Things to Know for Gamers

If you are a gamer and want good graphics, then it’s important to consider what screen resolution you are going to use to play games. Screen resolution is a spec that is directly related to not only the type and parameters of the monitor or monitors that you use, but also the performance of your GPU or graphics card, the amount of RAM on the graphics card, and the type of motherboard and CPU that you use. 

What is Resolution?

When choosing a gaming PC such as these 4K Gaming PCs, it’s important to know what resolution is and what it is not. Resolution and screen size are often talked about together, but they are not the same thing. Screen resolution refers to the maximum number of horizontal and vertical pixels that a monitor can display. On the other hand, the screen size simply refers to the physical size of the monitor screen that displays the image. It’s often measured in inches across the diagonal of the screen. Since screen size doesn’t affect the FPS in any way, it’s a good idea to buy a monitor with the largest screen size that you can afford and that will fit where you want it to go. 

Graphics Card Memory

As you probably already know, being able to play high-resolution PC games requires an efficient computer with a fast graphics card. However, in order for your graphics card to be able to display higher resolutions, it needs to have adequate video memory. This isn’t just about RAM, but also the amount of memory that the graphics card has. For a 720p resolution, you will need at least 2GB of video memory. The higher the resolution, the more memory you will need – for example, 2160p resolution requires 8GB and 12GB video memory. 

Native Monitor Resolution

When you buy a gaming monitor or gaming PC that comes with a monitor included, you will know the maximum number of horizontal and vertical pixels that it can display. When choosing your game settings, you should select the resolution for the best image quality. However, if you want to play games that are at a lower resolution than your monitor’s native resolution, then choose resolutions by dividing by two. For example, if your monitor is a 2160p resolution and the game you want to play has higher requirements, you can set the resolution of the game to 1080p which is half the height and width of your monitor’s resolution. 

Playing Older Games

If you mostly play new games, high resolution will be amazing, making sure that you get fantastic visual quality. However, if you enjoy playing old games then you might run into some problems. This is because many older games don’t support high-res graphics modes, and can be quite disappointing if you have a high resolution or 4K monitor. For old games, it’s usually best to set the resolution to 720p or similar, to be in line with the times when these games were developed. 

To get the best graphic quality when gaming, it’s important to consider the resolution of the game, your monitor, and the other components of your PC. 

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