Abdullah name meaning in urdu with Complete Details

In this Post We are going to explain abdullah name meaning in urdu Do you want know Abdullah name meaining Abdullah is wonderful name for boys.This name has multiple Islamic meaning.Abdullah Name Meaining Servant of god.The early history of the name Abdullah comes from the Arabic language.For more Details Read out Full Article.


Abdullah name meaning in urdu

This very historical Islamic name and Very famous And good name.This name seven Number of characters.
  • Abdullah Name Meaning in Urdu and English:Abdullah means “servant of Allah,اللہ کا بندہ blessed name of the father of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).”
  • Abdullah Name Lucky Number: 7
  • Abdullah Name Lucky suitable: Colors:Red, purple,Violet
  • Abdullah Name Lucky Stones:Ruby.
عبد اللہ نام
اللہ کا بندہ مطلب
سات لکی نمبر
جمعرات ، منگل خوش قسمت دن
روبی لکی پتھر
اسلام  مذہب





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