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In this Post we are talking about minal meaning in urdu This is Islamic name.Minal has multiple Islamic meaning.Best Name for New Born Baby Girl.Most attractive and popular Musilm name.

Minal is the name of a Muslim girl. The name is originally from the Arabic language. The name has many meanings. The number of the name is 5 and the lucky number is 04. The religion of this name is Muslim. The original name of this name is Arabic.


Minal meaning in urdu English

This is very cute name for new born baby girl.minal is a Beautiful Muslim Arabic girl name. the name is very unique. Its meaning is “‘Gift, achievement.'” کوئی چیز پانے کی جگہ، مال و دولت، جاگیر، حصول,Write in English minal Urdu, منال Hindi, Arabic, منال Bangla মানাল.
  • Minal Name Meaning in Urdu and English  “Precious Gem, Stone, Gift, Achievement” ، کوئی چیز پانے کی جگہ، مال و دولت، جاگیر، حصول
  • Minal Name Lucky Number:4 0r 8
  • Religion:Muslim
  • Gender:Girl
  • Minal Name Lucky Days:Friday, Saturday جمعہ, ہفتہ
  • Minal Name Lucky suitable Colors:Yellow, blue, white , پیلا, نیلا, سفید
  • Minal Name Lucky Stones: نیلم Sapphire


کوئی چیز پانے کی جگہ، مال و دولت، جاگیر، حصول مطلب
4,8 لکی نمبر
جمعہ, ہفتہ خوش قسمت دن
نیلم لکی پتھر
اسلام  مذہب


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