20+Best Music Player For Android with equalizer 2023

Almost all modern new smartphones have pre-installed music players. That’s just not every one of them is able to boast of excellent sound, or a nice interface. This article will help you learn about third-party audio players for Android smartphones that are truly the best of their kind. Such applications have decent functionality, and also got flexible settings, a well-thought out menu and much more. Moreover, all of these audio players can be freely downloaded on Google Play.

Best Music Player For Android list

1. XMusic

This player features a simple and at the same time very stylish appearance with the ability to select various color themes in the style of Material Design. In terms of formats, the application is almost omnivorous and plays both MP3 and MIDI, as well as APE and FLAC. To adjust the sound, a built-in equalizer with various presets and bass adjustment is available.


2.Pulsar Music Player

Pulsar is a progressive music player with Chromecast support and a simple interface. Material design is complemented by spectacular animation. This is a very easy and intuitive player that boasts an abundance of useful features. For example, the application can display lyrics and turn on the sleep timer. There is support for editing an ID3 tag, as well as playing music without extra intervals.

You can organize your music library by artist, genre, album, and so on. There is a function to automatically display the artist and album art with preliminary download. If you want to listen only to new or popular tracks, then smart playlists will come in handy. Surely scrobbling at Last.fm will come in handy. But finding your favorite songs will not be difficult through a quick search. At the same time, various topics will help to change the appearance of the player at its discretion.


Mezzo is a modern audio player with a built-in equalizer and swipe control. One of its main features is the spectrogram, which is displayed when playing a song. With its help, you can immediately find specific moments of a particular composition. Downloaded tracks are easily played from any folders. Also worth noting is a really quick music search. There are several themes for interface design, tag editor, sleep timer, built-in scrobbling and much more. The application widget can be freely customized. Want to make more sense in the songs? Then the wired texts of music tracks will come in handy.


Easy to-manage player in Material Design style with customizable interface and widgets. The application differs from many analogues by the presence of scrobbling at Last.fm, the ability to view lyrics, as well as a sleep timer to automatically turn off playback.

5.XMusic MP3 Player

XMusic seems to be a very stylish music player with flexible settings and a variety of themes. The program not only perfectly copes with conventional formats, but also supports the “heavy” FLAC and APE. The built-in equalizer received convenient presets.
With its direct help, you can activate the echo effect, enhance the bass and more. Songs will be played in any convenient sequence. And thanks to a personalized playlist, you can listen only to your favorite songs. There is not only an automatic search, but also a sleep timer. In many cases, management directly from the lock screen looks very useful and practical.

6.Audio Beats

Audio Beats is one of the most beautiful and stylish audio players. There is a built-in tag editor and an advanced equalizer. This application supports a variety of music formats, which allows you to easily play any tracks. There is an automatic download of covers for songs and albums. Moreover, it downloads all the important information about the artist, as well as the lyrics. Since the interface configuration is very flexible, you can easily make the player look optimal for yourself. This is a real music processor, which has incorporated a large number of excellent features.

A true music processor with a powerful equalizer, tag editor and the ability to play any format. The album cover, lyrics and even information about the artist, if any, is available on Last.fm for each song. The mass of settings allows you to sharpen the interface for every taste.

7.Eon Player

A player with a bet on minimalism and ease of navigation. The main menu in it is presented as a line with icons at the top of the screen. There are no side sliders or other elements. There is support for FLAC, but the equalizer is only systemic. Of the unusual features worth highlighting support for Chromecast.


AIMP is a popular audio player that is familiar to many desktop users. The mobile version of the player supports a huge number of formats for absolutely every taste. There is a regulator of playback speed and balance, a powerful graphic equalizer, audio output AudioTrack or OpenSL, as well as support for CUE and Android Auto.
You can choose a dark or light version of the interface, or stay on some user theme. This player supports smart playlists, album art, Internet radio, multiple playlists, Live Streaming and more. There is a smooth transition between songs, as well as deleting, sorting and grouping files. Thanks to the incredible functionality, AIMP is an extremely popular player. Extremely fast work also plays an important role.

9.Retro Music

e music player for Android, with its design repeating the interface of the 9th generation of the operating system. Extremely easy to use, not overloaded with unnecessary options. In the list of available there is also Russian; if you install the application from the official store, you do not have to configure the display of commands and menu items. Despite the minimum weight, the program easily copes with all file formats, including FLAC / APE and WAV. It has its own convenient equalizer in several bands – unlike the previous application, it does not distort the sound at all. The applet is quick to install and works great even on the weakest devices. Does not “load” RAM, practically does not affect the battery.
  • The complete lack of advertising with the player absolutely free.
  • An interface that is not difficult to master even for an inexperienced user.
  • Excellent playback quality regardless of the current format.
  • A good, properly aesthetic design of the library of tracks.
  • The ability to use the applet on smartphones with any technical specification


jetAudio is a multifunctional music player with very high-quality sound.Very popular, not least due to the long presence on the market, product. It has the necessary set of options, while it is quite lightweight, does not overload RAM and does not take up too much disk space. At present, one cannot call him the absolute leader – but the player’s functionality is constantly growing and improving, and the number of fans has not decreased over the years. To make sure the quality of the application, just look at how many stars are assigned to it in the official Google store; perhaps such an indicator is better than any advertisement. The application is distributed in several versions. Free, called Basic, includes the following certainly useful features:
  • The ability to present the headers of saved files in any order: in the form of large or small tiles, a standard table or list.
  • The presence of widgets for any screens: a total of 14 options, including sizes 4 × 4, 4 × 3, 4 × 2, 4 × 1, 3 × 3, 3 × 2, 2 × 1 and others.
  • At the request of the user – full integration with the service Last.fm. However, to use this option, one of the best players on Android will require the installation of an official client, which is unlikely to be a problem for a true music lover.
  • A huge proprietary library of sound effects, including Reverb (echo), X-Wide (range extension), X-Bass (bass boost) modules.
  • Automatic preliminary adjustment of volume by the zero graph. It is necessary to avoid sharp differences between tracks – for example, relating to different albums.
  • The ability to adjust the playback speed. Especially valuable when listening to books in audio format, but useful in other cases. It is noteworthy that the program uses built-in algorithms to get rid of an unpleasant tone distortion: along with the speed (within 0.5 × –2 ×), the pitch also changes.
  • When you activate the corresponding functions – soft, devoid of “failures” – gapless – transition from the previous track to the next. It allows not only to avoid silence, but also to eliminate sound differences that are harmful to hearing.
  • The effects of a smooth rise at the beginning of the song, and sound attenuation – fade-in / fade-out. Serve the same purpose as the above option.
  • A full-fledged search within the player by the name of the file containing its directories, the main tags (artist, album, song name, genre).
  • Playback timer, designed for a maximum of 24 hours.
  • The ability to share information about the currently listening song on Twitter.
  • This product, possibly the best player for Android in 2021, allows you to move down, left and right, respectively, to the list of added music files, go to the previous or next track.
  • Own convenient lock screen – it displays detailed information about the song, as well as the basic control buttons.
  • The presence of an interface for the headset.
  • The option of looping any segment of the composition (repeating from A to B an infinite number of times).
  • Easy file selection, one at a time or several at a time, to delete or move in the list
  • Go to the next file by shaking the smartphone case.
  • Support for almost all progressive formats, including MP3, M4A, WMA, OGG, FLAC / APE, WAV, AIFF and even MID. Family MOD S3M / IT are not supported.

As you can see, the options for comfortable sound reproduction are more than enough. Using all kinds of equalizers, you can achieve the perfect sound of the river – or make the familiar composition sparkle with new colors. There are 32 presets – from classical to heavy music. Among other things, the tag editor is included in the applet’s functionality: you can make corrections and notes without resorting to PC programs.

11.Pixel Music Player

An omnivorous player with direct access to a huge number of radio stations by genre of music, as well as podcasts . For offline tracks you can download lyrics and album art. There is a built-in five-band equalizer with amplification of low frequencies, as well as the ability to edit track metadata.


Powerful sound and advanced features make the Poweramp music player stand out . There are separate controls for high and low frequencies, as well as support for CUE and other common formats. A large number of settings is complemented by an abundance of various themes and skins. Tags can not only be viewed, but also edited. An advanced 10-band graphic equalizer received quality presets. In this case, presets can be added independently. As for sound quality, this player has virtually no equal. The only possible problem is the paid application. On the other hand, it costs only about 8 rubles. Yes, and there is a 14-day trial version that will help to make the right opinion about this audio player.

13. Solo Music

The player for those who are already tired of the corporate identity of Google and its traditional colors. Solo Music preaches a lighter design that sets it apart from its competitors. Also, the application will appreciate the automatic generation of playlists based on your library and a nice equalizer with many presets.

14.Omnia Music Player

An intuitive player with support for Chromecast and scrobbling at Last.fm. There are functions to display the lyrics, sleep timer and advanced equalizer. Convenient music playback in folders, quick search by artists and albums, playback without intervals are present.


Stylish and very functional player in a flat design with a lot of settings. There is a built-in equalizer with a bass amplifier and a 3D virtualizer. It supports lossless compression format, the ability to play tracks without interruption, scrobbling and much more.

16.Neutron Music Player

Exploring which player to install on Android, we will not ignore this product. The application is really convenient, although so far undeservedly ignored by users. In addition to many other advantages, there is an adaptive module that allows you to work with 32- and 64-bit processors. As the developers themselves assure, this option is completely independent of the version of the operating system.
As a result, you can get a sound that fully meets the requirements of the music lover – while the applet does not “load” the OS too much. There are other useful options, in particular, a multi-line equalizer, the ability to output sound to Chromecast and UPnP / DLNA devices. A small drawback of the program is the fee. You can use the functionality for free during the day from the moment of installation; then, to continue, you will need to pay developers

17.Onkyo HF Player

Another very interesting product, designed primarily for working with headphones from the same manufacturer. For this equipment, the application is first of all “ground” – however, it is quite suitable for other hardware solutions.
The product has a nice-looking interface in dark colors, a structured menu, a good equalizer – all this allows you to include it in the best players for Android. As you would expect, the player simply copes with file formats that produce high-quality sound. Most similar programs are not designed for such a load – and if you value the purity and strength of sound, we recommend that you stay with this option.

The most significant minus is the lack of a full free version. For the user who did not want to pay, only limited functionality will be available. On the other hand, the player in any configuration is free from intrusive advertising. Use it optimally on modern smartphones that have a fairly powerful processor and, ideally, a dedicated digital-to-analog converter.
  • Sound output to any device in excellent quality.
  • Full support for lossless audio file formats.
  • Strict, fully meeting the needs of the music lover menu.
  • Easy to learn interface.
  • Availability of a free version.
  • Cons of the player:
  • The free version offered by the developers is endowed with limited functionality.
  • Missing Russification files.

19.PlayerPro Music Player

11th place in the ranking, perhaps the best player for Android. At least, many users of the program think so. By installing the player, you can easily change the themes, get a fairly advanced equalizer, access to some interesting sound effects and convenient widgets. Among other things, using the utility you can play video files and audio recordings up to 32 bit / 384 kHz.
    • Attractive, non-annoying interface.
    • A well-structured set of options.
    • Work with the vast majority of audio formats.
    • Own sound stream processing algorithms.
    • Customizable functionality.
    • There are minor inconsistencies:
    • Advertising. It is a lot of it, it is rather annoying and sometimes openly interferes with listening to music.
    • The presence of a paid version. The latter, it goes without saying, is free from the mentioned drawback.
    • And now briefly list the main features of the applet:
    • A simple, intuitive process for playing audio and video streams.
    • Sort entries by real name, size, date added and tags.
    • Installation on tracks of your own hand-picked, sewn or downloaded from the Global Network of covers.
    • Editing tags of all kinds: with paused playback or “on the fly.”
    • A free set of more than 20 skins.
    • The ability to set “List”, “Icons” and some other formats as a display method.
    • Numerous audio effects. To get the perfect sound. Use the equalizer, enjoy the advanced stereo options and reverb. Among other things, you can use such a useful option as bass boost. And, of course, you can freely adjust the volume.
    • Availability of the free DSP PLUGIN package. The product, which should be installed separately, includes an advanced equalizer with 10 strips, including one and a half dozen of the best presets, a preamplifier, the ability to powerfully boost low frequencies, output advanced stereo at the program level, activate a smooth (gapless) transition between tracks, cross-mix tracks )
    • Create smart playlists. In them you can add any information necessary for quick identification of tracks. Among other things, do not forget to activate the auto-update of the created lists.
    • Synchronization with stationary players.
    • Thoughtful widgets for the lock screen. Without resorting to entering a PIN code or graphic password, you can pause and continue playing, switch to the next or previous track, and perform other important manipulations. The size of widgets is from 4 × 4 to 2 × 2, for any screen.
    • Full notification support. MP3 player for Android displays in the corresponding panel not only the necessary information, but also playback control – in the form of a basic set of options.
    • When activated, scrobbling and remote transmission of notifications, including to social networks.

  • Well-organized sleep timer, “diverting” sound with a gradual attenuation.
  • The ability to skip to the next track with shaking.
  • Flexible settings for the buttons of the connected headset.
  • Simple and voice search in all playlists.
  • Manage all playback options with gestures.


The application, once distributed for a fee, is now completely free. The playback quality, as well as the player interface, was not affected at all. This decision was made by the developers in order to attract new users – and, judging by the increased number of downloads, it paid off. There was also a very expected minus – the availability of advertising. True, here she is not too intrusive – and absolutely does not interfere with listening to music files.
But the “skins” for the application can be downloaded both for free and for a nominal fee. The main functionality was not affected by the transition from one distribution model to another – the functional equalizer, separate bass tuning, and numerous presets remained in place. The program reproduces all common audio formats. You can synchronize it with your VKontakte profile and listen to your favorite songs right from there.

  • Reproduction in the main window of texts of the listened compositions. Among other things, you can download the necessary data to the phone.
  • Display cover: sewn, manually installed or downloaded from the Internet.
  • Creating and adjusting tags on the fly.
  • Organize music records by categories: name, year of publication, artist, maternal catalog, and so on.
  • Full support for MP3, M4A, FLAC / APE, as well as playlists.
  • Integration with Wear watches.
  • The highest quality sound delivered to headphones or broadcast to an external device, including a radio.
  • Good sleep timer. As a stop factor, you can set both the time elapsed since the start and the number of tracks played.
  • Beautifully organized, aesthetic widgets.
  • Full-fledged work with the notification panel.
  • Support for headset buttons, gesture control, and other useful features.
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