Different Kinds of Sport bike Helmets

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The Different Kinds of Sportbike Helmets

The sportbike helmet is an essential part of your gear. Especially when you perform sports on rough terrain or at high speeds, you’ll be more likely to fall than if you would take your bike on a road trip or commute. Every sport has its own features and therefore every sportbike helmet has its own features. Sports practiced on dirt can cause mud to splash on the helmet and block vision–other sports need aerodynamic designs to increase speed. 

Keep reading to find out what sportbike helmets there are and for which sports they are suitable.

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Motocross is a motorcycle sport where the participants race on an artificially made rough track. The track features steep inclines and hairpin turns. Usually, the track is made of dirt and mud. A motocross track is generally between one and three miles long and the participants try to complete two heats (laps). 

The motocross gear consists of a helmet, boots, goggles, a neck brace, MX gloves, and all sorts of body protectors. The helmet should cover your entire face because crashing during this sport is more likely than during a casual ride. Good ventilation is a must and the helmet should fit snugly for optimal protection. High-quality gear is needed to provide safety and comfort. Crashing is no joke and good-quality motorcycle helmets can certainly save your life. 

Adventure helmet

An adventure helmet, also known as a Dual Sport helmet, is a full-face helmet with extra features. The adventure helmet has a peak on top of the helmet that protects you from falling sand and being blinded by the sun. By using an adventure helmet you have a better chance of your helmet staying clean and your sight will not be blocked by dirt or sunlight. An adventure helmet is suitable for usage on a dirt road and tarmac. Besides using it for sports, you can also use it for commuting or traveling long distances. 

Off-road helmets

Off-road helmets are also referred to as dirt bike helmets. This full-face helmet has several features that are important when you practice a motorcycle sport. The most important feature is the sun visor. This sun visor does not only protect you from the sun, but it also protects your helmet from getting dirty from falling sand and splashing mud. 

Road Racing

Road racing is a motorcycle sport where the participants race on a closed track or street track that is either paved or made of tarmac. Most road races are held on public roads that are temporarily closed down for the race. 

The road racing gear consists of a tight-fitting leather overall, extra strong leather or textile gloves that are enforced with protective patches, and an aerodynamic full-face helmet and racing boots. Racers wear all kinds of extra protective layers and patches because crashing at such high speed can be catastrophic. 

Modular helmet or full-face helmet

A modular helmet is a full-face helmet that offers extra protection around the chin area. You can tell a full-face helmet and a modular helmet apart from the button on the chin guard. This chin guard can be attached to the rear of the shell. A modular helmet is more comfortable and widens the vision of the user. 

A variation of the modular helmet is the flip-up helmet. The chin guard of this kind of full-face helmet can be flipped up while still fastened to the helmet. 

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