Dab me up mean?

 Basically, it is a smiling face which is called an emoji. It has a golden tooth. A yellow hand is present along the side of the face of the emoji. His hand is pointing to the sky while his head is dropping to the other side. People use this emoji on social media just to show their catharsis. They use or post it on their Twitter and Facebook accounts. With this emoji, a text is written in the form of ‘dab me up’.


This phrase excludes from  “dap me up”. Here the question arises, what does ‘dap’ mean?


Basically, this is a way of greeting someone, hugging, and huge chest-bumping.


But now this phrase has changed to “dab me up”. This is simply a way to say hello to someone.


This became very popular among people because people used this phrase or emoji on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. This emoji got popularity from the game “Mafia city”.





‘Dab me up emoji’ originates from a popular game “Mafia city”. This game was invented by their experts, where it is called ‘Stronger than you’ passion used just to taunt someone in the game chatbox.


On January 7th, people collected some images of this emoji just to make fun with others on social media.


On January 27th, 2020 a person posted an image of emoji with the text ‘vaccinated your children. This was just to encourage the people to be vaccinated and this was for those who were not vaccinated. This page was uploaded on his Facebook. He gathered 63,000 votes.




Dab me up:

This phrase soon became valuable around the world. On January 25th, 2021 a person uploaded a grainy image of emoji with a yellow hand as this indicates to ‘dab’ someone. On the bottom of this image, the text ‘dab me up’. This was the first person who added this hand with emoji.


On the same day, a Youtuber uploaded the video of this emoji, showing “dab me up”. He got 91,000 views in three months. Later he was kicked out.


Here I want to explain the  ‘Urban dictionary point of view, this interpreted that a sweet handshake, grab up and then pull out.





On January 29th, 2021 the user uploaded “dab me up” under the tweet. On the very next day the Twitter responded in his mirror version as ‘I gotchu fam’ so he dab his emoji back. 


On the same day, a Twitter user posted the two emojis saying, ‘Two dab me up’. He garnered 3,400 likes and 100 retweets in just three months. 


On January 30th, the user added a new meme with the original image of emoji. A text was on top of the emoji said light. 


So Twitter users continuously use these emojis, just to send and receive mirror replies. On January 31st, a Youtuber uploaded a video of an emoji, in which emojis are dabing each other up. He got 22,000 views in just two months. 


On March 8th, a user responded to the dab me up post with an original two emojis are dabing each other up. This was the another photoshop of two emojis. He gathered 170 likes and 20 retweets in just four days. On the same day, another uploader responded in the form of a meme featuring emoji. But he used some bad words with this emoji. He collected 11,600 smiles in just four days. 


On March 22th, someone posted that I want original HD Dab me up. So he made one, along with two HD memes but there were missing golden teeth. From the very next day, he added a golden tooth to each with the phrase ‘Dab me up’. 


On March 23rd, a user remove the phrase ‘dab me up’ instead he used “Grabs your balls”. After this, viewers like this and gave 4,700 likes and 360 retweets under the month. 


On April 13th, a simple passion “dab me up” on Twitter, got 2,800 likes in just 17 hours. On the same day, by replacing the two emojis with other emojis who were kissing each other. This scene gathered 15,000 upvotes in only 11 hours. 


On April 15th, another uploader added a video “Dab me up” on YouTube. This got incredible results in the form of 975,000 views in a month. 



What does dab me up mean in slang?

I will explain it with the help of an Urban Dictionary, this means a smiling handshake, grab up and then pull out. 




What does it mean when someone dabs at you?

Dabbing has been used to make you happy or playfulness since 2015. If someone dabs me this means the other person wants to make me happy or joyful. 




What does getting Dapped up mean?

This involves handshaking by hooking a thumb, deep hugging and chest-bumping with full of joy. 




Why do guys dap?

Dap was the symbol among the Americans and Africans strength. It is like a greeting. Some people take the mean of this, into the sort of language that helps and chat the people. This shows cultural unity. 




What does Dab mean on snapchat?

Snapchat describes Dab in the terms of “Digital audio broadcasting”. 




Dab me up memes are greatest in 2021

Dab me up, got viral all around the internet. This got popular since 2016.

Dabing me up is the funniest and coolest meme on the internet. A number of websites dedicate these memes. The trend of using these emojis is going to peak. Many people can’t talk without adding or posting emojis. 




Dub Me Up Mem Going Viral

The basic reason for the viral of this emoji is that because this is a way of interacting with someone. In 2021 it first started going viral via YouTube. When someone on YouTube said DoubleJ TheG added a video. Then people started to chat with the ‘dab me up’ meme later he got kicked out. Since then, it has continued to go viral. Viral means the most useful thing on the internet. 




Specificities of emoji

  • The shortest way of chatting. 
  • Interaction. 
  • Meaningful. 
  • Pleasure. 




The main purpose of giving the explanation of this “dab me up” is that you have to be familiar with the specificities of an emoji. According to the trend of repeated usage of this “dab me up” passion, this brings new creativity in the world of chatbox on social media. With the use of emoji, there is no need to give the entire detail of the chat. Mean to say only short writing is usually used with this meme. With the passage of time, it took mild changes. But the trend of using this emoji is fantastic. I hope will have learned so many things related to emojis. This is not only the way of interacting with people but also a source of pleasure. Here is clear all the ambiguities regarding this article. These things will be helpful for you while dealing with memes. If u like my article, share it with your friends, colleagues, and other persons. Thanks.

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