How To Get New Currency Note In Pakistan?

Fresh Cash is the latest currency note that we receive from State Bank of Pakistan on Eid days or any other day but it also has some simple process which we will describe here will be very useful and you Will help to get new currency. Fresh currency notes are mostly used in these days and in wedding ceremonies. Most of the fresh cash is only on Eid days because children like to take fresh notes in Eid. That on the days of Eid, children like new notes very much and are quick. 

They feel very happy and excited for Eid and especially for Eid and when they double in fresh notes.That’s why parents take fresh currency notes for their beloved children. Fresh cash is used in large quantities in wedding ceremonies, which is why the State Bank of India issues fresh and new currency notes to meet the needs of the people.

So in this article we will explain to you how you can get fresh cash or fresh currency from State Bank of Pakistan through SMS service or any other way during Eid days. We hope you enjoy this article. Will be very beautiful and beneficial because we will show you how to get new currency from State Bank of Pakistan so that you can use the new currency notes for Eid or wedding celebrations or any other event. It is important that you read all the details of this page carefully.

You will read all the details of this article carefully then you may know how you can get the notes. We will provide you SMS and all the ways in which you can Help will be provided. Because we need to take new notes we give notes to our children and the children of our dear relatives and friends on the day of Eid because it makes them happy so we have to choose these notes by the way So in Imran we also have old notes but kids don’t like these notes on the day of Eid so we have to choose these notes the best solution is that we love us State Bank of Pakistan when we love us So we have to register it within their privacy by which we receive these notes. So we need new notes for Eid or wedding celebrations or any other event so we then get all the procedure from the bank. We will share it with you below. You can read it all the details below.


SBP Fresh New Currency Notes Service launched

Pakistan has been the official currency of Pakistan since 1971. Coins and notes are issued and controlled through the Central Bank Johnny State Bank of Pakistan. After the suspension of the United States dollar, paper currency has been changed to Even after the price has been converted to dad, the rupee is Pakistan. Before the end of the Bretton Woods system, the currency has been set for exchange in the United States for international preference and has the support of the rich gold. Currency demand was volatile for gold Pakistani large amount of rupee in English is counted in thousands.This was how the Pakistani rupee was known and how it became the official currency. How the SBP issues it to them.Now we will give you the details about the new note.


How to get fresh currency notes easily in Eid-ul-Fitr 2021 in Pakistan but you have passed Eid-ul-Fitr but we will tell you what happened now if you are looking for how to get fresh currency in banks in 2021 If so, you have reached the right place. In this article, we are providing you the complete details of keeping fresh currency notes in Pakistan from the bank during Eid days. A few years ago, the State Bank of Pakistan on the occasion of Eid ul Fitr The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has once again announced this year that it has launched an SMS service to receive new currency notes and on the eve of Eid to receive new currency notes on the occasion of the year 2021. 

The lease will start soon. And people will get fresh currency notes in Pakistan. People can exchange old currency notes with fresh currency notes starting from today. For more details, I am issuing a press release in association with Pakistan Banking Association. The bank had asked for an SMS to issue fresh currency notes on Eid-ul-Fitr through which you would select it from your mobile and it would be launched to you on the ticket and you would receive an SMS on the code.

It will need to do 8877 code State Bank of Pakistan had chosen that through this code can message there. Then the Minister of Finance and the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan decided that if the latest note bank code list 2021 for Eid-ul-Fitr is not issued to Pakistan, then don’t worry about them next year, Pakistan must issue this SBP. Of Pakistan is going to issue fresh currency notes. On Eid-ul-Fitr 2021you can get your copy of sad copy three packets and one packet of twenty rupees copy and one packet of fifty rupees one packet of one hundred rupees.

 So they had shortened that they can get them from SBP via SMS according to this list. The total amount you are paying is only eighteen thousand rupees.They are not giving him any additional charges from the official site where the whole bank is an old list of who is available for each. You can view the online and free download PDF file on this web page as the bankers have downloaded the PDF file. Has been introduced on the online website you can check it out.

It covers a total of 142 cities and includes 1700 branches of Bank, both public and private, and can preach the month of April 2021. Some conditions and explanations apply for accountability. If you send a lot of messages from a single mobile number, other messages are considered wrong. SBP new currency note 2021 is a small office for all Muslims. Is making a special offer to get fresh money on the occasion of Eid. 

The main purpose of the money is to distribute among the children of Eid because all the children are asking for notes. Does all this establish the government that the body especially on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr? It happens. The SBP has published that the latest currency notes have not been issued in 2021 when each person can hold a copy of various sets at Rs 10, Rs 20 and Rs 50 & Rs 100 without charging any additional charges. Media channels and newspapers on .com are looking for the entire bank branch code list. They share the latest Eid-ul-Fitr currency note 2021 branch code with Pakistan through which you can get it from Pakistan or various banks in Pakistan. You can get it from any bank. Now we will tell you the procedure below. By following this method you can get this note on Eid days or wedding celebrations.

Bank New Notes?

Temporary banknotes issued by the Reserve Bank of India and the Government of Pakistan on April 1, 1948 for special use inside Pakistan, without the possibility of spraying in India The words of the Government of Pakistan in English and the words of the Government of Pakistan in Urdu were added just above and below the watermark area on the front. Regular government affairs were divided into another five and ten and one hundred rupees in 1948. The government continued to issue one rupee note until the 1980s, but another issuer was issued by the State Bank of Pakistan in 1953. When two and five and ten and one hundred rupee notes were issued, when two and five and ten and one hundred rupee notes were issued, only a few two rupee notes were issued. In 1957, fifty rupee notes were also added. 

Two rupee notes were reintroduced in 1985. Five hundred rupee banknotes were also introduced in 1986, after which one thousand rupees are made next year. They had brought rupee notes. And in 2005 the Rs. 20 note was also introduced, after which the Rs. 5,000 note was added in 2006 and by 1971, Pakistan’s currency note was linguistic in which the Urdu text where the currency was called taka instead of Rs. 

Was a feature of Bengali translation as Bengali was the state language of East Pakistan and all banknotes except one and two rupees were written in Urdu and featured a portrait of Muhammad Ali Jinnah on Makrooh. And the English text is the only Urdu text found in which the Urdu text is the Urdu translation of the Prophetic Hadith. The search for an honest economy is worship. The acquisition of halal sustenance is worship. Bank note makers vary in color and color in which large denominations were taller than smaller ones. They all have more than one color, which is already the case. All banknotes feature watermarks for security purposes. The watermark on the large denomination notes is a picture of Jinnah while on the small denomination notes it is red and star. Each banknote also has different security threads.


Hajj & Special Anniversary Banknotes?

Due to the large number of pilgrims in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the 1950s, the State Bank of Pakistan provided a simple foreign exchange facility for pilgrims and also introduced the issue of special notes for the express use of pilgrims. Other sources of exchange were considered but the high illiteracy in Pakistan Money and the need to make such purchases which led to additional expenses. The State Bank of Pakistan was ordered in 1950 to allow the issue of pilgrims who continued to use their lips until 1978. After the date of storage of notes, the use of items required to print banknotes with signatures. Most of the remaining stock of notes was destroyed when it was closed. Many note collectors entered the market after selling them to a banknote dealer from Pakistan.


Limitation Of The Fresh Cash?

The government of Pakistan has some leaders. We have to do our job within this link. Similarly, the SBP would have kept some less. You can choose these new notes while living within Islam. If the bank has selected three copies of Rs. 10, you cannot take more than one on an ID card. We can see you from the list issued by the State Bank of Pakistan.


1. 3 copies of the 10 Rs=10×100=1000×3=3000

2. 2 copies of the 20 Rs=20×100=2000×2=4000

3. 1 copies of the 50 Rs=50×100=5000

4. 1 copies of the 100 Rs=100×100=10000


You must have checked the list above. You can choose only 22,000 on top of your ID card. You cannot take more color tops. You will go inside any SBP branch of Pakistan and send SMS. Will get your treatment through and you can get these notes selected by your court according to the list above.


How To The Get Fresh Notes From Banks Mobile SMS?

Only through SMS service you will go to send message 8877 with original CNIC number and then type the space to write any bank branch code. Its pornographic websites given in this list. You can go to them and all these things are available there. We are telling you below. You can go to their porn website and contact them but most importantly if you do it through them. If you feel that it is the easiest, you will send an SMS with the code they tell you, which will be your choice and if you want to contact them through their website. Below is a link to their official website.




And once the SMS charges are sent to 8877  taxes are levied on your period and you are registering and receiving new currency notes before the due date. It is mentioned that when you visit this link you can easily get Al Fitr 2021 Pakistan from Steel Buy of Pakistan and below all the details of SMS we are providing to you you can check it through SBP can contact Pakistan and select new notes.


1. Send an SMS to the 8877 with your CNIC number & with branch ID number

2. Type the CNIC number Space & the Branch ID number & the send it to 8877

3. SMS charges just Rs.+2 tax



1. You can use CNIC & mobile number

2. SBP will not issue transaction code if same CNIC number sent from different mobile numbers

3. More help & queries & complaints you can dial (021)- 111-008-877

4. In order to the get fresh currency notes subscriber has to the present his & her original CNIC card at time of the receiving money

5. Each subscriber exchange & get three packets of Rs10 & two copies of Rs.20 & the each package Rs. 50 & Rs. 100


Fifteen hundred and thirty five commercial bank branches located in 132 cities have SBP offices.Here is a list of all State Bank of Pakistan’s branch codes across Pakistan. You can also download Snowden 2020 PDF but you can get the PDF by visiting their official website. Because it has launched on its official website. You can also check all the details through SBP. You can also check in this article. To get the new currency notes of Al-Fitr, you have to type the code in SMS You can contact them and you will receive notes.


Fresh Notes Bank Codes List 2023?

State Bank of Pakistan issues a code which is done all over Pakistan through which the customer head sends an SMS from his mobile whether or not why he goes to the fashion website and contacts them or their PDF does all that SBP gives you the opportunity to choose new notes but SBP issues a list of codes but due to some management it is not available to some people Therefore, when the State Bank of Pakistan publishes the code.So you get to know people through newspapers and website or SMS. You can contact and discuss with them through this SMS so whenever State Bank of Pakistan issues its quote. If so, you can contact them and get your new notes which will get them to check it through an SMS from Pakistan and then you can get new notes from them as per the list given above. 



A recent statement issued by the State Bank of Pakistan said that fresh currency notes were not issued on the occasion of the 2021 office due to the corona virus, but Pakistan in the state did not issue currency notes last year even when the country The reason for the first wave of infection was to keep fresh currency notes in the new Pakistan, but now whenever Eid-ul-Fitr or any other program comes, the State Bank of Pakistan will publish a list of support for them. Can cut with and choose new notes.And from any bank branch in Pakistan you can take your notes from state bank of Pakistan Branches.But due to the corona virus some problems were a threat to the country of pakistan but it was over so now whenever there is a program they have these new notes.

New Currency Notes 2023 Eid-ul-Fitr State Bank of Pakistan in Urdu

new notes for eid
new notes for eid


Terms & Conditions

1. You can send an SMS from your mobile number using the code provided by the State Bank of Pakistan once. If you understand more than twelve times, they will not follow it. Will receive your SMS

2. You can get new notes through your original ID card. If you go to State Bank to get new notes through copy or duplicate ID card, they will not give it to you. ID-card you will be given new notes

3. You are only up to 22,000 Rupess.You can get these new notes. You can’t get more than that. A Pakistani citizen can choose only that much money.

4. You can get notes from 1700 branches of 132 cities. You can get their notes from official website and by going there you will show your coat and get these notes.

5. The most important thing is that you can go to the nearest branch of your city or village and contact them or contact a loved one or acquaintance of the bank branch who will give you all the details. You can get notes from them according to these details

6. You will receive an SMS from the State Bank of Pakistan coded by him and he will give you new notes via SMS

7. And you will get these new notes only on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr and then you can get new notes from any branch of State Bank of Pakistan by showing the code provided to you on your mobile.



You will send an SMS to these people on Court 8877 as directed by the State Bank of Pakistan through which they will receive your SMS then they will check all your details and then you will send one of them. Fill out the form that contains the details of your ID card. You can check this list and choose your light and then you will be given a vote. They will go to the branches of Pakistan and eat the code of their nearest bank and you can get the note on top of it.We have shared with you all the ways to get new notes in this article. You can see them and if you are facing any kind of problem, you can visit the official website of State Bank of Pakistan. You can get in touch with them and get new notes from them.Thanks.

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