How many languages in pakistan – Number of Languages spoken in Pakistan

There are several languages spoken in Pakistan but the most common languages which spoken in Pakistan are Punjabi, Urdu, and English. Punjabi is our mother language; Urdu is our national language and English is the international language. There are more 5 main languages in Pakistan Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto, Saraiki and Urdu, which have 10 million speakers of each language.
There are four provinces in Pakistan Punjab, Sindh, Khaybar pakhtun kha and Baluchistan. In all provinces different languages are spoken. In this article we will discuss all language which are spoken in Pakistan and we hope so this article will be very informative for you.

Types of Languages spoken in Pakistan

  1. English
  2. Urdu
  3. Punjabi
  4. Pashto
  5. Sindhi
  6. Balochi
The detail of all these languages are given below.

List Of Languages spoken in Pakistan



English is the second co-official language with Urdu which spoken in Pakistan. English is the international language which speaks all over the world. At the foundation of Pakistan Muslims want Urdu become international language and Indus want Hindi become international language but the English rulers make English as an international language. At the time some quantity of population knows how to speak English but now a day’s maximum population of Pakistan speak English even all high standard schools and colleges speaks English language in their institutions.
Furthermore, English language do an important role in the development of Pakistan that’s why English is must to learn in studies and give high importance all over the world.


Urdu speaks before the foundation of Pakistan. Urdu is our national language and is the second biggest language spokes in Pakistan about 33 million of Pakistani speaks Urdu. It is the official state language and also considered more civilized and cultured. Urdu speaks both terms formally and informally. Urdu language gets much importance in literature. Allama Iqbal also written many books in Urdu like bangy Dara, Baly Jibril and pigmy mashrik.
Pakistan national language Urdu mostly speaking in city areas, it more popular in Karachi and Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan. Today Urdu is also speaking in many countries of the World, which including Britain, the USA, Canada, Chine, the middle East and the India. In India many people speak Urdu more than a Pakistanis, even many Urdu written books are found in India.
Urdu speak in Muhajirs but they refuse to migrate in Pakistan after the separation of Pakistan and Hindustan in 1947.


Punjabi is our mother language. Punjabi is the most common language in all over the world and the widely spoken in Pakistan. About 44% population of Pakistan speaks in Punjabi. Punjabi is also using in India at large scale.
Punjabi is the 5th language which speak in many countries of the world like Canada, UK, US, New Zealand, Netherlands and many others countries too.  It speaks in many districts of Punjab like Gujranwala, Sialkot, Gujrat, Lahore, Sheikhupura.
In Pakistan there a one province with the name of Punjab and Punjab is the biggest province of Pakistan with in all other three provinces. In collages one subject Punjabi is also teach to students.


Pashto language is speaking in Khaybar Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan and more than 33 million of people speaks Pashto. In Afghanistan 99% population speaks Pashto and officially speaks. In Karachi most population speaks Pashto.
This language is also spoke in many countries like Iran, Tajikistan, United Arab Emirates and united Emirates.
The first book written in Pashto is Khair-Ul-Bayen 10, which was translated further in three languages Arabic, Persian and Hindi.


About 15% population of Pakistan speaks Sindhi. Sindhi language is speaking in Baluchistan. There is one province in Pakistan with the name of Sindh. This language is speaking in big cities like Karachi, Larkana, Sukkur, Jacobabad, Hyderabad, Nawab shah, and Sindh.
In Pakistan about 53.4 million people and in India 5.8 Million population speaks Sindhi. Sindhi language is much importance in literature.


About 5 million people of Pakistan speaks Balochi. Balochi dresses like mostly in Pakistan. There is also one province with the name of Baluchistan where Balochi language speaking commonly. Balochi language also uses in many countries like Afghanistan, Iran, India and in Baloch areas. Balochi language is generally divided into eastern, Western and Southern groups.
In this article we written different language which speaks in Pakistan, In all of these languages two language are mostly using Urdu and English which are national and international language. I hope so I give a complete information regarding languages speaking in Pakistan, Rather than you feel any problem related this article than visit our website more than you can contact us through our Email address given our website.
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