Bip is a term used in Jazz Pakistan to refer to the price of a product or service. The Bip can be found in the Details & Unsubscribe Code section of the website. Jazz Bip Call is a service that allows you to place calls when your Jazz Sim has no balance. The beeper will sound if there’s any money left on the phone, but it doesn’t cost anything extra!

Jazz Beep Call is a connection service for people who have no balance left on their Jazz 4G SIM card. If you are an end-user and require more information about this unique offering from the company, please refer to our guide with all of its details!

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What is Bip Meaning in Jazz?

When you’re running low on funds, Jazz Beep Service can help. It makes an off-network call for a flat rate of only Rs 0.09 plus applicable taxes!

A beeper service allows you to get a new call or generate missed messages without having enough balance on your cell phone. To activate this feature, message “ bip”once inside of chat and select 5188 as the number that will receive these messages from now onwards

How to Active Jazz Bip Service?

The Jazz Bip Service is a wonderful service that allows you to be contacted by phone without balance per beep. To activate it, just send the “SUB” command along with your sim number send it (5188), and enjoy peace in knowing whose else will call!

Just Type ‘SUB’ and Send it to 5188.

How to Unsubscribe Call (Bip)

For those who want to unsubscribe from the Jazz Beep Call service, just Type ‘UNSUB’ as an SMS Send it to 5188 and it will be done in no time! There’s also a quick way of doing this through your phone bill allowing for more convenient deactivating options than before.

Just Type ‘UNSUB’ and Send it to 5188.

Terms and Conditions

  • The first ten beep calls in a day are free, but there’s also an allowance for ten more.
  • You can use these extra Beeps to call either on-net or off-net numbers without charge!
  • You can make 10 beeps and 10 missed calls each day for free.
  • The first time you receive a call, it will cost aboutRs.0.09+Tax/Beep to hear their message and answer them on the other line!
  • The SMS to ‘UNSUB’ will provide you with an option for deactivating the Bip (beep call) service.
  • There are no additional fees when generating this type of missed call, regardless if it’s on prepaid or postpaid numbers!
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