Every year government has set some criteria and packages for the people who applied for hajj.

This year continuing the same legacy the government of Pakistan has announced and explained all the details regarding the hajj packages. This hajj scheme 2023 has every detail regarding hajj. It includes how to submit the application form for Hajj and the whole process, dates of registration, eligibility criteria and requirements, schedules and packages, and final dram method of hajj results.

The Hajj is one of the most important Muslim pilgrimages. It is an annual pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia that all Muslims who are able to are supposed to make at least once in their lifetime. For the first time in history, the Pakistan Hajj draw results have been announced! This is a momentous occasion, as it will allow hundreds of Pakistani Muslims to perform the pilgrimage to Mecca. Congratulations to all those who have been chosen, and may Allah SWT bless you during your journey. Inshallah, we will all be able to perform Hajj together in 2023. Ameen!

The Hajj 2023 balloting results are now available online. The process of picking pilgrims for the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca has been completed, and those who were selected can now begin making arrangements. Check to see if your name was drawn!

Performing a Hajj is the desire of every Muslim. Every Muslim wants to pray Hajj. This noble prayer is compulsory for rich people. But everyone wants to see the house of Allah. Being a Muslim we must perform Hajj if we are rich and Allah does his blessings upon us. Everyone wants to see his name in the Hajj draw list.

Hajj 2023 scheme has ended the wait of every candidate who applied for the hajj for the year 2023. The balloting results have issued the final list of the hajj candidates. This year the whole process is converted to a computerized balloting method. This step is taken by the ministry of religious affairs and interfaith harmony. They have made this policy of 2023 hajj. According to them the 184 to 210 Pakistani will perform hajj this year.

Ballot Result (Hajj 2023) List 2023

announced the official results of the Hajj 2023 ballot.


As every year there is a specific quota for each country which decides that how many people will come to offer hajj.

This policy is entailed by the Government. The Pakistan government has recently announced that the Pakistan hajj quota has been increased to 179,210 plus 5000 new people. This policy is made by the Pakistani government and had said that this policy will be applied and implemented on all Government and private quota seats. All hajj organizations should follow this policy. The ratio these governments and private have to follow is 60:40. However, the additional 5000 which was announced by the Government would be handed over to newly formed and enrolled companies. The opportunity of free hajj will not be available this year.


The applications of the hajj submitted to the government are a lot but the government has issued the lists which have approved candidates for hajj 2023. This list includes people from different cities. The selected people from Lahore Peshawar, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Multan, and Rahim yar khan will pay about 436, 975, Pakistani rupees. This amount is fixed for these people belonging to these cities. While some people who belong to Karachi, Sukkur, and Quetta have to pay 426, 975 Pakistani rupees. The additional charges for Qurbani will be applied at the cost of about 19, 451 Pakistani rupees.


As the government announced the policy. The applications for hajj 2023 can be submitted by the candidates into the 14 banks announced by the Government. These banks include the National bank of Pakistan, United bank limited, Habib bank limited, MCB bank limited, Faysal bank, Bank al Habib, Bank of Punjab, Meezan Bank, Allied Bank, Bank Al-Falah, Zarai taraqaiti bank, Habib metro bank limit, askari bank, and Dubai Islamic bank. These banks will start receiving Hajj applications from February 25. And the deadline for the submission of applications is 6 March. While the government will do balloting in this month of 2023.


The government has made proper policies and rules. The government first gave rights to the people of 80 years and. The government has allocated about 10000 seats for these senior citizens. The government has allotted female helpers for the female pilgrims which will accompany these female pilgrims along with their mahram with whom they are performing hajj. However, the government has given only one helper to male pilgrims which will help and accompany them. However, the 10000 seats remaining will be for those people who are always unsuccessful in previously held ballots. This can include the people who have not received or become successful in the balloting process of the last 3 years. These 10000 seats are reserved for such persons.

The policy document includes all the services which will be provided to the pilgrims this year. It includes all the information regarding hajj services. Following are the services which the government has announced in the given packages for Hajj :

  • campaign and awareness programs will be provided which will be very comprehensive
  • The Zamzam water amount will be 5 liters given to each pilgrim
  • the project road to Makkah has new initiatives which will be carried out at Jinnah International Airport Karachi.
  • The government has now provided hujjaj with the advanced facility of visa known as E-Visa. This step is under process as the negotiations are being carried out with Saudi Government.
  • The hujjaj who belongs to Gilgit will be provided with the haji camp which will be temporary and will be provided with the bus services to transport hujjaj from Gilgit to Islamabad Airport.
  • The hujjaj of Balochistan will have the facility of having a direct flight from Quetta POD to Saudi Arabia.
  • The facility of biometric verification will be available for the hujjaj belonging to the following cities khaddar, Skardu, turbot, Chitral, and Muzafar abad.


I hope this article will help you in knowing about the full policy regarding the hajj 2023. This article contains all the information regarding the hajj policy of 2023 Pakistan. It will be easier for the people who wanted to apply this year. If you like this article then share this informative article related to Hajj with others. If anyone wants to get information related to Hajj then share this informative article with him. Readers can also ask a question in the comment box and we will solve your problem related to Hajj.

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