Quranic Verses Regarding Peace and Tolerance

Islam (the religion of love, peace, protection and wealth). The Holy Book also explains peace (harmony) and tolerance (Patience) in many verses of the Holy Book (Quran). The religion “Islam” instructs us to have a care and sympathy for every individual, no matter to which religion he/she belongs. Allah the Almighty describes the word peace in Holy Quran as follows:

“O you who trust, Enter entirely into Islam (the religion of peace). Don’t follow the footprints of Devil. He is an absolute enemy to you.”

The Holy Book (Quran) is full of references regarding peace (harmony) and tolerance (Patience). The Holy Book support Muslims to be kind-hearted and calm towards each other and to humankind. We Muslims keep repeating that Islam is a religion of harmony and care, but a bulk of Non-Muslim humanity sees us in a different way. The misinformation against Islam and Muslims is so powerful that Islam’s note of peace is eclipse.

So as a Muslim let’s focus on putting the right meaning across. Spread the meaning of Islam by encouraging Holy book quotes and references regarding peace and tolerance. As we are Muslim and it’s our responsibility to enlighten the globe that what Islam actually instruct us about harmony (Peace).

Islam (The Religion of Peace & Tolerance)

The name of our religion is actually peace in a sense that the word “Islam” is derived from “Salaam” & this word Islam has an Arabic root which means peace. Quran (The holy book of Allah Almighty) was revealed on Mohammad (PBUH). The Quran enclose the teachings of the religion Islam. It inform us why Allah Almighty created humans, and what does he desire us to perform in order to be the victor of his pleasure. Allah (the most beneficent & merciful) frequently orders the Muslims to be kind-hearted and calm with everyone. The Holy Book is full of verses regarding peace and tolerance.

Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as Peace

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is the final messenger of Allah Almighty to Humans. Allah mentioned in the Holy Book (Quran) that he has sent Mohammad (PBUH) as sympathy to the globe not as an emperor or a ruler but as peace and blessing for all.

The above mentioned verse of the Holy Book (Quran) is a comprehensible proof that Islam is a religion of peace. Allah sent his messengers to create a calm, charitable society in this globe.

Islam promotes Equality

The Holy Book (Quran) undoubtedly state that human being is created equivalent. No one has precedence over another, except for the one with goodness. So there is a need to study Quran quotes on peace (Harmony) to be aware of Islamic values about peace (Harmony).

Religion Islam instructs us to develop into improved Humans

Hazrat Mohammad told his companions, that Gabriel reserved on recommending me regarding the neighbors to treat them in a kind-hearted and polite way, so much so that I thought that he would regulate me to make them my successor.

Islam teach educate Muslims to be kind-hearted and calm to one and all, The Allah’s messenger  optimistic people to split their food and blessings with others.

Islam commands its supporters to struggle against the Oppressors

Islam is a religion of peace (harmony) and it is compulsory for Muslims to struggle against the oppressors. The Holy Quran Says,

The rights of women are protected by Islam

Prior to Islam, women were considering as possessions only. Allah the Almighty raised their ranking. It is compulsory for every woman to get an education. She is given a right to select her partner and she has a right to finish the marriage. Hazrat Mohammad said:

I command you to be kind-hearted to your women. He also states that the best amongst you are those who are kind-hearted to their women, and I am the finest to my family.

Islam commands its supporters to be kind-hearted to all creations

Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) was the kindest person ever; He was Kind to animals as well as trees. One time the Prophet’s (PBUH), saw a very thin starving camel. He touches it with love and his eyes were full of tears that time, He asked “fear Allah in the case of animals”.

Allah Almighty loves those who love fellow Mankind – Holy Quran Verses of Peace and Tolerance

Quran verses regarding peace and tolerance evidently state that Allah loves those who are kind and love all mankind. Allah principally loves those who favor others over themselves. Hazrat Mohammad himself treated everyone with love and care though its Muslim, Kafir or jew. He occasionally stay hungry and nourish the poor.

“And feed with food the needy wretch, the orphan, and the prisoner, for love of Him: We feed you, for the sake of Allah only. We desire for no reward nor thanks from you.”

Allah Almighty (The best Forgiver)

Allah Almighty loves to forgive. Allah Almighty loves human seventy (70) times more than their mothers. Dua for pardon is as follows,

“O’ Allah you love forgiveness, so please forgive me”

Forcing of Religion is Prohibited

Holy Book verses on peace (Harmony) and tolerance tell that the religion should by no means be forced upon anybody. Allah has given a right to the entire individual to choose a religion. It is our responsibility to extend the message of Islam around the planet and each person has a right to admit or reject the message of Islam.

Peace meaning in Islam?

Peace meaning in Islam?Islam has been spreading the peace all the time. The salutation in Islam is “Asalam-o-Alaikum” which means “May calm be with you!” so, our Religion encourage calm and love, and everything which interrupt calm is avoided.

What does the Quran say about Tolerance?

We have to be tolerant so on maintain peace. This means that we must forever be tolerant towards others, whether it’s about attitude or traditions.

What is Jihad and what are its Types?

  • The word “Jihad” means “struggle”. 
  • The 3 form of Jihad are as follows:
  • The Jihad for the protection of Islam.
  • Jihad to measure life keeps with Islam and Hadiths.
  • The Jihad to make society better keep up by the teachings of Islam.


We should study about tolerance in Islam which is all about harmony, love and peace in the globe. We should broaden the references of the Holy Book (Quran) quotes on the peace and kindness to fight off the negative misinformation.
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