Iftari & Sehri Deals in Islamabad for Ramadan 2023

Top Best Sehri and Iftar Deals in Islamabad During Ramadan 2023 is not difficult to find if one knows where to look. There are many websites and newspapers that release such ads a few days before Ramadan. However, the best deals are usually found in the marketplaces and bazaars. This is because the shopkeepers and vendors want to get rid of their stock before the holidays and offer huge discounts on their products. Islamabad has many great markets and bazaars, such as the Raja Bazaar, Liaquat Bazaar, and Aabpara Market, where one can find amazing deals on food items, clothes, shoes, and other necessary items for Sehri and Iftar. Moreover, many restaurants and cafes also.

This year, Islamabad will once again witness the month of Ramadan with many restaurants offering special Sehri and Iftar deals. With so many great food options available in this city for breaking your daily fasts at any time or place you choose to celebrate them – from fast-food chains like McDonald’s & KFC all way up upscale hotels such as Theed Golf Club – there is something here perfect no matter what style of dining preference one might have!

At first glance, upon reading through these listings we were surprised by just how extensive their offerings seemed: whether consumers wanted chicken man’s platters alongside rice complete with salad greens (McDonald’s), fish fillets topped off gravy cooked inside. Searching for a sumptuous and filling meal? Choose from an array of appetizers, generous entree portions, or refreshing drinks. You can enjoy these delicious Sehri & Iftar deals by dining in one of our restaurants or ordering takeaway!

If you’re planning to spend Ramadan in Islamabad, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of great Sehri and Iftar deals to be found throughout the city. From delicious buffet spreads to discounted meals, there’s something for everyone. To help you make the most of your Ramadan experience, here are some of the best Sehri and Iftar deals in Islamabad.

Sehri and Iftar Deals in Islamabad for Ramadan 2023

As we all know, Ramadan is just around the corner and people are already busy making preparations for this holy month. If you’re looking for the best sehri and iftar deals in Islamabad, then look no further! Here are some of the most popular restaurants and cafes offering amazing discounts on food during Ramadan:


With these charming McDonald’s Ramadan deals, we can finally enjoy both flavors at the same time! Fans’ favorite burger chain is offering all kinds of delicious food this year. Let’s take a look at their special offers below:

  • Beef scallops and mac chicken combo meal at a low price – only on Ramadan days.
  • Mac chicken, 3 pieces of wing, and a medium cold drink from PKR 534.
  • Mac chicken, 3 pieces of wings with a medium cold drink for only Rs. 595.
  • McCrispy, three pieces of w, and a medium drink just from Rs. 621
  • Chicken Mac, McChicken, with two regular Cold drinks from Rs. 647
  • ·Spicy MacCrispy, three pieces of wings, and wit a medium cold drink in Rs. 695.
  • Daily Ramadan offers during the first 12 days of the Islamic month delicious food offer for only Rs 195.
  • These all Iftar deals in Islamabad are perfect for food, drink, transportation, and delivery from Iftar to Sehri.
  • In the meantime, here are the special Delivery Deals offered by McDonald’s during the holy month.


This Ramadam, KFC is bringing you a chance to share an authentic meal with someone who needs it most. The fast-food chain has introduced their brand new Family + One Ramadan Deal which includes two meals for yourself and one serving of food (or beverage) on behalf of those less fortunate than ourselves!

KFC has a new and exciting offer for all of you who are looking to break your fast this holy month. The special, which costs just PKR 1695 includes the following items: One additional piece chicken dishes (such as drumstick or wing) plus salad with mayonnaise; two sides including rice or fries cooked in vegetable oil together along beans gravy made from tomato puree mashed potatoes tapenade cheese sindhume masala spices such hookan goshukas chutney etc

3 Zinger Burgers + 3 Chicken Pieces + 1 Rice & Spice + 1.5 Ltr Pepsi + 2 Olpers Flavored Milk Packs + 2 Cake Up cupcakes.

The deal is valid for dine-out, takeaway, and delivery during the month of RAMADAN.

3. Dominos

The best deal this Ramadam is back at Domino’s! All you have to do is order two pizzas, and they will be delivered straight home for one low price. Just use the tag # Ramadan specials on Facebook or Twitter when ordering so that your friends know what day it could either come during their prayer time ( transact ) if they’re feeling hungry earlier than usual ,or maybe even serve them right after dinner since we know how much everyone loves our new Family Size Menu.

Attention all pizza lovers! Don’t forget to try the delicious Domino Pizza – at an incredible discount. This Ramadan, Parlor is back with its popular ‘Buy One Get One Free’ offer on medium and large favorite crusts that you can also cook by adding these ingredients
1) You must be a fan of cheese flavors like Mozzarella or Sausage; 2).otics.. 3 )ground beef.


If you love pizza and all things nostalgic, then it’s time to hit up your local Pizza Hut. The chain has just announced a Buy One Get Two Free deal that will allow customers of this restaurant to get two medium pizzas for less than what they would pay normally! This offer only lasts until Ramadan 30th so don’t miss out on these amazing savings while they last.

  • Mini Platter Deal: 4 Pcs Wings, 1 Dip, 12 Pcs Spicy Wedges, 2 Pcs Garlic Bread only Rs.649
  • Small pizza with 345 ml soft drink for Rs. 449
  • Super Value Deal: Buy 2 Small Pizzas+ 2 X 345ml Drinks only Rs.799
  • Medium pizza with two 345 ml soft drinks for only Rs. 849
  • Three medium pizzas for only Rs.1999
  • Large pizza with 1.5-liter soft drink for Rs. 1499
  • Ramadan Feast BOGO Deal: Just Buy 1 medium Pizza and Get a Medium Pizza Free Price only Rs.1,399
  • Ramadan Feast Deal BOGO Add Garlic Bread for Rs.99: You can Buy 1 medium Pizza and Get a Medium Pizza Free + Add Garlic Bread (4pc) for 99 only Rs.1,498
  • My Box Deal: Half Panoramas Pizza + 1 Side + 1 Dip + 345ml Drink only Rs.649
  • My Box Xtra 4 Half Panoramas Pizza + 4 Sides + 4 Dips + 1.5L Drink only Rs.2,299


fasting during the month of Ramadan can be hard, but it’s easier when you have a delicious meal like this! Burger Lab is bringing back three amazing iftar offers for all your cravings. You’re getting chicken burgers with fries and everything nice in between them – how could anyone pass up such an offer? Burger Lab knows how to make great burgers. And this time around, they’re bringing you three brilliant Ramadan iftar offers that will help satisfy your cravings for chicken fries and everything nice!

  • 2 Fire House, two Dynamite, one Animal Fries Cup, with a 1-liter drink for Rs. 1890
  • 4 Fire House, two large fries with a 1-liter drink for Rs. 1990
  • 4 Fire House, four pieces of fried chicken, 2 large fries, with a 1-liter drink for Rs. 2650

6. Broadway Pizza

For those who can’t get enough of that perfect pizza, Broadway Pizza has got you covered. Their grand Ramadan Feast is available from iftar till sehri and will be more than enough for three people! Plus it only costs PKR 1699 so don’t miss out on this deal while stocks last.

13 Inch Large Pizza, & 10 Inch Medium Pizza & 5pcs Garlic Breads & Chocolate Lava Cake with Broadway Special Dip Sauces.


Howdy is known as one of the best burger joints in Islamabad. This year, they’re offering their loyal patrons an incredible offer that just can’t be ignored! The Iftar Caboodle by Howdy includes everything from fresh fruit and healthy curd to juicy burgers with refreshing drinks for only PKR 1445 + tax and it’s available all day long so you don’t even need a stomachache plateful before heading back out on your job hunt or helping around campfire night ADS.

Fruit Salad · Curd Fusion (Dates/Nuts/Coconut/Yogurt) Three Milk Cake (Lotus) · Two Chipotle Chicken Wings · Chicken Skewer · Jalapeño Popper · Chili Bite · Mint Margarita or Lemonade.


The 14th Street Pizza Co offers some of the best deals in Islamabad for iftar and sehri. For starters, there is aAll You Can Eat dine-in menu with only PKR 799 + tax per head! Who can beat that?

In addition to this amazing offer from one of favorite pizza places come to check out these two more tasty offerings:

  •  Deal for 1: 20-inch slice with a 500 ml soft drink for Rs. 449
  • Deal for 2: 9-inch pan pizza with a 1-liter soft drink for Rs. 799
  • Deal for 2: 9-inch Xtreme Pizza with 1-litre soft drink for Rs. 899
  •  10-inch original pizza, half garlic bread, with a 1-liter soft drink for Rs. 1049
  • 12-inch pan pizza, garlic bread, + 1-litre soft drink for Rs. 1349
  • 12-inch Xtreme Pizza, garlic bread, with a 1-liter soft drink for Rs. 1449
  • 15-inch original pizza, chicken wings, with a 1.5-liter soft drink for Rs. 1749

9.New Yorker Pizza

New Yorker Pizza is excited to offer special Ramadan deals on our delicious pizzas! From now until the end of the holy month, we are offering a discount on all large pizzas. Whether you’re breaking your fast with family and friends or looking for a late-night snack, our mouthwatering pies are sure to hit the spot. So what are you waiting for? Come by New Yorker Pizza and enjoy a taste of New York’s finest!

  • Deal 1: 9″ Deep pan pizza & drink Rs. 590
  • Deal 2: Buy Any 12″ Pizza, Iftari, Drink only Rs. 1,170.00
  • Deal 3: Buy Any Two 12″ pizza’s, iftari, drink Rs. 1,999.00


Hardee’s is offering two large pizzas for the price of one during the holy month of Ramadan. The offer is available for pickup or delivery, and there is no limit on how many pizzas you can order. The deal is valid from sunset to sunrise, and Hardee’s urges customers to “break their fast with us.” Hardee’s is also offering a discounts on other menu items, including burgers, fries, and salads. The deals are available at all Hardee’s locations in the Islamabad.


Optp pizza is offering some great deals for Ramadan. From now until the end of the month, you can get a 5 pieces of Chicken for only Rs599. Plus, if you order online, you’ll get free delivery. So if you’re looking for a tasty way to break your fast, Optp pizza has you covered.

12. Subway

Subway, the world’s largest fast-food chain, is offering some great deals for Ramadan. This year, Subway is offering a free six-inch sub with the purchase of any footlong sub or salad. This offer is available at participating Subway restaurants in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Subway is also offering a free drink with the purchase of any sandwich or wrap. This offer is available at participating Subway restaurants in the Middle East. So if you’re looking for a great deal on a delicious sandwich, be sure to check out Subway this Ramadan.

Iftar Deal: Three 6 Chicken sub for only Rs.1212

Deal 2: Iftar Deal: 6 Chicken sub with drink for only Rs.444

Deal 3: Two 6 Chicken subfor only Rs.699

13. Burger king

Burger King is offering special deals for Ramadan! From now until April 2, get a 2 big king burgers +2 the crisp+ 4 Drinks for only rs.1299. Plus, for a limited time, get a FREE small drink with any purchase of a Burger King combo meal. So come to Burger King and enjoy a delicious meal without breaking the bank. Hurry in while these deals last!

14.casa rica

casa rica restaurant is proud to offer a variety of Ramadan deals throughout the month of fasting. Our delicious meals are perfect for breaking the fast, and we have something to suit every taste. Our starters include traditional favorites such as soup and salad, as well as more unusual options such as fried calamari and baked aubergine. For the main course, we have a selection of meat, poultry and fish dishes, all cooked to perfection. And for dessert, we have a range of sweet treats to satisfy even the most discerning palate. So whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, casa rica restaurant is the perfect place to break your fast this Ramadan.



These all restaurants are offering delicious meals with great value that appeal to all palates. And during this month of Ramadan, most deals will be valid for dine-out or take-out at your favorite place! So enjoy some blessed food while watching over friends and family in Pakistan’s capital city – Islamabad one day soon I’ll visit these places myself… What do you think about visiting attractions nearby?

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