Telenor Easy Card 600 Detail Monthly Package

 Telenor offers all kinds of simple cards, whether calling, messaging, and data usage are needed by an individual or a heavy user of a number needs minutes and large amounts of data. Telenor has all kinds of simple cards, minutes, SMS and responds to their needs with MB. Telenor is the perfect package for a monthly Easy Card 600 a month. Telenor Easy Card 600 is the best offer provided by Telenor. With the help of easy card 600, you get 12 GB Internet for 30 days. We can say that Telenor users take the perfect package simple card 600. Easy Card 3000 Telenor also offer off-net minutes and 150 minutes. Telenor You can get free minutes, SMS, internet bucket Rs. 600  against PC card throughout the month. Telephone companies want to use to communicate like other companies they can provide the best services for those who take their prep school prepaid card users. Further, it is a very convenient offer that will provide many benefits if you continue to charge you again is a waste of money that does not apply to calculated consumption.


In this Post, we will provide details for offering simple Telenor 600 cards in packages and above. different monthly rates to use cards that have a competitive advantage offered to take the Telenor received the telecommunication market, it can get high or low rates. Telenor Pakistan, one of which is to provide 4G network of Pakistan, has always supported our customers over which introduced such packages and offers. Back in 2015, Telenor introduced the Easy Card service that lets its users a month. Now Telenor launched two Dynamic Under this service. Telenor are the full details of Easy Card offers.



Telenor Easy Card 600 Monthly Package Complete Information

Telenor Easy Card Rs 600 is the most popular of all packages. It offers outstanding services at very affordable prices. This is called a super card. Telenor Easy Card 600 with price, convenience, reliable and affordable offer that lasts 1 month (30 days). It offers users other hidden or additional charges, SMS, and other mobile networks without the hassle of calling on the Internet. So, if we include the word ‘super’ with this package, it’s really worth it. Please Telenor Super Card Details 600 items below:

How to Subscribe Telenor Super Card 600 Offer

  • Dial *530# from your Phone to Subscribe Telenor 600 Super Card offer.
  • Offer Charges: Rs. 530 incl. tax Required balance Rs.600
  • Offer Details: Internet Data 6GB+6GB (1am to 11am) + 3000 Telenor to Telenor & PTCL Call Minutes +150 other network minutes+ 3000 SMS for All Networks.
  • Validity: Monthly 
  • Check Your Super Card Remaining MB: Dial *999#
  • Check Your Super Card Remaining Minutes: Dial *222#
  • Check Your Super Card Remaining SMS: Dial *111#
Telenor Monthly 600 Package Details
Rs. 530+ Tax
6GB data + 3000 Ptcl & Telenor Minutes
Other Network 150 Minutes
3000 SMS
 30 Days
Dial *530#
Terms and Conditions
  • Terms and Conditions will be apply on Telenor Easy Card 600 Detail Monthly Package
  • Telenor Easy Card 600 Detail Monthly Package only for prepaid customers.
  • Call set-up charges for this bundle are not applicable
  • Cost and resources may vary depending on geographic location
  • When the offer expires or ends when the customer’s price plan net / camel will be charged at the standard tariff for calls and data
  • The bundled term will not be renewed after expiry
  • Confirmation of this offer can be subscribed multiple times
  • To re-confirm the offer to be valid for 30 days (until 23:59 midnight last night)
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