The alarm clock set in the telephone rang at half past one in the night. Blinking sleepily, you eat a sandwich, washed down with water, shortly before the azan for morning prayer. Do not eat, drink or refrain from arguing before sunset. You roll your eyes to the squeak of a mobile phone notifying you of a new notice from the mosque or a comic picture like “All dates in Ramadan only after sunset.” The next day of fasting began.Now on various mobile platforms a huge number of applications for Muslims are offered: the electronic Quran, prayer schedules, dhikr, Ramadan diaries, Islamic library, dua and much more.

Muslims celebrate Ramadan on different dates since they are guided by the lunar calendar in which the days do not coincide with the solar calendar. Ramadan is celebrated the ninth month of the lunar calendar. It always begins on a new moon and ends with the appearance of the next new moon. Whether you are a Muslim or simply if you are interested in religions and their festivities, we are going to list the 5 best applications to celebrate Ramadan . In this way we will be able to better understand the operation of this celebration that, we remember, is followed by more than 1.6 billion people around the world.

Ramadan The month in which the faithful fulfill one of the mandatory precepts of Allah Almighty.

A month in which all kinds of industries earn millions of dollars in Muslim lifestyle.

  • Supermarkets are filled with products with catchy labels like “Halal” and “Ramadan Karim.”
  • A search on the App Store for “Islam” provides a wide variety of mobile applications for listening to the Qur’an, determining prayer times, Qiblah directions, and even searching for halal restaurants.
  • But which of them are the most popular in Ramadan? We will give a brief overview of the most famous applications among Muslims.

1.Muslim Pro  Prayer Times, Azan, Quran

The sun is setting, and you are on the way and not sure when it is possible to interrupt the post with a date in your hand Muslim Pro app will accurately calculate the time according to your location. Azan will not allow to miss the conversation, and the compass needle will indicate the direction of the qibla. The popularity of the application is confirmed by 20 million users in 215 countries.

2.Islam 360 app

In the month of fasting, we try to read the Quran as often as possible, seeking to receive the reward of the Almighty. The Islam 360 application provides the ability to read the Book of Allah, both in Arabic, and the translation of its meanings in other languages. There is also a function of searching and listening to the selected sura or ayah.

3.Ramadan 2021 : Prayer Time & Ramadan Calendar 2021

Ramadan Calendar 2021  is an Islamic Calendar app for fasting timing and Ramadan prayer times for  Muslims. its new Ramadan Calendar 2021 app have Ramadan time table 2021. This Ramadan 2021 sehar and iftar temporal order app have abstinence temporal order 2021 Calendar. during this Ramadan 2021 Calendar application this app offer you Ramdan 2021 diary, sehri diary and iftar diary for all Muslims. All Muslim folks perform abstinence in Ramadan on correct sehar o iftar calendar in step with Ramadan diary 2021. All Muslims watch for iftar once iftar time comes Muslims listen adhan hayya ala salaah then open their roza or soum with reading abstinence iftar dua. Some folks cannot listen azan, they follow iftar Calendar who’s depends on correct abstinence diary 2021 by seeing the iftar temporal order on Ramzan Calendar 2021.
once Ramadan temporal order and sehri temporal order comes folks rouse with prayer azan times or use prayer times alarm for Ramadan abstinence. folks eat straightforward food or nutriment in sehri time and skim sehri dua for quick. we have a tendency to additionally offer Hijri calendarin Ramadan 2021 offline app. once sehri temporal order finish then sehri time azan begin and every one Muslim goes to masjid for namaz on namaz time like on fajr namaz & zohar namaz & asar namaz & maghrib namaz or isha namaz. Ramadan Calendar : Prayer Times Qibla Compass: Moslem prayer times square measure 5 pray time tables with 5 Islam prayer times Moslem Ramadan Calendar. wherever muslim folks follow Ramadan sehr o iftar diary or Ramdhan course. folks perform preyer in masjid for 5 times in an exceedingly day.
All Muslim praying times for salaah diary ramjan app have unbroken 2021 Ramadan kareem pray times of every country. Muslim Ummah follow the Athan Muslim Praying. good salaah timings romjan  and Romjan Calendar times . this is often intermittent abstinence Calendar app. West Pakistan|West Pakistan|Asian country|Asian nation} Ramadan Calendar  could be a Best baramij Ramadan diary for Pakistan quick timings. Ramadan temporal order in  & {pakistan|Pakistan|Islamic Republic of West Pakistan|West Pakistan|Asian country|Asian nation}|West Pakistan|Asian country|Asian nation} iftar time  is totally different|completely different} Ramadan sehr o iftar diary in step with Pakistan cities like Ramadan Calendar  Karachi temporal order is different from Ramadan Calendar  Pakistan urban center temporal order or romjan calendar. Ramzan sehar o iftar time azan Moslem apps have Sehri azan time sehri Calendar for all Muslims of Pakistan.
Saudia Ramdan diary 2021 is totally different from Pakistan Ramdan Calendar 2022 Calendar & Ramzan 2022 Oman calendar or sikh calendar التقويم. Indonesian Ramadan sehr o aftar 2021 diary is totally different from Pakistan Ramzan 2022 diary & Ramadan 2022 Egypt Calendar. Malaysia Ramadan 2022 Calendar is additionally totally different and Indian Ramadan timings adan spare time & 2022 Ramadan Date.
Quait iftar times is additionally totally different from bangala muslim azan pray imsak Calendar & Sindhi Calendar. January  Calendar or urban center Ramadhan Calendar is totally different from Islamic State of Afghanistan Ramadan  timings sehri iftar salaah diary. urban center Ramadan dates sehar o aftar diary is totally different from Malaysia imsakiye Ramadan abstinence Calendar. Austerilia Ramadan Schedule  could be a best Ramazan Calendar with New Ramadan pedia diary or salar e paper. U.S. Ramadan abstinence prayer diary and United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Ramadhan diary  for all Muslims. Islamic Republic of Iran Ramadhan sehar and iftar time for Ramadan month salaah timings.
All countries have totally different Ramadan quick Calendar for Ramadan shayari abstinence temporal order. All Muslims within the world scan Ramadan app dua for abstinence. Ramadan is holy month in Islam. All Muslim folks perform water abstinence with roza rakhne ki dua and roza kholne ki dua on Ramadan time . This app is for intermittent abstinence peoples. Ramadan Calendar  : Prayer Times Qibla Compass Features: Ramadan Calendar 2021 app is offline and no charges to use. Ramadan Calendar with sehar & iftar correct timings. Hijri 2021 Calendar.

4.Ramadan Legacy

Year after year, we promise ourselves: in this Ramadan I will read the entire Qur’an, the book of hadiths, etc., but we do not always have time to complete what we started. The new Ramadan Legacy app encourages Muslims to achieve their goals. First, users fill out a questionnaire of planned events, after which they receive inspirational reminders of them. The application also offers some selected verses from the Qur’an, hadiths and short prayers for memorization.
    • A similar application, Good Habits, is also popular .
    • Good Habits is ready to become your companion, motivating you to fulfill daily good habits, both in the month of fasting and outside it. Users are encouraged to develop their desired skills, starting with a minimum, for example:
  • read every day several pages from the Koran;
  • memorize 2-3 short suras from the last, thirtieth chapter, etc.
  • The program can review all selected habits, set a date for a reminder, etc.

5.Ezan Vakti Pro – Azan, Prayer Times, & Quran

In this application, as in others, we can view daily prayer times and Qibla. The application, which also contains religious wallpapers, is used by many Muslims around the world.
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