Witribe In this article we are going to give you wi tribe packages all Unlimited internet Packages details.

There are 3G and 4.5G Wi tribes Internet service providers (3g and 4.5 g) in Pakistan which is working at Islamabad, rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi in the following four major Big cities. Pakistan is the first to launch the wi – tribe users advanced from computers (4.5 g) in South Asia and the Middle East. For the establishment of modern website, only Lahore and Karachi are available, which will soon spread to other regions.

In everyday times, people and companies are connected to high speed Internet services in Islamabad, rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi. 200 MBPS of the wi-tribe have provided Pakistan’s Internet speed record of 4.5G  with LTE – added home broadband.

In 2009, the wi tribe group, now owned by Qatar telecommunications – LRB – now oredoos – RRB – started its biggest campaign in Pakistan. The wi-fi clan is running in Islamabad Karachi, Lahore and rawalpindi in Pakistan.

Within a few weeks of acquisition, it became clear that heavy bottling in the network was very good to the experience of the customer, raising the level of dissatisfaction and moth, thus requiring speedy resolution. Former owners, oredo (east Qatar telecom) had considered reducing capacity rise and congestion since 2014 but uncertainty over its future decided. The need for investment, coupled with the fact that it was only broadband business, for the big mobile operator who considered it not a part of its core business, and hence meant that it was not seen as a viable investment proposal. Inherited great difficulties, a month’s new management decided survival needed a reform & within three months he improved his customer experience by doubling spectrum bandwidth in pakistan. by August 2016, Pakistan has a whole 600 plus v.

The wi tribe, which is synonymous with excellent customer service, reliability of services and innovative solutions. Under the hb group, the v – tribe aims to empower customers with options that suit their dynamic lifestyle in the digital world. In July, 2009, the wi tribes launched their campaign in Pakistan and expressed their desire to join their users to provide creative Internet solutions and applications promptly.

The Wi tribre company offer covers the great deals of unique wireless Internet services, flexible add-on, smart payment solutions and my wi-fi enabled personal self – help portal to enable one – click add-on purchases on customer convenience. In addition, the industry has been actively associated with the first ever leading generation app made by the wi  tribe, Pakistan, the wi tribe digital partner app.

Wi tribe digital partner enables you to generate leads and earn money by sitting at home! Our customers can be assured – whatever the future brings, Witribe must deliver what the digital world needs.

Since 2019, Pakistan telecom authority is reviewing Pakistan for 5g and telecom sector is reconstituting it with a licence ending 2024 to invest the entire network to upgrade to 5g, though without any condition on license and investment is waiting for a period of 9 years and only 4 years left in the current wl license.

Wi tribe Truly Unlimited packages

Wi tribe offer you 1st Month Free.

Wi Tribe 2Mbps (4Mbps
Truly Unlimited Package 
Monthly 12AM to 12PMRs.1,399
Truly Unlimited
Monthly 12AM to 12PMRs.1,599
5Mbps / 10Mbps
Truly Unlimited
Monthly 12AM to 12PMRs.1,799
7Mbps / 14Mbps
Truly Unlimited
Monthly 12AM to 12PMRs.2,299
  • Government Taxes Applied on this offer Rs.2,510+19.5%Tax 

Wi Tribe Basic Packages

Wi tribe provide monthly base different Packages check out details in below. 

Wi Tribe Basic 2Mbps (50GB)
Monthly Rs.1,099
Wi Tribe Basic 3Mbps (50GB) 
Monthly Rs.1,249
5Mbps (100GB)
Monthly Rs.1,499
7Mbps (200GB)Monthly Rs.1,999

Wi Tribe Monthly Unlimited Flash Packages

You Can enjoy Unlimited Internet with wi tribe check out details in below.

Wi Tribe 10Mbps Unlimited
Monthly Rs.2,849
Wi Tribe 12Mbps Unlimited PackageMonthly Rs.3,599
15Mbps Unlimited
Monthly Rs.5,099
20 Mbps UnlimitedMonthly Rs.6,999

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