kiosk reporting – What is NADRA kiosk reporting ?

Abstract: – kiosk reporting 

Before discussing about kiosk reporting let us discuss kiosk first.

A kiosk is a small, alone booth and temporary booth which is used in highly populated areas for marketing purposes. Kiosk is mostly available in malls in highly traffic areas where they provide customers with low cost products and services. As we know that there is going to introduce digital marketing in all over the world in almost all fields of life. Therefore a kiosk is also a one kind of digital marketing. Kiosks are available for people to save their time and provide their customers with best dealings and products. These kiosks are usually managed by two members. kiosk reporting.

Government is all trying to lessen the crowd of people in highly populated areas and to motivate digital financing. Whole digital financing is managed by a solid system in which chances of fault are very low. Kiosks provide customers to buy products and can pay through credit cards or through any other payment method.

What is NADRA?

NADRA is a government institution. It is working in Pakistan from so many years. Its main purpose is to collect data of all the citizens of Pakistan even if they are in majority or in minority. Majority of the people in Pakistan are Muslims and minority of the people are non-Muslims. After the emergence of Pakistan former prime minister of Pakistan Liaqat Ali khan launched the personal identity card in 1947. The aim of this process was to collect and keep the data of every individual of Pakistan. 

NADRA basically stands for national database and registration authority. It is one of the sensitive institutions of the government as well as of the country. Government developed its branches all over the country to facilitate people. Now its branches are working in all district levels and from time of emergence its staff raised up to 11000 members.


Authorities of NADRA:

  • NADRA works under the interior secretary of Pakistan. Now it has gain respect internationally. Following are the authorities of NADRA.
  • It collects bio data of all the Pakistanis.
  • It generates national identity cards
  • It generates smart national identity cards
  • It also issues national identity cards for overseas Pakistanis.
  • To renew these cards is also its responsibility.
  • It also issues family registration certificate
  • Issues child registration certificates
  • It also issues ARMS license in Pakistan.
Before moving forward let’s have a look at all these cards and certificates.
This is the computerized national identity card issued by the NADRA. This card is very necessary document for every citizen. It is necessary for employment, passport registration domicile registration, and for many other respects. This card contains a number through which the whole information of person can be access. 
This means smart national identification card. This card contains 36 features and contains person’s information both in Urdu as well in English language.
This card is for overseas Pakistanis. It means national identity card for overseas Pakistanis.
Moreover the certificates such as child registration and family registration are designed to save the information about child and family.

What is NADRA kiosk reporting?

NADRA has developed an Ecommerce platform. It’s an online platform provided by the government to pay utility bills money transfer and for many other business dealings. This system is working under the NADRA. However the issue here is that this system is not available in all over the country. This system is yet working in many of the big cites of Pakistan such as Islamabad, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi etc. now the government is trying to expand this opportunity. 

How to access kiosk reporting:

We have discussed about kiosk reporting in brief context. How can we access kiosk reporting, here is the complete guide.
  • First of all visit NADRA kiosk reporting portal.
  • Portal will provide a sign up process.
  • After signing up process the portal will provide eleven services on the left hand side.
  • You can select any of the service from this category.
  • From here one can change the password
  • From here one can generate his deposit slip and can take a print of this deposit slip.
  • It also gives an option to print bill payment receipt.
  • From here one can also get his transections report.

Complain registration about kiosk reporting:

If you visit the official website of any institution you will see an option of complain in menu bar. Here is the question how can we register complain about the NADRA kiosk reporting. If you have paid the utility bill or electricity bill through opportunity and there comes a problem in the transaction system and you get the same paid amount in the next bill again then you can complain about it. Here is the complete guide to register complain.
  • Complaint option is available on the official web of the NADRA.
  • Open the NADRA complaint management system.
  • You will see this option “open a new ticket”.
  • Here will appear a new registration form with basic information.
  • Provide the contact information and then select the complaint type.
  • After this, describe your issue in the subject portion given below and get the Token number.
  •  You can use this token number as a reference to register your complaint.

Advantages of NADRA kiosk reporting:

Kiosk reporting system is a very useful and reliable system. This system has eased people to a very large extent. This saved people from queues. Here are some of the advantages of NADRA kiosk reporting.
  • Kiosk has modernized the utility bill payments.
  • This platform provides useful services of a complete transection system. 
  • Now the vehicle registration process is also modernized to a smart vehicle card. Book registration system is now outdated.
  • To monitor and analyze work of NGOs in Pakistan a new system of INGO registration has been introduced.
  • To monitor the toll system in the country Electronic toll system has been introduced. This system provides complete detail about the vehicles coming in and out of the toll plazas.

PTCL kiosk marketplace:

Pakistan telecommunication Ltd is also now working to develop a new bill payment system using kiosks. This service is a part of a direct debit bill paying program. PTCL with several multinational banks is working on this. After this bank customers can directly pay bills to different financial institutions through their bank accounts. PTCL with telecommunications according to frontier post is currently working with 6300 banks in Pakistan. 

Kiosk and E-Sahulat:

NADRA has launched its own E commerce platform for ease of the customers. This provides online bill payment and collection facility to lot of institutions as well as the general public. These services are available through franchise networks and are connected to NADRA’s national data warehouse through strong internet connections. Such a system offers low cost facility to bill payment and other e-transactions which also enhances the customer convenience. 

Features of NADRA kiosk reporting:

 Following are the features incorporated in this application to secure transactions system.
  • Security settings for transaction as per user requirements are personalized.
  • It has been developed on ISO 8583 standards.
  • Biometric and personal identification number level security.
  • For every transaction a hopping encryption algorithm is available.
  • Almost all the utility service providers and telecom operators are connected with the NADRA e-sahulat platform. 
As the world is changing rapidly, everything is getting modern form. In the past people had to wait in lengthy queues for products and services. But now the government is trying to lessen the troubles of the nation by introducing electronic financing in every organization. Those who dreamt for this opportunity are now surprised. We will see in future all the financing will become electronic. Banking is getting digitized. 
Pakistan telecommunication system is also moving a step to attain this facility.  No doubt, there occur errors in electronic financing sometimes but we cannot deny its popularity as well as its secureness. Government is motivating digital financing at large scale to prevent financial losses and to stop corruption as well. We should use and motivate electronic financing to be secure.
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