Disaster Movies on Netflix

It is the era of the mobile, tabs, and laptops. Many people don’t want to go to cinemas nowadays. They prefer to watch movies online. This modern era has many advanced technologies that have made human life easier. In old days few movies were made and those were shown in cinemas. But nowadays every single movie is available on different types of apps such as youtube, Netflix, etc. Many movies and dramas are also available on different online websites. In this article, we are discussing Netflix series and movies on it so we will focus on Netflix.

Netflix is the paid app. People have to buy its subscription to use it. Many people have monthly, annually, or lifetime subscriptions. It has a lot of seasons and movies on it. We are focusing on the top disaster movies available on Netflix.

First of all, we will discuss what are disaster movies. Disaster means destruction and disaster movies show about disasters either natural or unnatural. It depicts the whole scenario of destruction. This destruction which is shown in movies is based on a large scale such as it may include the whole earth or some countries or continents.

Filmmakers and directors are mostly focusing on the disasters caused by aliens. In these kinds of disaster movies, the story mostly depicts how aliens invade earth and how they are ruling on earth. Some stories are based on the robots and how they will gradually start harming their human masters. The natural disaster types of movies are also made such as showing large-scale earthquakes, floods covering the whole earth, and destructions caused by tsunamis. Ghosts and zombies attacks are also one of the favorite topics of many filmmakers and people loved to watch these kinds of movies. Space catastrophes are also shown in many movies.

Some people also include war movies in this category because they also show how different large-scale wars in the world destroy the earth. These movies can be animated or inanimate. Mostly produced by these productions.

Nature is beautiful and inspiring as usually it is portrayed in our movies but its terrifying side is not shown as much as its better side is. People love to which its horrible side so for this Hollywood always wins the hearts of its audience by making these kinds of movies. The calamities can be in the form of large hurricanes or floods and avalanches. These calamities are continuously threatening the world. These natural disasters are not only threatening but man-made disasters are also taking equal part in the destruction of the planet. All these are in the form of machines or other heavy industries. If all this is continuous then it will ultimately lead to the end of this world. This fact is true and it will end the world one day.

List of Best Disaster Movies on Netflix

So according to the interest of an audience and keeping all these calamities in mind following are the best destruction movies available on Netflix.

1- ARMY OF THE DEAD (2021):

This is one of the best movies on Netflix. It is directed by the popular director Zack Snyder, who is already directed many famous movies. This movie is based on zombies. The zombie is made biologically. This zombie is terrifying and then soon it started capturing the city of las vegas. This zombie is not single it attacks the whole city by forming its army known as a zombie army. The military police of las vegas try their best to stop the zombie army entry into the city. They do this by putting large collasal but the zombie army breaks off all these hurdles and enters into the city. This zombie army spread like a wildfire which suddenly covers the whole city.

These zombies attack the human beings and turn them into a bloodthirsty army and these are undead. In such circumstances, there is a casino owner whose name is Bly Tanaka. He started to recruit the man named mercenary Scott ward. Then he gave him the task of recovering $200 million present in the vault of las vegas. This task was to be completed before the bombing of the army into the city. This work is done by the scout by forming a heist team. This team starts working on their mission which was looking impossible. They start infiltrating the city which was under the zombies’ attack. After this, the action in the movie starts. There are giant explosions, massive battles, heroic actions, and backstabbing. All these things are packaged into this movie for its audience. I will highly recommend it to you if you wanted to watch disasters movies.

2- THE SILENCE (2016):

This is also the best disastrous movie available on Netflix. It is all the things that its audience wants from it. It is the horror film category. This award-winning movie is directed by John R Leonetti. Its star cast includes highly renowned actor Kiernan shipka. The other renowned and famous actors are Stanley Tucci, Miranda otto, and John Corbett. A highly applauded movie has a plot around unidentified alien-like creatures.

These creatures recognize things and their prey by sound. In the movie, they showed that these creatures invade the earth. There is a family named Andrews they stuck on a mission to protect their daughter named Ally who is 13 years old. Ally lost her sense of listening sound in a horrible accident about one year ago. The tongue-less creatures wanted to take advantage of the allay. But her family tries her best to save their daughter. The premiere of the movie may get you towards a scene like that of ‘the quiet place ‘. The end is very interesting. If someone asks me about the best horror Netflix movies I will highly recommend them. It has the same plot and story like that of ‘the quiet place’ but it is interesting to watch this kind of movie.

3-3022 (2019) :

Its name is included in highly appreciated and award-winning horror movies present on Netflix. Thus the movie is directed by the famous directors of Hollywood. Its star cast includes Omar Epps a highly popular actor, kate Walsh, Miranda Cosgrove, and Angus Macfadyen. It is a science fiction category movie. It is of the very top-level movie which has taken apocalypse. Its story revolves around the destruction of the whole earth and only a few astronauts are left. These astronauts see the whole destruction of earth from space. This movie unfolds and shows the struggles of these astronauts groups. They show how these astronauts face the after-effects of this destruction. Its story is not rampant as in other genres. This movie has a strong star cast so I will highly recommend you to watch this movie because its premiere is also thrilling and intriguing. If you are in the mood of watching a horror movie I will recommend this to you.

4- BEYOND SKYLINE (2017) :

It is one of the best movies if one asks for the horror category. Highly recommended by the audience because it has a great concept. This movie is considered as the sequel of the hit horror movie named ‘Skyline’. This movie is directed by the highly renowned director of Hollywood. The cast is also strong. This movie is about aliens and their invasions. Aliens attack the earth. People start to leave earth. There is Mark Corley who is an LAPD detective. He wants to release his son from jail. But suddenly Aliens’ invasions started. Different people decided to shift into space ships. Mark was also shifting through a subway tunnel across the city along with his survivor group but they suddenly lands on the Aliens spaceship. Due to the power of the alien’s mark, his team was feeling that they are converting into the aliens which were biomechanical due to the biological powers of those aliens. This movie is more interesting than its preceding part. Although it is not as thrilling as other invasion movies its story is very interesting and better than ‘Skyline’ in narration. I will highly recommend you if you are searching on Netflix for invasion kind of movies.

5-POSEIDON (2006):

Another acclaimed movie available on Netflix is Poseidon. This movie is based on a very famous book named ‘The Poseidon Adventure. This book is written by the famous author Paul Gallico. This book got very fame. The producer has chosen this book for his film. This movie is directed by a brilliant director. Director has cast big star casts such as Kurt Russell, Josh Lucas, and Richard Dreyfuss. This movie revolves around the destruction that happens on new year’s eve. There was a very luxurious cruiser ship which was floating in the sea on new year’s eve but suddenly a massive Storm come and the ship was struck in that massive wave of storm. People were enjoying new year’s eve on it and their party was just beginning when this incident happens.

The seawater started entering the ship and the ship started sinking. All passengers were really worried and everyone wants to get out of this calamity. They all were worried but they have to get out of this if they wanted to get rid of Horrible death.
This film ‘Poseidon’ becomes very famous that it got nominations in oscar and Razzie awards. Its story or screenplay may not have attracted many audiences and has not as much vigor as other movies have but its name is included at the top of the list if the films with special effects are counted. It has very good special effects. It has used CGI which was made during those days. Its CGI use is very beautiful and spectacular.

6- Alive (2020) :

A highly acclaimed movie available on Netflix also includes the name of this movie #Alive. This movie also has a winning actor. A movie named ‘Parasite ‘ this movie also has won the oscar awards and is highly acclaimed in the international circuit. This Movie is the same as the other but it is made by the Korean director and producer. They have produced this masterpiece. This movie has gathered a lot of audiences. Its star cast includes Yoo Ah-in and park shin hye.

This movie is directed by a famous Korean director named Cho-2 Hyung. The story is that there is a video gamer. He wants survival from the poisoning. He was in the apartment of Seoul when the zombies started attacking the city. This movie revolves around the survival of the video gamer. If you wanted to see destruction movies in this covid-19 pandemic issue then I will highly recommend you this movie. This is a great movie with great effects. It will be good for you in isolation. Its scenes will resonate with you. It will be of great interest.

7-SPECTRAL 2016 :

Some people have asked me about the destruction movies on Netflix to watch in this pandemic situation I have suggested to them the name of this movie. It is a very good movie. This movie is directed by the famous director of Hollywood. This movie is based on the army which uses hyperspectral goggles.

These goggles are very advanced. These goggles can watch the invisible things or objects which are not visible through the naked eye. They came to know that there is a transparent human-like thing that can kill humans. So the troops came to know that these things are killing humans. This was a great challenge for the CIA officer named Fran madison and a scientist of DARPA named Clyne. They ordered their troops to wear these goggles and record these dangerous invisible things in cameras. Later they came to know that these things are vulnerable to ceramics and iron-made things. This was a great advantage for them. It is a high-budget movie. It has attracted a lot of audiences. It is a thriller movie so it is one of the best movies mentioned on this list.

8- PANDORA (2016) :

If you ask me about the thriller movie to watch in this pandemic condition then I will highly recommend you this movie to you. It has amazing concepts and cinematography. It is directed by one of the best directors named Jong-woo park who also has directed many hit movies. This movie has very amazing effects. One thing I like the most about this movie is that it has an outstanding script. It is not only thrilling but also an emotional one.

This movie will turn you into tears. The director has done an amazing job by touching this movie with reality. The story revolves around destruction. There is Pyung-sub who is worried about the dangerous threats of the nuclear power plant which was not working in stable condition but no one in the city listens to him. Ultimately earthquakes came and it destroys the plant which spread panic in the city. Taking lessons from this disaster the Jae-Hyeok and his friends try their full best to protect other nuclear plants from destruction. This emotional and thrilling movie is still my favorite movie. I will highly recommend you to watch it, especially in isolation.

9-EXTINCTION (2018):

This is a highly recommended movie on Netflix. it has amazing cinematography. It is directed by a world-class famous director. This movie got very famous among the audience. This movie is about the future. There is a character whose name is peter and he has nightmares. He sees in his nightmares that there is an alien invasion on the earth.

These aliens will kill everyone. Peter goes to his psychiatrist. The doctor said that the same vision is also among other people. They were in danger. The aliens arrived on earth and they attack the city. Peter and his family find shelter and a home in between the alien soldier’s army. Peter later finds that her wife has been changed into Al humanoid. He knows that he can only save her wife by using his extraordinary power which peter uses himself and becomes synths. Their memory washed out as they turned out to the synths. They started living on the planet and became human rebellions. Its star cast includes the multi-talented actor named Michael Pena. He is an amazing actor. I will highly recommend you to watch this movie.


This movie is considered as the sequel of the movie named ‘Cloverfield’ which was a very amazing and successful movie on its part. No doubt the premiere of the movie is very thrilling and promising but it should it is not comparable with its predecessor movie. Its story is very interesting and compelling. This story is about the future disaster which we are going to face near future. This movie has an interesting opening. It starts with the spaceship in which many astronauts are on their way to their mission in 2028. They were testing many experiments. They were testing the accelerator shepherd particle above the Cloverfield station. Suddenly a disaster occurs due to some faults and miss management of the astronauts. And this causes a paradox. This story and movie show that there is the existence of a parallel universe that is continuously posing threats to the world.

11-ARQ (2016):

Many of my friends have suggested me this movie and I find it amazing. This is movie has amazing special effects and beautiful cinematography. It is directed by one of the world’s best directors named Tony Elliott. This famous director has worked amazing. This amazing movie has a very good concept and alarms the world about future disasters. In this movie, it is shown that if there is a depletion of fossil fuels and natural gas then there will be a shortage of these fuels. Which will lead to a world-class disaster due to the shortage of these things. It will be life-threatening. The same was shown in the premiere of the movie.

There are many giant companies and corporations which are fighting the shortage of natural gas and petroleum supply. These are fighting for their rights and against their government. All people are really worried about the energy crisis but suddenly a man came known as Renton who is an engineer and has a machine which generates unlimited energy. This will fulfill all demands. Renton along with his machine was trapped inside the home. As many masked soldiers are available outside his location. There is another problem associated with Renton was that the machine he developed had time loops on it. Renton has set time on it and he has to relive every day with the fixed time. This is a very thrilling and entertaining movie. It has amazed its fans and also entertains them up to the end level.

12-BIRDBOX (2018) :

So One of the best and most successful series on Netflix is Birdbox. It is an amazing movie. I was recommended this movie by one of my friends in my Isolation and I enjoyed it. Its story somehow resembles ‘world war Z. This film story is revolving around 2 women who are sisters. The film shows that their an epidemic in the city and the people are killing themselves due to the epidemic. Malorie was pregnant and her sister was with her. They were moving towards the hospital amid this epidemic. When they were returning to their home her sister noticed that this epidemic was also affecting her. This epidemic was so dangerous that people were getting rid of their lives and started suicides. As Malorie sees that many people are not affected by that epidemic then she moves along with them to the nearby home. This epidemic didn’t end.

Then after about 5 years the malorie along with her son. She also found a daughter of another woman and a man named Tom whom she met during an epidemic in that home. They decided to live their lives again but with the blindfold. They all started practicing to live like that. But suddenly the insurgeant hits Tom and he also suicides himself. Then Malorie along with her kids move down to the river to find a safer place. After reaching there they came to know that all those who survived here are blinds. And they are living a safer life. This movie is a blockbuster. Sandra bullock has done brilliant acting along with the superb script. It has the best narrative scenes and you will not be distracted.


These were the some of the best movies that I thought you must watch on Netflix. I will highly recommend you. These movies will help you to spend your time if you are in isolation. I hope you are now aware of these movies. If you like it then kindly share it with your friends and family members.

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