How to buy cryptocurrency in Pakistan?

 How to buy cryptocurrency in Pakistan:

There are many people in Pakistan who have heard of cryptocurrency but do not know how to buy it. This article will be the perfect guide for those looking to purchase cryptocurrencies without having to go through a lengthy process. We will include all the important information you need, including where you can get crypto, how much it costs, and what exchanges are available in Pakistan. Some steps are very necessary or essential and you should follow them before to invest this cryptocurrency in Pakistan.



History of cryptocurrency in Pakistan:

Many people of the world attract toward cryptocurrency including the Pakistan community, especially Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in Pakistan.  Bitcoin increases up to 1318 % The Other digital currencies like Ethereum and litecoin increase up to 9,162% and 5,046%.

Initially, FBR started to make cases on these people, who are involved in the trading of these currencies. FBR simply said these works are simply illegal because a big part of this business is involved in money laundering. With the passage of time Bitcoin was priced at 200, 000 PKR. Later  State Bank of Pakistan was involved and announced that Pakistan citizens can work on cryptocurrency just because of the effort of the experts to bring the image of its to the peak. In Pakistan, some people can invest Bitcoin and can do business.


Buy cryptocurrency Like Bitcoin Etc in Pakistan:

Here we will teach you how to buy or invest in cryptocurrency and on the basis of this, you can start your work by following these rules.

1-  First of all download or install the Binance application or create your account by visiting the website.

2-  Here to make your account and then verify it. Verification is based on three basic types.

* Basic

* Intermediate

* Advanced

One by one we will tell you the significance of these three basic types of verification. Basically, the verification allows you to how to exclude your amount up to 5,000 USD.

In contrast, you can exclude up to 1,000,000 and alter P2P trading with the help of Advanced verification. Here we want to tell you that the verification procedure almost takes 1 hour to complete.

3-  When verification will complete then you can purchase anything after choosing for buying the Crypto p2p trading option.

Here make sure that initially, you have to purchase USDT by Tether after then you will be able to purchase cryptocurrency. This means without purchasing USDT by Tether, you cannot purchase cryptocurrency.

USDT Tether (these digital coins are purchased, basically it is stable currency).

4-  Enter your amount in PKR after then choose a trade, and instantly by the USDT.

Press on ‘Buy USDT’ and let it for processing. Here you cannot be able to get benefit from card, so for this, you have to send the cash or amount to Seller’s Bank account.


Binance’s escrow protects online trades. This means, each time a seller will post an ad. So cryptocurrency is always mentioned in ads and is protected by locked in sellers’ P2P wallets.

In case of fraud, you will be able to appeal to Binance customers support. This will release the cryptocurrency to you.

5- In this step, you can buy Bitcoin. Its value is equivalent to the current rate of exchange.

6- Press on ‘Buy BTC’ and let it verify. This will verify by adding Binance’s KYC. If you click to order then you have to transfer your fund to the seller’s bank account.

7- When the transfer procedure will complete, you have to post the proof of transfer by taking the help of chatbox. Automatically the seller will send the asset.


Facts to remember before cryptocurrency trading in Pakistan :

Before to initiate or start trading in cryptocurrency, you should consider few things:


Investment of Coins:

Choose a good project and invest it, instead of using ‘pump and dump’ coins as Dodge coins.



In Pakistan, cryptocurrency is not openly regulated. But it is not illegal.


FBR/Taxation concern:

Your earning will rebound automatically in your bank account. If this will exceed to peak level. Here you need to give an explanation to FBR at one point. So log in to save your all trades on the safe side.


Update with the Trends:

Make sure that just keeping up the news that is related to cryptocurrency all the time. Every day you have to up the DOGE coin at about 500% in a day along with some randomized tweets. Later you will buy $ 1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin.


What is cryptocurrency:

This is digital or you may call virtual currency which is secured by cryptography. Basically, this is blockchain technology and a wide distribution network.

This network is immuned by government interference. So central banks or authority does not control it. Those people attract this business who particularly wants to save taxes.


Types of cryptocurrency:

Different types of cryptocurrency are available around the world. One them the valuable type of cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. This is a digital currency. So all of these currencies have different significance and their specification.

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Peercoin
  • Ethereum
  • Cardano
  • Ripple

These are the most valuable and popular cryptocurrencies in the world.


Crypto terms you should learn:

Blockchain:- In this chain, the record in the form of digital transactions are stored in groups or blocks. So whenever you want to make a new block, we create a block with the help of the previous blocks extension. The database is the unit of this type because blockchains are built by the database.


Decentralized:- This term is valid because this currency does not control or backed by a central bank or any other institution.


Distributed ledger technology (DLT):

The record of cryptocurrencies is stored on multiple sites simultaneously. This means once you transect so it will store permanently. This type serves many meaningful sources.



This is the first and still is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world as well as in Pakistan.



The most valuable Altcoin are Dogecoin, Ethereum and litecoin, etc. These currencies are other than Bitcoin. These Altcoins have specific features.



A place or type of marketing where you can sell or buy your cryptocurrency in order to get benefits.



Some exchanges offer different digital wallets. Basically, this is a place where you can save your currency.


Is cryptocurrency save to invest:

High quality of safety is offered by key driver behind the cryptocurrency community. However, the rise and fall in the price of Bitcoin happen.

Some scammers are high alert with rising in the price of Bitcoin, but experts always advise caution regarding newbies.

A renowned or famous expert who runs Tiktok accounts and brings videos by YouTube to share information or awareness about cryptocurrency. This shows that to encourage the people regarding cryptocurrency.


The legality of cryptocurrency in Pakistan:

All digital currencies, in which the selling and purchasing Bitcoin, all this process lies in grey area. Initially, the State Bank of Pakistan banned all cryptocurrencies but later they lift the ban. In 2018 the State Bank of Pakistan announced to ban all cryptocurrencies for short period and now they understand the significance of all cryptocurrencies. Finally, the government allowed the trading of all these cryptocurrencies. Therefore it is legal.


Future of cryptocurrency:

In recent years, all cryptocurrencies show desired significant work. Among them, Bitcoin’s price has doubled in 2021 and Ethereum shows more than quadrupled in value this recent year. Ultimately people are now taking interest in this business just to become popular and get the benefit. High security, reliable and this legal platform show a bright future in Pakistan.



In Pakistan, many people trade bitcoin via cash. Moreover another platform is available in Pakistan is ‘Urdubit’. In real sense they are not trading Bitcoins. Another way for doing this business of Bitcoin is face to face. In which person gives local currency. When we talk about the sum of trading. The Bitcoin is still building up in Pakistan. I tried to discuss the relevant parts or things related to the trend of cryptocurrency in Pakistan. I hope all the queries of cryptocurrencies are answered in this article. If you have understood the idea of this article, then you can share it with your colleagues. So they will able to enjoy the best trading and will get the desired reward. Thanks a lot.

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