Best 11+ Automatic Call Recording Apps For Android 2023

Telephone Call recording and recording applications are convenient ways to store voice calls in your phone. Today, users have access to many programs with wide functionality that allow you to set individual settings and save important conversations. The options of most programs allow you to select the contacts with which you want to record all conversations, ignore some contacts and save voice recordings to the device’s memory or to a memory card. In the application, you can listen to notes, add notes and share them with other users. Also, many applications allow you to synchronize automatic call recording apps for android.

The Google Play Market has a large number of applications for such tasks. In this review we will look at the best of them! Most of them are completely free, so test some of them and choose one, because they may conflict with each other. Please note that many of them are similar in name, so be careful when searching for them in the Play Market.

Why is it important to record phone calls?

Here is a list of the most popular Applications for you, which make it possible to record conversations with individual contacts, ignore some users or record absolutely all calls to the device by default. Programs allow you to record both incoming and outgoing calls.

Top Best Automatic Call Recorder Apps List 2023

1.Cube Call Recorder ACR

The application records incoming and outgoing calls, as well as conversations in VoIP applications (Viber, WhatsApp, Hangout, Facebook; Slack). Recording is in excellent quality without interruptions and pauses.

Application Benefits:

  • Recording according to individual settings by selecting subscribers with whom conversations are recorded automatically;
  • option to manually enable recording;
  • file manager for exporting, deleting and managing records;
  • important conversations can be noted and sorted for quick access;
  • Create a backup in the cloud or save to a memory card.
The application is convenient to use and also offers the automatic removal of long and unimportant conversations to clear the memory.

2.another call recorder

Another Call Recorder  is a worthy application for any Android smartphone, which stands out among its competitors for its compatibility with a large number of devices. It resembles Automatic Call Recorder in terms of characteristics: it is also possible to record incoming and outgoing calls in automatic mode.
You can also record conversations only from certain numbers. If desired, you can enable manual recording mode, as well as set a password for listening. A large number of audio formats are supported: AMR, MP4, OGG, FLAC, WAV, M4A, 3GP.
ACR allows you to group calls by date to make it easier to find the right conversation. The paid version of the application supports synchronization with cloud storage, such as Dropbox and Google Drive, and also allows you to upload files to an FTP server and send them to e-mail. You can set up automatic deletion of old records to free up phone memory.

3.ACR call recording

The free application allows you to save conversations with selected contacts and manage them, export to other devices and edit. The list of features of the program.
  • search and group records by dates
  • automatic cleaning of old record
  • installation of important notes and markings
  • display the name and photo of the contact
  • recording conversations in automatic or manual mode
  • password protection for conversations
  • individual settings for recording.
The application allows you to integrate with Dropbox and Google Disk, which expands the management of records and their export. It is not recommended to set ACR with other programs for recording conversations, as the data may not be displayed correctly, and the autosave option will not function.


Previously, the Callbox application  had two versions – paid and free, but recently, developers have specifically closed the paid version to make all the additional functionality free. Let’s take a closer look at what the program can do.
Callbox has a unique function enabling recording in manual mode when shaking the phone without pressing additional buttons, and the built-in filtering option allows you to record only calls from certain subscribers. Now you do not need to worry about the need to take notes during a conversation, as The necessary moments can be marked by shaking the phone. If necessary, the conversation history can be password protected. It is also possible to hide the application icon so that no one will know that you are using it.

5.Call recorder

App is downloaded for free and allows you to record conversations with selected users and whether with all in automatic mode. This option is important for those subscribers who need to save important conversations and store them in the device’s memory or in the cloud for access at any time. The application in the background records with the highest possible quality.
The owner of the smartphone is informed about the beginning of the recording of the conversation with a red dot in the corner of the screen, and after the end of the conversation displays information about the successful save. You can add a note to each entry, edit the conversation list, or export them to Dropbox and Google Disk. The user can configure automatic deletion of old records, edit file formats and change other options.
The application supports automatic and manual recording of conversations. It is important to disable other recording applications before starting the program.
App Features:
  • manual inclusion and completion of recording;
  • Convenient option – at the touch of a button, recording starts and is added to favorites, editing opens;
  • if a comment is added after recording, the program understands that the conversation is important for the subscriber, and saves it automatically;
  • creating timestamps;
  • the option of shaking the phone to start recording or adding tags;
  • program settings do not record conversations less than a certain duration.
  • All records can be synchronized with Google drive, which is very convenient.

6.Record My Call

Record My Call  is one of the most feature-rich options among all the automatic conversation recording apps found on the Play Store. In the settings, you can choose: recording mode (mono or stereo), sample rate, bit rate, as well as restrict recording of calls from familiar and unfamiliar numbers. Audio formats such as MP3, WAV, AMR, MP4, and 3GP are supported.
The program automatically sorts calls into directories and allows you to quickly search for conversations in the call history. After recording the conversation, you can save it in one of the cloud storage – Dropbox or Google Drive. Also, to save memory, recordings can be saved on the SD card, and for privacy – set a password for listening. If necessary, you can create a special folder to save important conversations in the phone’s memory.

7.Voice call recorder

An application for Android that allows you to record selected conversations, manage and share them. Compared to competitors, the application stands out for its advanced functionality, Russian interface, stylish design and a convenient menu. Three topics are also provided to diversify the look of the program.

Application features:

    • selection of contacts with whom you want to record conversations;
    • automatic and manual recording;
    • editing and adding notes;
    • file export;
    • clearing memory from old unnecessary records;
    • convenient file sorting by various parameters, recording format selection.

8.Automatic call recorder

Automatic Call Recorder  is a powerful application for high-quality recording of both interlocutors and identification of numbers. There are 5 recording modes, including automatic selection of the best for your device. Now only four audio formats are supported: AMR, WAV, AAC, MP3, but the developers promise to add a few more new ones.

You can add important conversations to your favorites so that you can quickly find the one you need later. And to protect recordings from listening to strangers, you can set a password on them. For greater reliability, you can configure automatic backup of files to the cloud storage. Records deleted by mistake can be restored from the built-in Recycle Bin.
The automatic caller ID works in real time. Now you will know who is calling you, even if this number is not in your phone book. Thanks to a database of more than 1 million scammers, you will receive a warning if one of them decides to call you. Turn on the recording mode “Native” and activate the speaker if you do not hear the voice of the interlocutor. Also, some applications, such as Clean Master, App Manager, Task Manager, Battery Optimizer, Greenify and Privacy Guard block the application, which is why calls cannot be recorded. It’s usually enough to add Automatic Call Recorder to their White List to make it work.


The application offers a convenient recording of incoming and outgoing calls in automatic mode. You can set recording filters, synchronize with the cloud and add tags and comments.

 Important benefits of the program:

    • add important conversations to your favorites for quick access;
    • blocking selected records from automatic deletion;
    • Convenient systematization and sorting of records by date, contacts, groups;
    • saving records in different formats;
    • enable delayed recording.

10.Smart call recorder

Using Smart Call Recorder , you can record all incoming and outgoing calls with high quality in one of the formats: mp3, amr or wav. Naturally, it is possible to configure which calls will be recorded and which will not. This is done using the white and black list.
Important conversations can be marked and they will be stored in a separate category. There is a sorting of files by time or subscriber name. When GPS is on, the location where the recording was made will be recorded. To protect against listening to conversations by strangers, you can set a password for the application.

11.CryOk – Call Recorder

The recorder refers to professional applications for recording conversations in high quality. The application has a clear interface, advanced functionality and supports invisibility technology to maintain security. The program is incompatible with other recording applications, it does not work with WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, Viber instant messengers.


    • automatic recording
    • stealth mode hides the program in the smartphone from prying eyes
    • geolocation during a conversation
    • creating a backup
    • blocking with a password or fingerprint;
    • Change the file format and quality.
So, we looked at popular applications for recording conversations. You need to choose based on what messengers you use and what records you need. To be able to record conversations over the phone and in instant messengers, select universal applications. If security is paramount, choose a program that will be hidden from prying eyes on the device.
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