15+ Calendar Apps for android & iOS free download

In this article we will look for what is the best calendar application for Android today. The calendar is one of the most universal productivity tools and each one has its own unique requirements and preferences. We will take that into account to dissect what each one offers and that you find the calendar that best suits your needs .

All of us trust our gadgets when it comes to keeping track of the events and activities that happen in our lives. This is why calendar apps have become so important in our lives. There are a ton of calendar apps on the Google Play Store . However, finding a free app that is good in terms of features and design can be an odyssey, as it may not suit what you’re looking for, because it doesn’t provide you with a pleasant experience, or because it doesn’t integrate effectively. with your Android device. Due to this, we have compiled five calendar applications that we have found to be the best on the market and that may also satisfy you

What we say about the Calendar app?

There are those who cannot live without the year view and there are those who always use the agenda view. In order to compare what each calendar application offers, we must take into account several common factors. In our comparison we will analyze these aspects of each application:
  • Personalized reminders : When the time comes for an event, you probably want to know ahead of time. Some applications allow you to choose precisely when you want to receive that notification. Others, like Google Calendar, include their own section to create reminders.
  • Holidays and birthdays : Some calendar apps add local holidays to your contacts’ calendar and birthdays on their own, without the need for them to be added to your mobile as an additional calendar.
  • Calendar views : As a general rule, the more views a calendar application has, the better, because it is more likely to include the one you use frequently. The most common are weekly and monthly, although some apps also include the annual or multi-day view.
  • Tasks : Tasks and calendars are two closely related concepts, with the main difference that tasks are not always linked to a date and can be completed. It is common for calendar apps to include the task feature, although it is not available in all.
  • Synchronization : All applications are synchronized with the calendars available on your mobile, although some can connect with other services on their own, as well as synchronize events on their own so that you can consult them on other mobiles or on the web.
  • Widgets : All the applications in our comparison include at least one widget for the desktop, although some go a step further with various designs and different views, to better adapt to what you are looking for.
  • License : Our list is entirely made up of free calendar apps, though some offer all their features for nothing, and others reserve a handful of them for paid versions.
Taking all of the above into account, we have compiled our list with the seven best calendar applications of the moment . They are mostly specialized calendar applications, although we have also included Microsoft Outlook, being the spiritual heir to Sunrise Calendar , may he rest in peace.

best free calendar apps list for android & iOS 2021

Below we list what, in our opinion, are the best calendar applications:

1.Google Calendar

As it could not be otherwise, we started with Google Calendar, the application to beat due to its competition, due to the mere fact that it is pre-installed in the vast majority of occasions.
Google Calendar is a calendar application that is hard to find fault with. Its design was relatively recently renovated and it marks practically all the boxes of what can be asked of an application of the style, except perhaps one: incomprehensibly, it does not include tasks . Despite the existence of Google Tasks.
The Google Calendar stands out from the rest by reusing the Google muscle to integrate events from Gmail and add local holidays and birthdays of your contacts. Although it has no tasks per se, it allows you to create reminders, which is something like simpler events.

2.Any.do Calendar

Any.do is a name that sounds strong when talking about note and to-do apps , although they also have their own calendar app. At Any.do. Calendar is something like a memo and calendar application united in a single app.

3.Calendar App – Google Calendar & Calendar Widget

The app has a pleasing design to look at, although some will certainly miss showing events directly in month view, something not available. As a calendar application, it does not have as much depth of options as other alternatives , although instead it wins in other related functions.
Any.do keeps some functions under its arm for its paid version (3.29 euros per month), although it has interesting additions for its free users, such as a quick shortcut to create the shopping list .

4.Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is not an especially light application (its latest version exceeds 270 Mb of storage), so it is not the lightest alternative if you are only interested in the calendar function and not the mail client. Now, if you already use Microsoft Outlook on your mobile , its calendar section is an alternative to consider.
Microsoft bought Sunrise Calendar in 2015 and promised that its legacy would live within Outlook. Years have passed, and the Outlook calendar can be found few drawbacks , beyond that it is a tab within a larger application and not a separately accessible application.
Microsoft Outlook has its sights set on something more for the business audience, synchronized with various services such as Evernote or Wonderlist. One point where it limps from the competition is in the number of widgets available (only one) and where tasks are not currently displayed as they appear in Outlook for PC.


TimeTree is a slightly less known calendar application than the previous ones. As best assets, it has a fairly clean design -similar to Google Calendar- and the possibility of sharing calendars with other people , including social functions such as comments and “likes”.
Internally, TimeTree works a little differently than other calendar applications. Here the calendar is not synchronized from the mobile as it is, but you can import the mobile’s calendars to use them in the application, although the changes you make in TimeTree will not be visible from other applications. The application has its own section to create notes (with an associated date or not) and that, like calendar events, can be shared with other people. At the moment it includes holidays in 13 countries.

6.Business Calendar

Business Calendar is one of the most popular calendar apps on Google Play, with more than 5 million downloads and an average score of 4.6. Visually it is not a treat for the eyes, but instead includes a lot of settings and customization options .
Business Calendar has a lot of everything, including types of views. You will find in it the coveted annual view (with different colors depending on how busy the day was), including holidays, birthdays and week numbers. All this, being able to largely modify the final appearance (although some of these options are limited in the free version).
In Business Calendar there is also space for tasks , which can be associated with a location and with a personalized reminder. The widgets are not lacking either: there are seven in total, including with agenda, monthly, weekly and tasks views.


ZenDay is one of the most curious calendar applications. Its main interest lies in its peculiar way of displaying the calendar: with a 3D view in which you can consult your agenda in a way that you will not find in the competition
ZenDay also has a more traditional way -in 2D- to show your calendar, although this mode is only available with the mobile in landscape and includes the monthly and weekly view. The most paradoxical thing is that, except for the futuristic 3D view, the rest of the application has a more worthy five-year-old design. ZenDay does not show you holidays or birthdays, although it does have a task section (with a duration and custom actions). Other curious functions are the Coaching and Debriefing section, with statistics and information about your events.


When you open the Digical calendar application, you can enjoy its elegant white interface that includes a dark upper bar thanks to the Holo Light theme. You can go to the dark side, if you prefer, by changing the application preferences. Aside from the various themes, Digical also features an impressive calendar layout, customizable lock screens, built-in location search, integration with Google Now, and improved notifications .
Digical can be customized in many ways. Different colors can help you differentiate your events. It can be integrated with the famous Google Calendar platform and you can also display a calendar per day or month on the lock screen using a widget.

9.Sunrise Calendar

This app has been very popular with iOS users for a long time, and is now available for Android. The design of the Sunrise application is very of the Apple roll, that is, very clean and beautiful. It is compatible with Google Calendar and the Apple calendar, in addition to having a web version . The application includes a function that connects other applications with Sunrise. For example, you can connect the Songkick app to Sunrise so that the concert information is linked directly to your calendar. The best thing about the application is that you can see all the events of the calendar, including those of different dates, in a single timeline.


Within the calendar applications that we present in this article, UpTo is a little different. So to speak, it is a layered calendar application . In this application we will have a top and bottom layer. In the upper layer will be the events that we have entered ourselves and those that we have designated in the lower layer. In the lower layer we will see popular events from other user calendars that also have the application installed.
Those events or activities, as I said before, if we are interested, we can add them to our main calendar . Like Sunrise, in Upto it is possible to see all the information of a calendar, even if the agenda is on different dates, in a single timeline . It has a great design, with which you can distinguish less important and trivial tasks, from which you must attend yes or ye


SolCalendar not only gets you out of more trouble, but it’s also a fun, cute, and playful calendar app. How is that? Well, you can actually use a sticker for your event schedule, either to decorate or to help you categorize your special events . This application is compatible with most of the most popular calendars like Google Calendar or Apple iCloud. It also automatically syncs with the existing calendar on the device.
The SolCalendar widgets are also very interesting. They have four themes available to choose from. It even has a weather forecast function , in case you don’t have such an application installed . If you want to brighten up your calendar with a few colors and stickers, you can download SolCalendar totally free.


ZDcal is a very beautiful and unique calendar application that will give you a new experience based on multiple views. By sliding your finger we can see the different events and switch between calendars . In addition to the common and birthday agenda, ZDCal also offers you horoscopes and a follow-up for the period, which women may find very useful. On top of all that, ZDcal also has cloud sync. Best of all, it’s free and ad-free.

13.Simple Calendar

Another interesting calendar app that you should take a look at is Simple Calendar . It is one of the many apps to record appointments, tasks and any other aspect that you have to do soon and you do not want to forget.

As in the others, in Simple Calendar you have the daily, weekly, monthly and even annual view to see the events from the perspective of a year. You can add as many as you want and in different colors, so you have them identified by type, for example. Simple Calendar has a free version , but it is more advisable to opt for the Pro version paying € 0.69, as you will have assured updates and news. Of course, it doesn’t contain ads or anything like that.

14.Tiny Calendar

With Tiny Calendar you will also have a complete calendar of your mobile , regardless of whether it is an Android mobile or an iPhone since it has versions for both operating systems. Like other apps, it offers various views (day, week, 4 days, month, weekly schedule, etc.). It is synchronized in real time every time you open the app so that you have updated your calendar with Google’s, although you can even create events and do more even without having Internet on your mobile, actions that will be saved and executed for when there is connection .
You can create recurring appointments and invite people to them, establish normal or email notifications and also accept those invitations that are sent to you, in addition to being able to browse the calendar to manage your events , among many other things.

15.PocketLife Calendar

PocketLife Calendar is an iOS app that offers a simple to use calendar under a pleasant and visual interface. You have the ability to add appointments and reminders, images, set notifications and much more. It is synchronized with the main services, such as Google, iCal, Yahoo, Outlook and offers different calendar views (daily, weekly, monthly, annual, etc.). It supports 3D Touch functionality , AirPrint and up to AirDrop iOS.

You can add images and emojis to the events, in addition to the color that you like the most so that you have them personalized. PocketLife Calendar is available in the App Store for free, although it is best to opt for the paid version that offers all the options.

16.Calendar + Planner

In this selection of calendar apps for mobile you could not miss Calendar + Planner . It is a free application that offers a complete calendar to record all your upcoming appointments in order to know what you will have to do in the coming days or months.
You have at your disposal the possibility of creating events of different colors , establish notifications so that you do not forget them, views by day or month and even weeks or in normal schedules, search for appointments and much more.

17.24me Personal Assistant

24me Personal Assistant is, as its name suggests, a complete and effective personal administrator for the mobile where you can manage all your events on the mobile , regardless of whether it is work, personal appointments, vacations, holidays, etc. In 24me Personal Assistant you can have all your calendars in a single app , but not only does it offer the calendar option, but there is also a part for notes , tasks and more. Of course, the events can be personalized by colors and calendars.


We finish our list with aCalendar, which has garnered over 10 million downloads on Google Play. It has a pleasant design to the Material Design of a few years ago and includes the annual view that many users consider essential.
In aCalendar you will find an exclusive section to check birthdays and anniversaries , which show the contact’s photo and, like Business Calendar, it stands out for having a large number of customization options. Some of them, yes, require buying the full version, for 3.99 euros. The free version does not include holidays, although they can be added with an integrated purchase of 0.99 euros. It has eight widgets in total , all of them customizable both in their functions and their design.
We hope that you liked these calendar applications, and that at least some of them have stayed to live on your mobile device. You know, if you liked the article, share it on your social networks .
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