As a business owner, you likely have a number of different company codes associated with your various accounts. However, if you’re ever asked for the verification code for account 4864, do you know which company code that is? In this blog post, we’ll provide some tips on how to determine which company code is associated with account 4864. We’ll also provide information on what to do if you can’t find the correct code.

The number 4864 is a verification code for the Jazz SIM cards. It’s possible that you might receive this pin during two different sources, depending on your location in Pakistan and which service provides services to those who subscribe from Mobilink mobile prepaid plan or Hungama.

These days, it seems like every other number is causing problems. The Mobilink verification code 4864 has been popping up more and more often with users receiving the same on their phones from both Hungama as well as 2 separate sources altogether! This post will go over what this strange pin means so you can avoid getting caught off guard if its message comes through again in future quarries for your service provider’s network access point (i think).

was received by many Jazz subscribers who were automatically enrolled after short intervals when subscribed to a certain telecom company in this case mobilink.

Jazz 4864 Verification Code

In order to take advantage of this deal, you will need a SIM Hungama offer from them. Once your account has been automatically subscribed and verified with 4864 numbers then start receiving different verification codes via text message on the mobile number that was provided at registration time!

The Hungama offer that you are subscribed to will automatically send verification codes on your account. These 4864 numbers represent the different subscription packages they have available, and each code can be used once only!

Why Receiving SMS From 4864?

Jazz Hungama Service this is notify me service code is 4864. When you subscribe to our notifications, your phone will automatically receive a pin code via SMS if it’s linked with one of these numbers! You can stop receiving these codes by unsubscribing from the Jazz hungama app or website.”

To stop receiving such pin code SMS please unsubscribe Jazz Hungama service. The ‘notify me’ button on your mobile phone will automatically activate if you have a Prepaid Number and it could be sender of various offers from their company until then enjoy the benefits!”

Second : Microsoft Account Reset and Jazz Hungama Offer are two important services that can be used by users to reset their account password or get verified for the first time, respectively.

How to Usubscribe Jazz Hungama Service?

To unsubscribe from the Jazz Hungama offer, you can send an SMS Type “UNSUB” Send it to 4864. Standard tax charges will apply for cancelling this service.

Ignore any SMS messages you receive that are from unknown origins or codes. These could be sent by hackers trying to steal your information, or companies who just want access into another person’s account for fraud reasons!

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