Gold price in Pakistan:

According to the international market and Pakistan sarafa market, the rate of 1 tola gold price 22 karat gold price is PKR per 10 grams. Gold is considered a safe investment nowadays as it is losing any value. The demand for gold in Pakistan is very high because gold is used in making Jewelry for women. Due to the cultural ties, its demand is now increasing in Pakistan. You can get cash instantly by selling the gold. But it depends upon the purity of gold. Gold is offered in a variety of forms as 24K, 22K, etc with the weight of either 10 grams or 1 Tola. The Jewelers present gold everywhere in various forms and interested women tend to buy or replace their jewelry on daily basis. When you want to replace gold or order new gold items then Jewelers also change the cost of gold on top rates as per quality as well as weight.

It has been seen that the middle east is considered as a primary market for importing gold. The gold rates also fluctuate on the basis of USD rates. This fluctuation happens on regular basis. When we talk about Pakistan’s safara market in different cities, this decides the gold rates and they can trade.

The gold rate in Pakistan is constantly fluctuating and it depends on the international market. The price of gold in Pakistan today is PKR 93,000 per 10 grams. If you are looking to buy some gold jewelry or coins, then this blog post will help you find out how much it costs. Every day new people come online to learn about rates of different items like gold rates in Pakistan. So I am writing this article for all those who want to know what the current price of Gold is in Pakistan.

Today Gold rates Pakistan Karachi:

Check here the latest prices updated, on the Finance updates website. The gold standard rates are gathered in London Bullion Market and sometimes by IMF as they have the authority to make and decide the gold lists.

Gold rates 24k & 22 k

GOLD Prices
Gold 24K per 10 GramsRs. 100,500
Gold 24K per TolaRs. 117,300
Gold 22K per 10 GramsRs. 92,124
Gold 22K per TolaRs. 107,525
Last Updated

Gold Rates 21K

21K Gold per Tola GoldRs. 109200
21K per 10 GramRs. 93625
21K per Gram GoldRs. 9363
Last Updated

Gold Rates 18k

18K Gold per Tola Gold Rs. 93600
18K Gold per 10 Gram Rs. 80250
18K Gold per Gram Gold Rs. 8025

Gold rates in Pakistan today 2023:

The 1 Tola gold price in Pakistan, 22kt gold rate today, and gold price in Pakistan 21 per tola. On the basis of this, you can estimate 24kt, 24 per tola, and 22kt gold prices today.

As it is mentioned earlier that the price of gold changes on daily basis. So take the help of this page and know about the latest prices of gold in Pakistan.

The Karachi is the main and essential hub of the gold market. The Karachi is leading the gold price, so every city follows the today’s gold rates Karachi safara market. Today the gold rates are the same in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta, Peshawar, and Multan.

Pakistan Other cities gold prices:

The Gold rates almost are the same in different cities. But for clarity we are providing the rates of gold of all major cities as mentioned below:

CitiesGold 24k per TolaGold 24k 10gGold 22k 10g
Gold price in KarachiPKR. 122,400PKR.104,900PKR.96,158
Gold price in LahorePKR.122,400PKR.104,900PKR.96,158
Gold price in IslamabadPKR.122,400PKR.104,900PKR.96,158
Gold price in RawalpindiPKR.122,400PKR.104,900PKR.96,158
Gold price in PeshawarPKR.122,400PKR.104,900PKR.96,158
Gold price in QuettaPKR.122,400PKR.104,900PKR.96,158
Gold price in MultanPKR.122,400PKR.104,900PKR.96,158

Gold rate in Pakistan 21k:

On 2023 the latest gold price in Pakistan is as per following: 10 grams gold and 1 tola is given as:

21-carat gold is also called as 21kt, 21k, 21ct, and 875 gold it is 88% of gold. 

Gold Rates21K Gold
Gold 21k per Tola PKR.107,061
Gold 21k per 10 GramPKR.91,790
Gold 21k per Gram GoldPKR.9,179
Gold 21k per OuncePKR.260,220

Difference between 24k, 22k, 21k, and 18k gold:

Purity of 24k gold:

Its purity is 100%. This means it’s all 24 parts in the gold are pure without the prevalence of any other tracers. On the basis of this, we can say it is 99.9 percent pure and contain distinct bright yellow color. 

Purity of 22k gold:

This kind of gold is commonly used in jewelry. It is 91.67 percent pure. The remaining 8.33 percent contain other metals as silver, nickel, zinc, and other alloys. The 22 parts of the jewelry amount to gold and the balance 2 parts are some other metals. 

Purity of 18k gold:

It comprises 75 percent gold and the remaining 25 percent includes other metals as copper and silver etc. For your information, the diamond and other studded jewelry are made of 18k gold. On the basis of its purity, this type of gold is less expensive as compared to 24k and 22k. It has a little dull gold color. 

Purity of 21k gold:

It is a pure form of gold. Its purity is about 88 percent. It is soft as well. It is specially used in jewelry items. 

How much is a tola?:

Its measurement varies from country to country. However, in Pakistan, the one tola is equal to 11.663 grams.

The unit of weight known as Tola is used in Pakistan. To be more precise, it is used in Muslim communities across the country. The tola has been classified into different sub-units based on their mass or weight. For instance, a 50 g or half tola coin will weigh 0.5 grams, while 100 g one will weigh exactly 1 gram. Tola is just like any other traditional weight system that uses units to measure mass and therefore its unit’s unit among others such as kilograms, pounds etc . However, it can also be used for commercial purposes given that people are aware of its value and it becomes part of an economic system! 

Gold in Pakistan:

It is widely used in Pakistan for several years. Gold rates are not fixed, instead, its price fluctuates on regular basis. 

Gold price factors:

Due to the certain factors, the gold price will impact Pakistan and other global markets due to certain factors:

1- On higher demand at the global level, ultimately the price of gold will also rise. 

2- When the supply is short from the market because the central bank reserves it then the price will automatically rise. 

3- The interest rate when rises then the gold rate will also be higher. 

4- Gold price also depends upon the rate of the dollar. So when the dollar is up then the price of gold will rise. 

The price of gold plummeted on Tuesday by Rs 18,00 in Pakistan. A tola of 24k gold is selling at Rs 121,600.

Within two days, the gold recorded a decline of Rs 2,600 per tola. According to the Sindh Sarafa market and Jewelers association, the rate of gold fell quickly in the international market by $42 per ounce.

In the domestic market, it reached a record high of Rs 132,000 per tola on October 26.

Gold rates in the local bullion market raised Rs 2,144 per 10 grams to reach Rs 106,396.

One day back, the precious business closed at Rs 121,600 per tola and Rs 104,252 per 10 grams. In the last three trading sessions, the rates of gold have plugged at about Rs 3,000, according to All Sindh Saraf and Jewelers association. However, these fluctuations in gold rates are not affecting the local demand for gold in society.


You have read the entire article on the gold business. There is a huge fluctuation in rates of gold but the demand is still as earlier. If you want to buy or replace the gold, then you should visit this page. Every type of gold-related information is available here. Must like our work by sharing it with your all family members. Thank you very much for visiting our article.

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