sawera name meaning in urdu full details

Today in this article we are going to share with you sawera name meaning in urdu Sawera is Islamic Name.Sawera has multiple Islamic meaning.this is beautiful name for born baby girls.if you want search name for your daughter sawera is very best for you.its very unique and modern name.


Sawera is the name of a Muslim girl. The name is originally from the Arabic. The name has many meanings. The number of the name is six and the lucky number is 3. The religion of this name is Muslim. The original name of this name is Arabic.

sawera name meaning in urdu

This is Wnoderful name for new born baby girl.Sawera is a Beautiful Muslim Arabic girl name. the name is very unique. Its meaning is صبح سویرے (Good Morning) Write in English Sawera Urdu, سویرا Hindi, Arabic, سویرا Bangla সাভিরা.
  • Sawera Name Meaning in Urdu and English  “Good Morning”  صبح سویرے  
  • Sawera Name Lucky Number:3
  • Religion:Muslim
  • Gender:Girl
  • Sawera Name Lucky Days:Sunday, Tuesday اتوار, منگل
  • Sawera Name Lucky suitable Colors:Green, yellow, light pink, apricot color,اتوسبز, پیلا, ہلکا گلابی رنگ, خوبانی کے رنگ جیساار,
  • Sawera Name Lucky Stones: نیلم Sapphire


صبح سویرے مطلب
3 لکی نمبر
اتوار, منگل خوش قسمت دن
نیلم لکی پتھر
اسلام  مذہب




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