Best Document Scanner Apps List For Android and iOS 2023 Free Download

Do you have a paper document that you need to present in digital format but you don’t have a scanner? So, these applications are ideal for you! Our Android phone allows us to carry out all kinds of actions . In addition, thanks to the installation of applications we can do many more things with the phone. One of the things we can do is scan documents . An action that we need to do on occasion and that thanks to our phone can be greatly simplified. Simply install an application on the device to scan documents. But today we have enough Android applications that allow us to scan documents . We leave some of the best below. You can easily download all of them directly from the Play Store. These applications are a selection among the many that are available. But we have looked for those that will give you a good performance, in addition to being easy to use for the user . Since this is a factor of great importance at all times. Ready to learn about these applications?

12 Best Free Document Scanner Apps for Android and iOS in 2023


best document scanner app for android free download
best document scanner app for android free download 

CamScanner allows you to scan, store, synchronize and share documents. Files can be saved in PDF or JPEG format. It is a solution for the management of documents of any person or company. Among its virtues is the semi-automatic perspective correction, the automatic enhancement of the resulting image and the export to PDF.


Secondly, we find another application that most people know for sure. It is an application that seeks to help us organize everything in a way that is comfortable and simple. In addition, we also have the function of scanning documents, which we can then link to a note if we want. The function itself is very easy to use and we can have a scan in seconds. Although in this case, the quality of the scan can be worse if done badly, since we need more contrast . But in general it is an application easy to use and that gives us the possibility to scan images or documents without any problem.

3.Adobe Scan

best free scanner app for android
best free scanner app for android

Thirdly, we have another of the best known options and one of the best for Android . It must be said that all Adobe applications stand out for their quality, something that also happens with this. The operation of the application is quite simple, we simply have to scan using the device’s camera. In a matter of seconds when we are finished, a PDF document will be generated . In addition, it gives us the possibility to edit this document at all times. So it is a most comfortable and complete option to consider.


TinyScan Available for  iOS  and  Android With this application you can scan multi-page documents anywhere and store or email them as PDF files. It allows you to scan documents in color, grayscale or black and white and has the function of choosing up to five levels of contrast. The main advantage is its speed, allowing you to create multi-page documents in an easy and fast way.

5.Doc Scan

Doc Scan Available for iOS Doc Scan allows you to scan documents and save them as PDF files, print them, send them by fax or email and upload them to the storage cloud.

6.JotNot scanner for ioS

JotNot can capture a document so you have access to it anywhere and in an easier way.

7.VIN scanner

VIN scanner Available for  iOS This application performs the reading of VIN barcodes through the cell phone camera.

8.PDF document scanner

PDF document scanner Available for  Android With this application you can convert any paper document to a digital document in high quality PDF format. In addition, you have the option of uploading documents to cloud storage services. It has no limits on the number of documents and leaves no watermarks on the images or PDF files produced. With this application it is possible to add signatures or stamps to digital documents


Scanbot Available for  iOS  and Android It is a very fast and easy to use application. It allows you to perform high-quality image scans and has the ability to scan multi-page documents and save them to your phone or share them.

10.Perfect OCR

Perfect OCR Available for iOS Through text recognition, with this application you will be able to transfer the text of a document to plain text so that it can be edited later. The disadvantage is that the recognition of OCR will depend on the quality of the photograph, the camera of the cell phone and the language of the document.

11.Genius Scan

Genius Scan Available for iOS  and Android Genius Scan allows you to quickly scan documents and send them by email as JPEG or PDF.

12.Office Lens

We finish with this other application, which in this case is from Microsoft . So we also have a guarantee that it will work perfectly. It is an option that stands out again for having a very simple and good design for users , as it reminds us of the company’s programs or applications. So everything is familiar, which makes it highly recommended. It works very well when scanning documents and gives us a good result in terms of image quality. We can also edit the document itself .

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