Smart phone on installment from bank in Pakistan

Don’t understand how to buy a mobile phone on installment from bank or daraz. pk? Discover phase by phase process on exactly how to buy a mobile phone on installment from the bank or the PriceOye & daraz Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

We all desire to own up a brand new cellular phone in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan with the most recent specifications and characteristics. Though, with the escalating costs of cellular phones, to get that desire come implies crashing our deposits a slight bit extremely considerable.

That’s why purchasing cellular phones on installment from a bank or daraz is a terrific approach to benefit from owning the most recent mobile phone from a highest-ranked smartphone.

Mobile phone on installment from bank in pakistan

If you’re a scholar or a paid individual, this is the extremely appropriate technique to buy a mobile phone on installment from bank or PriceOye & daraz, nevertheless, maximum individuals habitually back out owing to the extraordinary percentage (%) of mark up dues as well as interest charges that follow up with purchasing cell phones on installment from bank or daraz as in the elongated run, it finishes up costing extra.

PriceOye Easy Monthly Installment Plan:

PriceOye offers Easy Monthly Instalments with an easy interest-free payment plan to enable its customers to access and purchase the items they want and need while managing their finances during the turbulent economy. With multiple payment tenures and easy interest-free installments, it intends to help people spend responsibly without incurring interest or extended debt.

An easy Monthly Installment plan (EMI) is available for credit card holders. EMI plan applies for all products with a value of Rs. 10,000 or above. 

The process is very simple, all you have to do is go to PriceOye’s official website and purchase a product with your credit card. You can go to PriceOye’s Buy Now & Pay Later ( policy page to find out the terms and conditions proposed by the different banks. PriceOye charges a 2.5% service fee once on every installment plan. 

You can experience all the latest mobile phones with Easy Monthly Installment Plan without any down payment. Just select the easy monthly installment plan to purchase and you’ll have your mobile phone at your doorstep without paying all at once.

How to buy on Installments from

To buy mobile phones on Easy Monthly Installment Plan, follow these easy steps below.

  1. To buy from PriceOye on an (EMI) installment, first, choose your product and add it to your cart.
  2. The cart should only contain one product worth at least Rs. 10,000/-.
  3. Click Check Out, Proceed to Payment, and then choose Installment as your payment method.
  4. Choose your bank, and the length of your EMI, and enter your credit card information.
  5. A code will be sent to your registered phone number and email address. Enter the code and place your order.
  6. Please remember that your EMI plan may take up to 7 working days to activate. This is the time between placing your order and receiving your bill. Once your EMI plan has been processed, you will receive an SMS from your bank.

You can purchase any mobile phone or other gadgets on PriceOye with Buy Now & Pay Later Easy monthly Installments. Even the latest iPhones or Samsung mobile phones. The banks that offer Easy Monthly Installment on PriceOye are MCB, UBL, Bank Alfalah, Faysal Bank, and Silk Bank.

Step By Step guide on How to Buy Mobile Phone on Installment from Daraz?

To buy a cell phone on installment from Daraz Pakistan, follow the simple steps mentioned underneath:

  • Choose a cell phone with the minutest cost of Rs. 10000.
  • Choose “Installments” in the sales counter as your reimbursement process.
  • From the provided list, prefer bank.
  • Choose equated monthly installment (EMI) period.
  • Insert credit card particulars.
  • You will acquire a one-time password (OTP) via a short service message (SMS).
  • Insert one-time password (OTP) obtained.
  • Take on your request.

On daraz Pakistan, you can purchase all sorts of up-to-date cell phones on installment in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan with Daraz’s EMI (easy monthly installments) plans for Muslim commercial bank limited (MCB), Benchmark chartered, as well as Alfalah bank credit card receptacles.

Daraz Pakistan easy monthly installments (EMI) Plan characteristics:

Zero (0) Percent (%) Mark-Up; There are zero (0) mark-up charges as well as no unknown fees on Daraz Pakistan easy monthly installments (EMI) plans.

Instantaneous Endorsement; Simply insert your credit card particulars and your endorsement will be directed to you promptly.

Exclude Down Payment; Purchase and experience your cell phone instantaneously deprived of getting fuss regarding down payments.

You can decide to purchase any cell phone with an easy monthly installment (EMI) plan that is valued higher than Rs. 10000. All you want to accomplish is preside over the Daraz Pakistan android mobile application or its official website. All you intend to perform is to go along with those simple steps mention above to purchase your preferred mobile phone in monthly installments in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

It is straightforward and accessible. Just make sure you adhere to the conditions and terms as well as authorize a one-time activation managing charge from your bank, therefore you can adore purchasing now and reimbursing later on.

Various banks in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan offer EMI (easy monthly installment) plans, either you need Samsung phones on monthly installment or an iPhone, you can effortlessly gain it via learning further regarding what your bank proposes. Though, occasionally the down payment, as well as interest charges, are every so often elevated in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Various Banks offering mobile phones in monthly installments

  • Faysal Bank
  • Meezan Bank
  • Habib Bank Limited (HBL)
  • Bank Alfalah
  • Muslim Commercial Bank Limited (MCB)

Faysal Bank

Samsung Mobile phones zero (0) percent (%) installment plan

Make the keen preference in mobile phones with Credit Cards provided by Faysal Bank. Prefer your Samsung mobile phone and take it at home at zero (0) percent (%) installment plan for three (3) months.

Revel In the subsequent assistances on our Installment Plan:

  • Free of charge home delivery
  • Delivery within fifteen (15) operational or working days
  • Select from the wide of the mark array of contracts of three (3) to sixty (60) months
  • Zero(0) percent (%) mark upon installment plan of three (3) months
  • Reimburse a minimal amount of two (2) percent (%) a month on installment plans of six (6) to sixty (60) months.

How to revel in this proposal?

  • Call up Faysal bank customer care center at 111060606 to put an order for the article of your preference via our offered installment plan.
  • Revel in zero (0) percent (%) mark up via deciding for installment plan period of three (3) months. Additionally, select from installment plan periods of six (6) to sixty (60) months at a minimal level of two (2) percent (%) a month.
  • The designated cell phone will be distributed to your gate step without any charge.

Conditions and Terms

Faysal Bank will not be responsible for any reparations or damage agonized by the client occurring out of the acquisition, installation, usage, or else of the products or facilities underneath the installment plan for any abandonment, violation of legislative. Faysal bank will not be accountable in any manner for the product quality or service acquired underneath the installment plan. Any protest as to the product quality bought as well as services condensed over the installment plan intend to be mentioned to the dealer and will not disturb the client’s obligation to remain remunerative the installment plan once a month or further payment compulsions to Faysal bank.

  • The mobile phone will be distributed at the nominated address within fifteen (15) operational or working days.
  • The client’s CNIC (computerized national identity card) photocopy will be mandatory as ID proof during home delivery.
  • Item guarantee will be according to the Green Tech private Limited guarantee terms for the specific product.
  • Product delivery will be the focus on the accessibility of stock as well as prices are focus to transform deprived of any announcement.
  • This proposal is a focus on the Faysal bank credit card conditions & terms.
  • This proposal is lawful for a restricted period only.
  • Installment volume will seem as the portion of your least volume in successive bills.
  • Installment computations have been completed employing the straight-line technique.
  • For APR, please raise to the calendar of charges of credit cards provided by Faysal bank.

Meezan Bank

Numerous leading mobile phone presented by Meezan bank in monthly installments for twenty-four (24) months are enlisted in the table underneath:  

Cell PhoneMonthly Installments
Vivo Y20SRs. 1551
Huawei Honor 7XRs. 1551
Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 128 GBRs. 1509
Samsung Galaxy A80Rs. 5079
Samsung Galaxy Note 10Rs. 6899
Oppo RenoRs. 2756
Oppo A5sRs. 1511
Huawei Mate 20 ProRs. 5395
Samsung S9 Plus 128 GBRs. 6197
Apple iPhone 11 64 GBRs. 7450
Apple iPhone 11 256 GBRs. 8656
Apple iPhone 11 128 GBRs. 7855
Apple iPhone 11 Pro 64 GBRs. 9890
Apple iPhone 11 Pro 512 GBRs. 12697
Apple iPhone 11 Pro 256 GBRs. 11096
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 64 GBRs. 10694
Apple iPhone 6s PlusRs. 2399
Apple iPhone 7 32 GBRs. 2692
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 512 GBRs. 13496
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 256 GBRs. 11899
Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128 GBRs. 4564

Habib Bank Limited (HBL)

Habib Bank Limited (HBL) Installment Plan

Go informal on your budget and acquire a varied array of accessible products at zero (0) percent (%) mark up with easy monthly installments (EMI) plans of up to thirty-six (36) months.

Note The period of zero (0) percent (%) mark up for easy monthly installment (EMI) plans fluctuates from product to product.


  • Mobile phones
  • Televisions
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Air conditioners
  • Power products
  • Timeless precision
  • Digital world
  • Home appliances

How to Put an Order?

Call Habib Bank Limited (HBL) phone banking at 111111425 to put your order for the product of your preference on EMI (easy monthly installments) plans.

Installment Plans Computer

Alter your dealings of exceeding Rs. 10000 into EMI (easy monthly installments) of up to thirty-six (36) months with Habib Bank Limited (HBL) Installment Plan. Use the installment plan calculator accessible on their official website to compute your monthly installment volume and call Habib Bank Limited (HBL) phone banking at 111111425 to alter your dealings into monthly installments:

Stages to check cell phone EMI (easy monthly installment) plans

  • Visit HBL official website
  • Open home page
  • Select personal
  • Select cards
  • Select credit cards
  • Select Habib Bank Limited (HBL) installment plan
  • Select mobile phone

Bank Alfalah

Visit bank Alfalah’s official website for Step-by-Step Installment Plans.

Negation: Meanwhile the costs of products are amended daily, consequently for up-to-date values as well as installment plans call the bank Alfalah call center at 111225111.

Muslim Commercial Bank Limited (MCB)

Installment Plan Particulars For Samsung Mobiles

Buy Samsung mobile phones on monthly installments of up to eighteen (18) months at zero (0) percent (%) mark up and no administering charges

Prices are focus on the amendment and might fluctuate from presently recorded values

Select Samsung mobile phone from the list mentioned below and put your order via calling the Muslim Commercial Bank Limited (MCB) contact center at 111000622.

Message: Free of charge Samsung fit E-Habiliment band is only obtainable on an acquisition of Samsung Note 20 or Samsung Note 20 Ultra.

PRODUCT CODE: A01Inches: 5.7RAM/ROM: 2GB/16GBProduct Price: 177000% for 3 Months: 59000% for 6 Months:29500% for 12 Months:14750% for 18 Months: 983
PRODUCT CODE: A13Inches: 5.3RAM/ROM: 1GB/16GBProduct Price:139990% for 3 Months:46660% for 6 Months:23330% for 12 Months:11670% for 18 Months:778
PRODUCT CODE:A10 SInches: 6.2RAM/ROM:2GB/32GBProduct Price:199990% for 3 Months:66660% for 6 Months: 33330% for 12 Months: 16670% for 18 Months:1111
PRODUCT CODE: A11Inches: 6.4RAM/ROM: 2GB/32GBProduct Price:209990% for 3 Months:70000% for 6 Months:35000% for 12 Months:17500% for 18 Months:1167
PRODUCT CODE:A20 SInches: 6.5RAM/ROM:3GB/32GBProduct Price:305000% for 3 Months:101670% for 6 Months:50830% for 12 Months:25420% for 18 Months:1694
PRODUCT CODE:A21 SInches: 6.5 RAM/ROM:4GB/64GBProduct Price:335000% for 3 Months:111670% for 6 Months: 55830% for 12 Months:27920% for 18 Months:1861
PRODUCT CODE:A30 SInches: 6.4RAM/ROM:4GB/128GBProduct Price:389990% for 3 Months:130000% for 6 Months:65000% for 12 Months:32500% for 18 Months:2167
PRODUCT CODE: A31Inches: 6.4RAM/ROM: 4GB/128GBProduct Price:419990% for 3 Months: 140000% for 6 Months: 70000% for 12 Months:35000% for 18 Months:2333
PRODUCT CODE: A51Inches: 6.5RAM/ROM: 6GB/128GBProduct Price:539990% for 3 Months:180000% for 6 Months:90000% for 12 Months:45000% for 18 Months:3000
PRODUCT CODE: A51Inches:6.5RAM/ROM:8GB/128GBProduct Price:579990% for 3 Months:193330% for 6 Months:96670% for 12 Months:48330% for 18 Months:3222
PRODUCT CODE: S20Inches:6.2RAM/ROM:8GB/128GBProduct Price:1709990% for 3 Months:570000% for 6 Months:285000% for 12 Months:142500% for 18 Months:9500
PRODUCT CODE:S20 PLUSInches:6.7RAM/ROM:8GB/128GBProduct Price:1879990% for 3 Months:626660% for 6 Months:313330% for 12 Months:156670% for 18 Months:10444
PRODUCT CODE:S20 ULTRAInches:6.9 RAM/ROM:12GB/128GBProduct Price:2269990% for 3 Months:756660% for 6 Months:378330% for 12 Months:189170% for 18 Months:12611
PRODUCT CODE:Z FLIPInches:6.7RAM/ROM:8GB/256GBProduct Price:2599990% for 3 Months:866660% for 6 Months:433330% for 12 Months:216670% for 18 Months: 14444
PRODUCT CODE:FOLDInches:7.3RAM/ROM:12GB/512GBProduct Price:3399990% for 3 Months:733330% for 6 Months:566670% for 12 Months:283330% for 18 Months:18889
PRODUCT CODE:NOTE 20 ULTRAInches:6.9 RAM/ROM:8GB/256GBProduct Price:2199990% for 3 Months:733330% for 6 Months:366670% for 12 Months:183330% for 18 Months:12222
PRODUCT CODE:NOTE 20Inches:6.7RAM/ROM:8GB/256GBProduct Price:1799990% for 3 Months:600000% for 6 Months:300000% for 12 Months:150000% for 18 Months: 10000

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