How to Open Blocked sites in Pakistan

Sometimes your favorite websites have been blocked. You are unable to open a blocked website. Read this article carefully. 

If you want to enjoy a movie on weekend and you want to watch a movie on the streaming website but unfortunately your streaming website is blocked then you need to open a blocked website. If you are living in China then you are unable to open blocked websites. When you try to open this website you will see an error message on the screen. 

You will never feel good when you are away from your favorite movie website. 

Why these websites are blocked in certain areas?

These websites are blocked due to the following reasons.

Government of Pakistan Censorship:

Some websites are blocked by government censorship. Because these websites can threaten their security. These websites can reveal government security secrets. 

There are a lot of examples of such blocked websites. 

  • In China Google is completely banned.
  • Many Wikipedia articles containing immortal content are blocked in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
  • In Iran, Syria, and China YouTis are completely banned.

Restrictions of organization: 

Different organization bans certain websites in certain countries. To open those blocked websites you need to connect VPN.

Rights of distribution:

In some countries, some websites are blocked because of content distribution. For example, you can access ClickBank outside Pakistan. Because Clickbank has no business agreement with Pakistan. 

Pakistan doesn’t allow Clickbank to start its services in Pakistan because of distribution rights. 

Some websites are complete and some websites are partially blocked in different countries. For example Amazon, Netflix and Spotify. You can access these websites by only changing IP addresses. 

How a VPN unblocks any blocked website?

how to open blocked sites in pakistan

VPN is also called proxy. VPN unblocked websites by following two methods. I explained both methods in simple and easy language.

By changing our location:

In this modern era of technology, everyone is familiar with IP addresses. When you are connected with the internet your browser has a unique IP address. This IP address is according to your current location. 

If your IP address will be blacklisted then you will be unable to open those blocked websites. By using VPN your location and IP address are changed. If you are using a VPN from Pakistan but your IP address will be showing in UK. It depends upon your choice of IP. Some people connect countries United States of America and Canada. VPN will not reveal your IP address and other information. 

By encrypting our data:

Sometimes VPN works by encrypting our data. This method is also working and they change our IP address by encrypting our data. 

How to open blocked websites by using a VPN (safer VPN)?

In safer VPN there are many options. You can connect up to 34 countries. By connecting with those countries you will be able to access the Internet. 

Let’s see how these safe VPN works properly. 

  • First of all, open the google play store on your android phone.
  • Then type the name of the safer VPN in the search option.
  • Download and install the safer VPN quickly.
  • It depends upon the device. You can download safer VPN on Windows, iOS, and Android devices.
  • Then connect your VPN according to county choice.

Different ways to open blocked websites:

By using a VPN:

There are different VPN android applications are available in the play store. Those applications change the IP address of our device. You can change your IP address according to your choice. 

Here is the top list of the best VPN. 

  • Turbo VPN
  • Hotspot Shield
  • Private Internet access
  • Proton VPN
  • Express VPN
  • Surfshark VPN
  • Tunnel Bear
  • Cyber Ghost VPN

By using proxy websites:

You can also access blocked websites without installing any software on your device. On the internet different websites are available. These websites are providing services of unblocking. You just need to open these proxy websites and paste the link of blocked websites. After this blocked websites will be opened.

By using extensions in the browser:

Sometimes we use different extensions in our browser for different tasks. Different browsers are allowing different extensions. You can add different extensions in chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. If you are using Mozilla Firefox then Stealthy is the best extension for unblocking. If you are using Google Chrome browser then Zen Mate is the best extension for unblocking websites. 

By using IP changing software:

On the internet different software are available. This software will change your IP address easily. You can open those blocked websites by changing the IP address of your device.

By using HTTPS method of unblocking websites:

This is one of the best and useful methods for unblocking websites. But this method doesn’t work for all blocked websites. This method is only applicable for Google, Facebook, and YouTube. 

Advantages of VPN:

  • You can easily hide your private data on your mobile phone.
  • You can prevent your data.
  • You can easily access blocked websites.

Disadvantages of VPN:

  • VPN is illegal in some countries.
  • It may lower the speed of the internet on our mobile phones.
  • It is very difficult to set a VPN.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question Number 1: Is this VPN are free of cost?

Answer: No, some VPN is free while some VPN are paid.

Question Number 2: Is this VPN protect our privacy?

Answer: Some VPNs protect our privacy but some can not protect our privacy policy.

Question Number 3: Is VPN is safe or not?

Answer: Some VPNs are safe for us but unpaid VPNs are not safe.

Question Number 4: Can we use paid VPN for free?

Answer: No, we can not use paid VPN for free. We need to pay a membership fee for this purpose.

Question Number 5: Can we purchase VPN membership in local Pakistani currency?

Answer: You can only purchase VPN in International currency from the international marketplace. But in Pakistan, some people are giving VPN membership in local currency.


In this whole article, I cover the whole topic in simple and easy language. If you feel any difficulty while understanding this informative article you can ask questions by commenting in the comment box and our team will answer your question.

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