Zong to Zong free call with Yaari Call Service with Zero Balance

 In this Article We are going to tell you zong to zong free call offer details. Zong 4g offers daily free zong minutes to your entire customer base so people stay connected during lockdown. customers can dial and get only 20 zong minutes at zong min without charge to avail this offer. Prepaid subscribers can take free minutes on daily basis, zong for zong free call with call service. your call will pay receiver call charges and now you only enjoy call In mobile phone history, the receiver will now pay your call charges. This is possible with zong yaari call service. we have mentioned all information of the offer that the code, value, and other complete basic information is mentioned. it provides a package for every segment of users. If you are SMS addicted, you have an option, you prefer GPRS per hour Internet offer; you know the solution of your requirement name and zong; although other companies are also followers of the same category, sales statistics suggest that zong is outperform them better.


Zong to Zong Free Call offer code

Zong yari calls, in case of insufficient balance, also gives an opportunity to stay connected to your loved ones. Dial free as per requirement allows customers to call other parties and talk to them they like, while receiving party pays for the call charges.


How to Subscribe Zong Yari Call  free Zong to zong Offer

  • Simple Dial 11 followed via the desired ZONG number. e.g. 1103120333888
  • Example Any Zong Number You just Dial before 11 Like this 110312xxxxxx
  • OR Dial Any Number Before *110*031134xxxx#
  • A yari call does not cost you anything. You can make a voice call by just dialing 110 or *110# before your desired number and if the receiving side accepts Rs. Will pay the phone at 2 per minute. for example, if you want to request a genuine call on 03141234567, you will dial 1103141234567 to call 1103141234567. 


Price:  Free for the party initiating the Zong Yaari Call B party (party receiving the Yaari Call) will be Price Rs. 2+Tax per minute.


How to Call Pay Charges Receiver Code on Zong


Just Dial Before any 
Zong Number *110*your no#
or 11311xxx berfore number
Rs. 2+tax



Terms and Conditions

  • Terms and Conditions will be apply on zong to zong free call code.
  • This service is for only valid Zong to zong calls only.
  • There is no additional charge to make calls, but if all calls are accepted by the receiving party, they will be charged 2+ tax per minute to b – party.
  • Zong postpaid users can also start yaari call, provided their outgoing are not banned, or their postpaid connection is not block.
  • Yari call request, receiver (b – party) will be charged for calls at standard rates of 2+ taxes per minute regardless of their package plan or subscription.
  • Zong Company can change Code and Price Zong yari call any time.



Conclusion: In this article we will give you best information about Latest zong to zong free call code. Please share this New zong to zong free call code  with your family, friends and their loved one through Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitted and Instagram so that they can be entertained these services. if you feel any problem want know more information about this zong to zong free call code Post then comment in below.

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