Top Best Tips & Tricks in Call Of Duty Mobile

Call Of Duty Mobile Tips will help beginners with the best tips and tricks. So you can win matches and improve your level.Call of Duty Mobile is the latest addition to the franchise. The game was successful, and a lot of players enjoy it. Our Mobile Call Of Duty Mobile Guide Tips – The best tips and tricks to help you with the things you need to know at the beginning. And the best tricks to win matches.

Call of Duty Mobile tips and tricks: How to play and win



    Call of duty mobile

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    The best tips and tricks

    Before we delve into the detailed tips that will help you in Call of Duty Mobile, the following are the best tips to help you win.

    Governing bodies

    Use the “Advanced” control options as standard cartridge management for automatic fire modes. Under standard control, by the time you come in contact with someone, you will not have ammunition to kill.

    Practice with AI

    The practice is being improved, and this also applies to Call of Duty Mobile. If you want to find out the location of a specific map or just practice the general gameplay, you can start the match with bots. You will not get any experience from these matches. But they provide a calm environment to practice your movements.

    Be near

    Always stay close to your  teammates . In Battle Royale, you can increase your chances of survival if you stay close to your teammates. Despite the fact that teamwork is not what the Call of Duty franchise taught us.

    Join the clan

    Joining a clan is not so much communicating with other players, but like XP. Join the clan in Call of Duty Mobile to receive experience bonuses. They will help you quickly increase your level.

    Unload Change

    You can change your gear between deaths. So keep a few downloads ready for different situations. Since the sniper will not always be very good. In addition, these downloads are available only for Call of Duty Mobile multi-user mode.

    General Call Of Duty Mobile Tips

    Let’s look at some basic tips that will help you in both game modes.



    As with all multiplayer games, you can chat with players in Cod Mobile. You can also mute other players if you do not want to communicate. The button to mute or use voice chat is on the map screen.

    Use secondary weapons and grenades

    Sometimes in the heat of battle with enemy players, players often forget to use their secondary weapons. Such as pistols and machine guns. Remember to use grenades and additional weapons while playing Call of Duty Mobile. Use them correctly and you can easily win.

    Do not use fire from the hip

    Fire from the hips is very inaccurate. Not only will you miss your goal, but it will also show your position. Always use aimed fire to fight other players.

    Bonuses for weapon skins

    Keep in mind that weapon skins on COD Mobile provide small bonuses. But camouflage for weapons is just cosmetic.


    Multiplayer Tips and Tricks

    Now that we’ve covered the basic tips and tricks in Call of Duty Mobile, it’s time to discuss the tricks useful in multi-user mode.

    Set up upload

    After each level increase, set up unloading. Because with each level you open a new weapon. It can help you better than your previous one.

    Use all slots for unloading.

    To use all the slots in your upload, you need to level the level completely. As the level rises, more loading slots will open.

    Use Scorestreak ASAP

    When purchasing Scorestreak, be sure to use it as soon as possible. In the heat of battle, players may forget that they have an available series of points. And if you die, it will be wasted. So use the scorecard as soon as you unlock it.

    Battle Royale – Call Of Duty Mobile Tips

    With the popularity of Battle Royale, Call of Duty did not resist the urge to turn it on. And Call of Duty Mobile also offers Battle Royale mode. Here are tips and tricks to help you win the Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale.

    Choose the right class

    Do not choose a class that seems cool. Instead, select classes that are actually compatible with your playing style.

    Pickup Item

    You don’t have to manually pick up items during COD Mobile Battle Royale mode. If you look directly at them, your character will automatically pick them up. If you hover over an item for a second, it will also be automatically selected.

    same goes for the item in the chest. When you open the chest, everything will be automatically picked up by your character.


    Try to stay in the center of the circle

    Although the circle is always randomized in Battle Royale mode, it is wise to stay in the center of the circle. Or at least try to get to the center. In addition, Call of Duty Mobile does not allow players to survive long outside the circle.

    Unloading Battle Royale

    No weapons or gadgets to  unload  COD Mobile Battle Royale. The only things you need to equip are cosmetic products.

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