and registration authority center and they issued a token to the applicant and take his photographs and fingerprints in their official record. Then your signature and personal information and details will also be taken after this they issued a detailed form to you. Then you approved this form information by any gazetted officer. Then you will be handed over a printed version of your form. And after submitting of form your further details will be processed and a card will be issued within a selected period.

And nadra also issued a juvenile card for children under the age of 18. They will allow a National identity card for their recognition and registration certificate. The child’s parents or any guardian holding blood relation is applicable for this registration authority, you just need to go to the National registration center.

Nadra also gives you a national family registration certificate. This will gives you family support. A family registration certificate helps you in the embassy mostly but not for any other legal requirements where only your identity card is allowed. This will be allowed based on three categories first in my birth certificate which will cover your details with your parents and brothers and sisters. And on marriage base certificate it will issue a certificate for family details including your children and your life partner. And if a child is adopted by parents its details certificate will also be allowed by the national database and registration authority. 


Check Your Assets Online:

If you are watching for a service that helps you in checking online assets and your tax details on your profile then you just found the solution in this article.

This initiative was taken by the federal government of Pakistan under these above-mentioned departments.

And now this process has become so easy and applicable as compared to other preceding methods.

Two outlets are available for the public where they can check their online assets

with their complete profile ;


•Federal Board of revenue tax profiling System.

•Federal board of revenue Enquiry System:


Further details and information about these online websites must obey the following instructions;

The purpose of introducing this portal is to establish a well-designed online tax-paying system. Although by this site an individual can easily access their online profile for paying tax duty on their assets under his ownership. And he can validate his property and all other operating assets in this case. 

The profile is updated by the Government of Pakistan. They created profiles by collecting data from different references and expenditures of someone. The federal board of revenue expected that it would affect non-filer people that they would also become part of this tax filer system after watching the filers’ profile.

This enormous system provides you with a great format so you can check your assets online from anywhere in the world without any restriction.

Before checking your online assets must follow this eligible regulation;


  • Age must be above 18years
  • He must be a Pakistani citizen with a valid National Identity Card or with a National identity card of overseas Pakistanis.
  • And also an important thing is Pakistan telecommunication-approved mobile number for those who live in Pakistan.
  • And he must have an email address if he is overseas Pakistani.
  • And pay the Nadra e salat payment of 500 with debit or credit card.



Use of FBR Online Portal;

For checking their assets online through the federal board of revenue tax profiling system visit their website.


  • Put Your identity number in an empty bar with your national identity card number.
  • Then enter your online generated assurance code and submit the file. 
  • Application payment is delivered by your credit or debit or credit card or travel to your closest Sahulat franchise.
  • After finalizing this step your updated profile will reveal on your web.
  • These steps are all about checking online assets on government official web portals. like a federal board of revenue and nadra provide these services. So we discussed these portals in detail. But if you are facing any problem regarding you can resolve this problem easily.


Problem with Online Portal;

If you face any problem or difficulty in proceeding with your online assets through the federal board of revenue site, you can call the fbr complaint management to consider these steps in your mind, 


  • Connect on their contact information and mentioned it at the top of their web portal.
  • Put your name 
  • Enter your national identity card number.
  • Choose the sector about which you complain and enter your approved mobile number and give them feedback.
  • type your complaint in the compartment they mention for objection. then enter the specific code they send at your registered mobile number.




In this article, we discussed in detail all aspects and online services given by the federal board of revenue and national database and registration authority of Pakistan. Services by fbr include online checking of income tax returns and someone’s tax-paying profile. Fbr has a total record of all individuals with their assets found in Pakistan. And we also discussed assets classification in detail because it helps individuals and firms for estimating their operating assets in any harmful circumstances. There is a vast range of assets like fixed assets, operating assets, and non-operating assets. Fbr delivers all kinds of information regarding land tax income tax and all other kinds of taxes applied in Pakistan. Fbr also gives proposals to overseas Pakistanis regarding their online assets profile and tax-paying system. The Federal Board of revenue also gives services to different corporations organizations and business firms because they need a complete list of their assets just with one click. So fbr gives us this service broadly because we can easily log in to our profile by just sending our national identity number to a specific code issued by government officials. Then they send an entering code for login to our profile. Where we can watch our complete details regarding our assets and tax-paying record.

And nadra is also working based on the complete profile of individuals concerning their families.

Nadra also provides its services for those who live abroad. Like Nadra gives national identity cards for overseas Pakistanis. By which they can easily get their identity from Pakistan. If a child is born abroad with dual nationality can get their identity number from Pakistan based on their passport number.NADRA also provides protection and recognition for a child’s below 18years. Nadra issued them juvenile identity cards for their Pakistani recognition. Juveline cards give them for some official purposes because at that time they can not be facilitated by national identity cards.NADRA also offers a family registration card for concluding the complete family detail on this certificate. But you can not enjoy your International traveling and tours on its basis. Because this card is valid for particular purposes other than official working.

Now we cover the complete procedure of online assets checking, his age must be above 18years and must have a valid national identity card and Pakistan telecommunication authority approved mobile number. And their email addresses are also available for operating this web portal. And payment for nadra e Sahulat is only 500 Pakistani rupees which you can pay debit or credit card. And if the website is not working properly you have the option to the objection about their services at their web portal. And special thanks to those who are continuously connected with our channel and appreciating our effort regarding any problem.

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