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From the time when the first Age of Empires game launched in 1997, the game has been easily sitting on the throne when it approaches the Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games category. The game includes the ages from the gritty Stone Age and Iron Age to the cruel age of imperialism in North and South America.

Age of Empires is about the performers making their private army, handling funds, construct their empire, and conducting a war against enemies to defeat them. The game lets a performer all the liberty to gait their private route and choose how they need to defeat the in-game domain. The cleverer you are, the greater the danger you develop to your enemies.

If you people are large admirers of the Age of Empire, then you will find this article very exciting. Now, we are working to share the names of the 20 greatest games like age of empires.

Age of Empires is made on the opinion of a characteristic real-time strategy (RTS) formula with performers opening the popular games with a city center along with a small number of staffs.

If you have been looking for acquiring the strategy of games or only looking for a comparable skill to drop your teeth into, then you are in the exact place. Here is our list of the names of 15 calm games like the Age of Empires:

Best Games Like Age of Empires

Age of Empires is one of the finest real-time approach games to be forever released. After not getting any love from the creators for quite a while, a new form of Age of Empires was finally revealed in 2017. After releasing some gameplay recordings in 2019, Microsoft publicized that the game will issue in 2021. The newest Age of Empire game will include four diverse historic ages:

  • Dark Age
  • Feudal Age
  • Medieval Age
  • Imperial Age

While the age organization is similar to the earlier form of the games, the designers have confirmed that the newest game will initiate earlier and vanish after Age of Empires 2. To pass the period till this new game knockout the market, checked out the succeeding outstanding Age of Empires replacements:

  1. Age of Mythology
  2. Total War: WARHAMMER II
  3. Sid Meier’s: Civilization VI
  4. Tropico 6
  5. Starcraft 2
  6. Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak
  7. Rise of Nations
  8. 0 A.D.
  9. The Settlers Online
  10. Stronghold Crusader
  11. Empire Earth
  12. Bad North
  13. Warcraft III – Reforged
  14. Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances
  15. Empire
  16. Abyss of Empires

1.Age of Mythology

Collaborative Studios, who formed Age of Empires planed to make a spin-off succession built on mythical views. Unlike the Age of Empires, which is founded on historic events, this game occurs in Atlantis, and it emphasizes the well-known Greek, Egyptian, and Norse mythologies and folklores.

Much like the Age of Empires, the method of construction of an army, handling funds, and winning the contrasting nations remains the important emphasis of the game. The performer has to select and play from one of the three nations: Greek, Egyptian, and Norse. Each nation has its faith and philosophy.

The game permits you to select your main God, founded on your selected empire and as you develop to the succeeding age, you reveal small Gods which give special skills to the performers.


If you love devastation as RTS gameplay then you are starting to love “Total War: Warhammer II”. The game runs a wonderful story campaign, established across the massive areas of Lustria, Ulthuan, Naggaroth, and the Southlands.

The game is the next section in the series so you will want to play the first game or have occupied information of its record to appreciate the game even more. You will play as one of the eight mythical masters of four races where your key purpose will be to grow and lead your military to interrupt the massive twister and stop the development of other races.

Each race has its aids and problems and you will have to aware of them once you select one. The game topographies one of the main worlds maps that you can discover in an RTS game with some of the greatest-looking esthetics. There is no goal why you should not play this game.

3.Sid Meier’s: Civilization VI

Civilization is a chance-founded policy game in which you try to shape a domain to stand the trial of the period. The game begins with you being a part of a modest roaming community as you shape your funds, progress, and go into a world-leading superpower.

The Civilization sequence of games has constantly been one of the hardest policy games and if you like a task, you are going to love this one. My love for Civilization VI begins with its photographs and song collection which provide this game an additional dimension.

When it arises to gameplay, make your thoughts to be gusted away by the deepness of policy tangled in this game. The game conveys everything to the table, from faith to state structure to surveillance to negotiation, it is got everything.

The game permits you to shape a nation that you need to, appreciations to hundreds of thousands of selections that you can make. That also makes this game slightly devastating for the trainees. Though, if you have time to devote and you love policy, this is the game that you cannot overlook.

4.Tropico 6

This is a population planner genuine-time scheme game where you grow your isle from a clan to a potent empire. The game twitches pretty calmly as you can twitch generating farms to raise crops and then distribute them to get cash which can be employed to advance your isle’s technology.

The game twitches you back in the twentieth (20th) aera and you effort your method to the contemporary age, all the while emerging your isle to make it stands in contradiction of its opponents. Whatever I adore regarding Tropico 6 is that your challenges are not the only conflict although politics as well as finances. That creates the game a bit extra nuanced as well as additional entertaining to perform. The game also creates a multi-player approach which permits you to begin constructing an isle with your buddies.

5.Starcraft two (2)

A galaxy-dedicated RTS game was created via Blizzard Entertainment. It is the 2nd (second) segment in the Starcraft sequence. The game is put in a twenty-six (26th) era science narrative world, where the emphasis is on a gigantic battle among 4 (four) various genus for overall world dominance. The game was divided into 3 (three) components throughout advancement in demand to reveal a thorough narrative.

It proposes online gameplay, where the participant decides to perform as one of the 3 (three) genus recognized as Terran, Protoss, and Zerg. The major derby “Wings of Liberty” presents the narrative of Terran, although the 2 (two) enlargement packages present the narratives of Protoss as well as Zerg.

In the game, you presume the overall command of your components and are obliged to come up to the greatest approaches with the provided supplies in demand to endure this intomb gigantic warfare.

6.Deserts of Kharak (Homeworld)

Deserts of Kharak (Homeworld) is a prelude to the traditional homeworld games which are recognized for their genuine moment scheme gameplay. The latest games bring you to the deserts of Kharak where you construct your military and command them to triumph on the ever-changing sand.

You and your society are struggling to endure in a severe desert atmosphere at the same time as the struggle against the scientifically enhanced spiritual enthusiasts. Being a prelude to the prevalent homeworld games, it neither considers too distinct nor too dominated by permission.

The gameplay considers completely refreshing as does the narrative. Even So, you catch a preview of the previous games here and there offering you a reasonable sum of longing shots. The game has gotten admiration from detractors and performers equally and if you need an Age of Empire as an RTS game, this is certainly the one to get hold of.

7.Rise of Nations

This game is established by big huge games & highlights eighteen (18) civilizations as well as eight (8) ages of globe record. It is regularly rated and deemed to be one of the greatest games of all periods in the actual time plan category.

The crucial component of this gameplay is concentrating on the idea of the region. The region close to the participant’s towns is deemed their area, and participants can build various structures only inside their area or their acquaintances.

The objective of the performer is to make progress and progress to the very contemporary age in demand to achieve access to improved military hardware and assault their enemies beyond effectively, to either beat them or destroy them off entirely.

8.0 A.D.

This is a complimentary, free resource, cross manifesto actual time plan game, which is even now underneath advancement by way of wildfire games. The game is stage set among five hundred (500) B.C. & one (1) B.C. for the initial element, and a scheduled next element for the ages one (1) A.D. to five hundred (500) A.D. 

This game authorizes the participants to develop their headquarters and instruct their armed forces. The game also highlights additional components such as battle and equipment exploration. It proposes 12 (twelve) various empires, each of the empires is characterized at their greatest.

Throughout the game, the participant will not progress across time, although from village level over town level to city level. The levels correspond to the magnitude of arrangements in the record. Each stage opens modern divisions, constructions, and types of machinery.

9.The Settlers Online

This game is established by Blue Bite. The game is complimentary to play browser-centered genuine-time plan game which has limited in game acquisitions. This game establishes fresh embellishments and enhancements to the category.

It highlights a globe where participants have to accumulate reserves and achieve in-game quests to construct their primitive monarchy where they can secure regions and discover.

The game is encouraged by the notorious settlers sequence although the virtual sphere and MMO components combine an entire additional level of strength to the notion. The game approaches a lot of substance to crack, lots of stages to make progress all through, numerous thief factions to eliminate, and collaboration with humanoid performers in the globe, who we can either assist or engage in a war alongside

10.Stronghold Crusader 2

Still, even though the game pursues the similar configuration of gameplay as the initial stronghold game, contrasting its ancestor, stronghold crusader is placed in the mid-east throughout the campaigns and highlights modern Arabian divisions.

Owing to the mid-east arranging, farmhouses can just be constructed on constrained sanctuary pasture, which accompanies a competition amongst competitors who struggle for the constrained sum of farms and reserves. Additional than farmhouses, there are additional reserves to congregate, such as iron minerals, mines, and wetlands. These reserves are accumulated in their resources and competitors can either advertise or utilize these reserves for a healthier protection counter to assaults.

11.Empire Earth

As the Age of Empires sequence, Empire Age is a historic-founded real-time approach game. Extend over 500,000 years of earth record, the game starts from a pre-historical period and finishes in the nano era. The game needs performers to collect funds to create buildings, inhabit their societies with peoples, and dominate opposite nations.

The game also contains a vast map managing editor for the performers to build their domains in what strategy they want to. One of the best and advanced methods in the game is the “Morale’ approach, which disturbs people’s division of facts.

A new idea the game proposes is its “Champion” method. Champions can be assembled at the country capital. There are two categories of champions, Planner champions who repair neighboring groups and can undermine opponent groups while Fighter champions give self-confidence to neighboring groups and have a larger assault power.

12.Bad North

When I experience the clip for the Bad North for the initial time, I was glorified. I mean the big game appears considerably distinct from all the other policy-founded games I have performed and still it is one of the greatest real-time policy games that you can perform. At first glimpse, the game’s cartoonish graphs and smooth melody may mislead you, but make no error, this is as terrible a game as they come from.

The game’s idea is fairly easy. You have a landmass and you will have to build up your military and develop your guns to protect that landmass in contradiction to the group of Vikings that are ready to assault you.

Your protection policy not only varies with your gun and military but also on your landmass’s form and volume as different landmasses present a unique tactical benefit. The game is very enjoyable to play a part in. While being very difficult, the game is not as difficult as Age of Empires of nation VI which becomes great for gamers who need to perform a policy game in quick surges.

13.Warcraft III – Reforged

Exactly like Age of Empires, Warcraft is a game sequence that is thought of as one of the standards of RTS games. The game is created by Blizzard, one of the largest betting workplaces in the biosphere takes performers on a fictional trip where they can control elegant organisms the Night Elves, Undead, Orcs, and Human Being.

Performers go beyond a heroic voyage where they can select any group and build up their base, build a military, and enlist potent champions to control the cost. The newest game in the sequence, Warcraft III – Reforged is accessible for pre-demand right now and will be accessible to play at the ending of the year.

The latest game will create a comprehensive graphical overhaul, a collection of modern social and matchmaking elements, and more. The greatest part concerning pre-getting this game is that participants will be capable to engage in eldest warcraft three (3) games involving warcraft three (3) (Frozen Throne and Reign of Chaos) for set free. Therefore you have lots to play before the latest game strikes the marketplace.

14.Command & Conquer (Tiberium Alliances)

This game is centered on west wood’s plan game so-called Dune two (2). The extremely crucial characteristic of this succession is its emphasis on the movements of several parties in a solo pivotal narrative line.

This is a military establishment plan game with MMO components. The performer becomes to select their region in the globe to begin in, from there they start to assemble and expand their armed forces headquarters. The game permits the participant to assemble constructions, congregate reserves, and participate in wars alongside antagonist factions in demand to live and thrive.


Empire is a complimentary to perform, actual time scheme game with terrific multi-participant virtual game components in it. The name established by Good Game Studios is customary in a feudal age, where the competitors gradually construct their territory from the base up and transforms it into a steam roller that opponent participants would imagine two times before attacking.

The goal is to construct forts, deal with more participants, grow the armed forces, and overcome your opponents. Maintaining a maximum command over your troops, constructing a stance, arriving up with the combat skills, and imagining your approaches for battle, is exactly what the empire stage set out to achieve and prospers at.

16.Abyss of Empires

There’s not only one paying completely to win and this monetization model that you’ll find on this list. Building buildings and improving your castle or base, or improving your castle or base, or you’re going to spend weeks, months, or years in doing this, or finishing a sports scene. There are many similarities between games and gameplay, both in games and sports. First, it has a very good effect, though the gameplay reduces the progress of the war and cuts many of its actions. Not to mention ads.


The real – time strategy of the country aims to not only help him build the city but also to manage his economic processes. A player ‘s goal is to build and expand his country and defend it against rivals when it comes to need. Apart from building your country, from the very beginning, it focused on other aspects like confrontation, exploration, diplomacy, and trade.

18.Fortress Crusader

Although the game has the same gameplay pattern that differs from the pre – citadel game, during Crusades a citadel game stands in the Middle East and forms new Arab units. Setting up the Middle East only makes farms on a limited oasis field, and can create rivalries between players fighting for farm and resources in limited quantities. Farms also have other resources like cast iron. Quarry and soil. These resources are stored in their reserves and can be sold or used by players for better prevention of attacks.


Set up in a not-time strategy world, a free-source game in real – time strategy style. The play runs in the fictional world with seven groups: magic, technology, Indian, Egypt, norvins, Persia and Roman, which is a group by name megpay. Each group comes from its group of components, whether construction or improvements, gains and damages. After the easy change in engine, megahorst mods and many players can play a variety of themes compared to the full transformation made by megascapes.

20.The Age of Wonders III

The age of miracle represents a world of imagination in which the player is the leader of a state and seeks the world in conversation with other states and different RACES. A player will lead the prosperity of the state through diplomatic or war. Despite the fact that age wonders are a viable strategy game, incredibly detailed imagination is required. Players need to look for a world map, build their empire slowly through colonialism, and win diplomacy against war and rival empires. Game meat, which is based on a story, supports online and local multiplayer modes, and is a very detailed and comprehensive editor.

21.Olympus Rising

it is one of the most popular games for the empires of the era, even though many things are the same in pre – sports. Its main purpose is to build an empire that grows and advances in the different ages of humanity, building buildings, and playing a role that will determine the future of our people. When we reach a level, everything is very small because it has fewer collections, and to some extent it serves its expansion in the city.


In a game like other empires, there are 27 different units capable of creating troops with different roles. In addition, as has been written in ancient Greece, we have a choice to choose god in the essential moments of war. For the city, it has tools for the creation of new technologies and research.

23.Lords Mobile

we will be able to choose these structures for audience to automatically clash with. Yes, it is true that we are stronger than any other age of empires, in which we must build and improve our castles and kingdoms. One of the other downloaded from the play store with more than 6 million reviews.

24.Clash of Clans

We will not say anything about the clash of the tribes, for it is a well – known sport and in some respects it will have to be prepared to attack the bases of other enemies. We have to put our soldiers so they go straight between enemy as per their near. a game still in great size and thousands of follow.  based strategy is one of the video game legends that came to android last year. It ‘s not so good to ask for premium and more micropayments, but it’ s the same as its PC version. A great strategy game with a great content, in Spanish and all of the years of a simulator. It ‘s wandered through the empires, but we can see it more conveniently because of what we have with these games.

25.March of Empires

The gameloft is about joining the game, more about building troops than an army leadership to eliminate the enemy. We do not need to have access to another game in the games that make progress. We have nothing to say about the other game that matches the previous game and matches many people in the list.

26.Ottoman age

And complete this list is a whole piece of jewelry we give you as we give you in the play store as the age of empires. We try to bring us an experience with cavalry units, guns and more controls, and similar to a.o. this list is one of the best and although not very well known, from today on medieval r on your favorite game android. t Set up with s As it may be. we leave you with the list of best strategy games.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which game has greatly resembled with Age of Empires?

Various games suggest an analog to RTS mechanism similar to the Age of Empire. Although if you intend to move by glance and sense, I think that the Age of Mythology is extremely identical to the Age of Empires.

Is there an android mobile game version similar to Age of Empires?

There are many games identical to Age of Empires on android cellular phones. If you have not struggled with any game, the following are a few of them you should transfer and compete or play:

  • World of Empires two (2) (Android or iOS)
  • Forge of Empires (Android or iOS)
  • Four Kingdoms Empire (Android or iOS)

Is Northgard is similar to the Age of Empires?

Northgard is analogous to the Age of Empires although it has a distinct game mechanism. The earliest, it introduces a seasonal crusade. Next and extra significantly, it slashes down on the RTS mechanism in preference of the advanced description of RTS. This judgment creates the game additional approachable. You can strive it if you discovered AOE too concerning.

Is Age of Empires is free of charge?

No, Age of Empires is not free.

Which is the greatest evolution in the Age of Empires three (3)?

Every single evolution in Age of Empires three (3) has its specialists and convicts. My preferred evolution is the ottoman for the reason that I discover it to be extremely stable. That stated, it varies on your playing approach and policy. That is wherefore you will discover various participants having distinct predilections.

Attempt These Contests similar to Age of Empires (Marginally Amended)

All the games recorded beyond are deemed the greatest policy games of all period. Every game proposes distinctive establishing and gameplay fundamentals, which styles it exclusively in its particular right. These games have not only participated in, although also assisted rejuvenate, the actual time policy category, which ought to have a lot to spare affection and consideration from participants. Therefore, if you adore Age of Empires, you are certainly moving to be in love with these above-mentioned games.


The beyond-stated list is centered on a revised analysis. I wish you enjoy the catalog and if you have any questions you can distribute them in the comment portion.

Here we have it guys, this editorial was all regarding a List of best games like the age of empires. If you have any suggestions or queries related to this editorial feel free to mention them in the comment section below.

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