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For the EHSAAS emergency cash programme is provided on this website and this is a CNIC based tracking system. If you want to check the progress of your registration and application, then EHSAAS TRACKING pass gov 2023 now helps you to check your progress. The Pakistani government’s name Tehreek e Insaaf is for this project 8171 check online 2023.

This initiative is launched by the government.

To alleviate the sufferings of those afflicted with covid,the government launched this programme and the main goal of this programme called 8171 check online 2023 for those afflicted.

The goal of this programme by Prime Minister Imran khan to launch this initiative is also to help poorest people of our country.

There were almost thorough out our country,the people were impacted by lockdown and this ruin the financial sources of people.


http EHSAAS tracking gov ok EHSAAS tracking result.

During the very bad period of covid many people have no jobs,they are not able to provide for their families,and in order to help those impacted by covid 19, this initiative of EHSAAS programme was launched by the prime minister imran khan so that they have hope to provide their families because the covid not only ruin the lives but also businesses and jobs as well.

EHSAAS NADRA gov ok 8171

You have already told in the above lines that EHSAAS TRACKING 8171 was launched by our Pkaistani government of pakistan Tehreek Insaaf.

If you want to take information about EHSAAS programme,it’s rules and regulations,it’s goals and then your registration, all this would be provided you by using this link.

By using this website you would be able to learn that either you and your family is eligible for EHSAAS programme registration or not,so there is no need to go to its office and take information because online information has reduced your worries.


Who can use this online portal?

Only those people who have applied for it’s a registration and they wish to keep the track of their progress can use this online portal.

You have to give the following information related to you for your registration,

a:your form Number

b:your cnic number

And as well as 

c:your phone number

All these points you have to enter for your registration.

Now after entering all this information,what you have to do is that

Simply,click on the enter button,input the captcha code after you have filled the form with required information.

There has been officially announced about the EHSAAS programme by the government.

If you get information that wether you are eligible or not for the registration of this programme than send an sms to 8171 by typing your cnic number and then move forward according to given information.

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Online registration 2023 of EHSAAS KAFALAT programme

Prime minister imran khan has announced the EHSAAS KAFALAT programme 2023, EHSAAS tracking 8171 pass

This is actually a package of financial assistance for the people who have right to take this financial assistance and it’s a package of rupees 21,000 or for a daily wage it’s a monthly payment of rupees 3000.

And this EHSAAS KAFALAT programme gives a monthly payment of rupees 2000 for those people who have no job means unemployed and also to the poor people.Our government of pakistan started this programme.The payment of this EHSAAS KAFALAT programme now would be provided to the people through biometrics for transparency so that the money would be distributed to the eligible money.



Now when will be the distribution of money to the eligible people?

Answer to this question is that

The EHSAAS KAFALAT programme amount of rupees 12000/-would be distributed after the start on 2nd february 2023 to the deserving people of our 4 provinces punjab,sindh,kpk, balochistan in other words that this programme will give it’s services throughout the Pakistan.

Now there is below the list or summary of EHSAAS KAFALAT PROGRAMME survey 2023 that how many people will be given the money,


  • About 70 laac people will be facilitated by the EHSAAS KAFALAT PROGRAMME
  • All those persons who are eligible would give the true information about their families and CNIC
  • You would have to make new CNIC by the sms that 8171 would send you in the case if you have no CNIC
  • And those who deserve would receive the first sms from 8171 to take money of rupees 12000/-
  • The branches of banks from where you can receive your money will be those branches who have been registered with EHSAAS KAFALAT PROGRAMME,and they are of BANK HABIB and BANK ALFALAH.

“CHECK ONLINE REGISTRATION” with the EHSAAS tracking system, is for all those people who have been registered for EHSAAS tracking 8171 pass gov. pk portal after they have entered the required information about their families and CNIC.

This article about the EHSAAS tracking 8171 pass is the really masterpiece for those people who want to take full information about the registration inquiries of this EHSAAS KAFALAT  programme with a valid method.

8171 CHECK ONLINE 2023

There are many queries of people regarding the EHSAAS KAFALAT PROGRAMME REGISTRATION because our people are always confused that wether their registration is confirmed or not in the EHSAAS KAFALAT PROGRAMME.Asa well many other questions in the minds of people that confuse them.And for all this,the EHSAAS KAFALAT PROGRAMME has created official links and check methods for the answering to the questions of people that confuse them.As the people want to know about the registration,people can get their details of registration (wether they have been registered or not) from these official sources which have been created by this PROGRAMME and all this is for those applicants who have registered through the 8171 check online 2023 application form or through another source of official EHSAAS tracking 8171 pass center.

EHSAAS tracking dart pass dart gov com pk 8171 tracking main ss pk

The thing that enables you to monitor your eligibility for the EHSAAS tracking 8171 pass gov pk programme is basically the EHSAAS NADRA TRACKING EEB PORTALS.

  • The answer to your query regarding to see wether you qualify or not,you have to follow the EHSAAS tracking 8171 pass gov pk link provided.
  • And in that case that you are not member of this programme,what you have to do is all that simple,
  • You must phone the TOLL FREE NUMBER and then you have to register or file a complaint against your CNIC.
  • Still you have any questions or concerns then you just have to phone the TOLL FREE NUMBER.


In the official portal of this programme,our government of Pakistan has also added a new page and the name of that new page is “EHSAAS TRACKING SYSTEM”.

The purpose of this page is to check your registration status that wether you have been registered or not and all this would be done by giving your basic details.

I think so that you know this very well that those applicants who have registered successfully in this EHSAAS tracking 8171 pass gov pk portal after giving required details would become eligible to receive their monthly allowance that is of rupees 12000. According to my information that after successful registration the government of Pakistan will provide a monthly allowance of 12000 or 75000 after few a months.


The purpose of this 8171 web portal is that when you will register your CNIC card in EHSAAS tracking 8171 pass gov pk (NSER) registration center for your monthly money then you will receive a card for your transaction.

And the contents of your card will include your form number, name, your CNIC number, your home list number, your family members that how many members are there in your family,and at the end of all these contents your cell phone number will also be listed.

Then what you have to do is that on the following page you would have to give the info according to this card:

  • open tracking 8171 page
  • then enter your form number
  • or you can also enter your CNIC number as well
  • then provide your phone number
  • then you have to enter or just to solve the captcha
  • then after all these point you have to click on”MALOOM KAREN”
  • then automatically the portal will be processed
  • after processing your form number eligibility will come on next page

So I think so that this is the easiest way for tracking your EHSAAS tracking 8171 pass registration and also your eligibility in only a few seconds.

You can say that this is a process free of cost and charges are PKR 0.

Official View

If you want to take information about your registration then this page would give you info about your registration.

This is available on the internet and it is database connected page as well.

There is a link which has been given above in the first highlighted point which has been given to visit this page. So you can say that this is an example of an office tracking page.

EHSAAS programme/tracking CNIC emergencyCash,apply, registration

This website will give you EHSAAS emergency cash programme Online Application and also NADRA TRACKING by CNIC.

So it give you facility that now you can check your  registration and also application status and then can track through EHSAAS tracking pass 2023.This EHSAAS KAFALAT PROGRAMME is the programme of our present government of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf.

This was launched by government on 1 April,2020.

Now the main purpose of this programme is to facilitate the people who have been affected during the covid-19.In order to empower the poor people of Pakistan,our prime minister Imran khan has launched this programme.You know this that during covid, people from all over the Pakistan were affected badly.At that time the people have no work to do and they have nothing to feed their families.For the people who were really affected by covid 19,the prime minister of Pakistan has launched this programme for providing ration to the affected families.


All across Pakistan this programme is facilitating about 15 million families.The total cost if EHSAAS programme is Rs.203 billion and 12000 cash allocated for each family.All eligible and registered beneficiaries receive message by government.And by this method,all 8171 check online 2023 details, beneficiaries get sms alerts.

So the beneficiaries are informed by the govt.about their eligibility and registration.So people give their opinion that this method is admirable.The other contents which are also launched include emergency cash programme, application, online registration and tracking web portal.This method of tracking portal web becomes more helpful and by the EHSAAS tracking 8171 pass programme website any one can get access.Through this web EHSAAS pass gov pk portal allows you to register.

Like other programmes that require the applicant to visit the concern office,there is no need to visit the EHSAAS KAFALAT PROGRAMME office,you have to apply online,they will submit your application and register you with their programme if you are eligible.


This EHSAAS TRACKING website was launched by our government of pakistan that is of pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf.About EHSAAS registration information, EHSAAS TRACKING 8171 pass gov pk link will give you information.To check and track eligibility that wether you and your family are registered or not you can use this link of EHSAAS TRACKING portal website.You must have to keep it in your mind that this online portal is provided only for those applicants who have submitted their application and want to track their registration.For this,you have to enter your form number and CNIC in box and your mobile number also.By giving all this information just enter the captcha code and click on the enter button.

There are pictures of EHSAAS TRACKING pass gov pk portal form that are available on google you search them and would see that these are so simple, you would have to fill them and your result will appear within seconds.


How to apply for EHSAAS emergency cash programme?

This question arise in mind of every applicant. That how would you apply or get your self registered with the EHSAAS KAFALAT PROGRAMME pass gov pk 8171 cash payment programme.

You will also ask about that how to visit it’s office?or how to search it’s web address,contact and email as well.All these methods for EHSAAS TRACKING and to check registration status are available below,you have to just follow these system steps.If you are trying to check the eligibility and status of your EHSAAS cash programme,you have few methods related to this programme which are listed below and with the help of this method you can track your application and you can also register or submit complaints online and you don’t have need to visit NADRA and EHSAAS office.

The government of pakistan has assigned a team,who’s purpose is to verify the poor and needy families if pakistan who are in real need and they are below the poverty level, then govt and NADRA biometric system identifies those needy people for EHSAAS TRACKING 8171 pass gov pk pass Emergency Cash Programm, that team has created some score levels for identification of needy people and if you are lying under that score system,then you will be automatically selected by NADRA system and after identification, the system will send you an identification sms to your registered mobile number that you have been registered for the EHSAAS KAFALAT PROGRAMME.


The approximate goal of this Programme is about 12 million households and they will be given cash transfers to provide them with necessities.

So those people who wish to receive this benefit from EHSAAS KAFALAT PROGRAMME,they must have to visit their local registration desk for the survey data collectors and can collect information on 8171 check online 2023. This is all based on the pre-decided criteria that either they are eligible or not,and then it would be submitted back to the central database where it will be determined that wether you are qualified or not.

This is the largest ever social protection initiative in Pakistan’s history and in response to this initiative prime minister Imran khan launched EHSAAS TRACKING 8171 pass gov pk programme registration emergency cash. The rupees 12000 will be given to the 12 million families(72 million individuals). We must hope for good that those living below the poverty line will receive a boost and their standards of lives will also be improved.

Following points must keep in mind and they will answer to your queries.

  • How to apply for prime minister’s EHSAAS programme
  • Who is eligible for EHSAAS programme?
  • how do I get an EHSAAS programme?
  • which documents are required for EHSAAS programme?

If you know that the parents, husband or wife are eligible and those have passed away, then for those individuals who have problems with biometric verification of fingerprints a payment procedure has been developed and are requested for appeal, EHSAAS web portal 8171.

There are also many individuals who have received payment messages from the programme system but have not received assistance because of the non-availability of funds in the old payment centres and so the accounts are requested to return to their nearest payment centre. Now the payments have been facilitated. Individuals on receiving assistance from their current area, those eligible persons who reside in a city other than their ancestral can obtain guidance from our tehsil offices.

EHSAAS TRACKING 8171 pass gov pk programme registration 8171 NADRA_EHSAAS tracking pass gov pk 8171.

Now you must also have information that government employees and their spouses, those who can pay their taxes, those who have their own cars, those individuals who go abroad, executive identity car makers and also those whose the cost of mobile are more than 1000 per month will not be the part of this Programme under KONADRAS data analytics.

Now who has to wait, those individuals who can not apply for assistance EHSAAS 8171 web portal page registration should have to wait until the EHSAAS front desk opens in their own area. You would be able to register for the other 8171 check online 2023_details programme if once the table has been opened. Now it’s has been planned that the District Registration Desk programme will be released soon.


The answer to this question is that you can check your compatibility with the EHSAAS  lock card after you send an SMS to 8171 from your mobile number which you have registered or also can check by visiting the nearest EHSAAS registration centre. As the goal of Pakistan’s government is to assist poor and needy people of the country so all the provinces are equal in this EHSAAS emergency cash programme.

You have to follow the procedure written below if you are eligible and so you can participate in the most extensive support programme of Pakistan.

  • 1st you send your 13 digit I’d card number to 8171 and then you will receive a reply after 15 steps are confirmed.
  • so in total, there are 3 types of SMS replies are created
  • First: rejection
  • Second: wait for a payment notification
  • Third: contact your district office
  • Now if you were nominated using your deceased father identification number  register on the hostline 0 800-26477
  • no need to worry about if your CNIC has expired, because you are also eligible for EHSAAS cash, register on the NADRA website.


In this article, you have learned about the EHSAAS KAFALAT PROGRAMME REGISTRATION and the criteria for eligibility for this Programme. The EHSAAS Tracking 8171 Pass Gov PK Online Registration Check provides a one-stop portal for all your needs. Now, you can complete the registration process online and also find out if there is any new information on how to get an E-HAF card. If this was helpful, please share with friends and family! Stay tuned as we continue to provide updates about what’s happening in our country. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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